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Taylor Jas. brewer (Taylor, Macleod & Co.), 7 Merchisoa place
Taylor Jas. optician (E. Lennio), 46 Princes st ; house, 13 Chamber-
lain road
Taylor Jameg, publisher & bookseller, 31 South Castle st ; house, 9
Lonsdale terrace
Taylor James, gardener, Inverleith teiTace
Taylor James, provision & general merchant, John's lane, Leith;
house, 6 Summerside road
Taylor James, shopkeeper, 68 St. Leonard's st
Taylor James, saddler, S9 Rose st
Taylor James, grocer, 6 Middlefield, Leith walk
Taylor James, writer, 1 Panraure place
Taylor James, shopkeeper, 9 Clow's buildings. Dean st
Taylor James, commission agent, 47 Buccleuch st
Taylor James, publisher (Stamp Office), 31 Castle st
Taylor James, market gardener, Inverleith terrace
Taylor James, whiting & pipe clay merchant. Cowan's close, East
Taylor Janet, miUiner (White & Taylor), i Viewforth terrace
Taylor John, traveller, 3 Union st, Leith
Taylor John, grocer & spirit merchant, 7 Downie place
Taylor John, hairdresser, 4 Leith st tciTace
Taylor John, C.A. 40 Castle st
Taylor John, foreman, 45 Prince Regent st, Leith
Taylor John, apartments, 19 Duke st
Taylor John & Son, cabinet makers & upholsterers, funeral "nder-
takers, carvers and gUders, &c. and removal contractors, 110
Princes st
Taylor John B. traveller, 8 Lome st, Leith walk
Taylor John R. clerk, 14 Janefield place, Leith
Taylor Joseph, clerk of works, til Korth Fort st, Leith
Taylor, Macleod & Co. brewers, Drumdryau Brewery, Loven st
Taylor Margaret, china dealer, 149 Canongate
Taylor Margaret, china dealer, 52 North Pitt st
Taylor Marjory, apartments, 13 Pitt st
Taylor Martha, gi'ooer & spirit dealer, 21 Main st, Newhaven
Taylor Mary, milliner & dressmaker, 17 Coburg st, Leith
Taylor Robert, coal merchant, 2 York place, and 6 |Port Hamilton ;
house, 21 Gardner's crescent
Taylor Robert, drysalter, 3 & 4 Johnson st
Taylor Robert, advocate, 9 Leamington terrace
Taylor Robert, agent for Wilson, Watt & Co., warehousemen, Glas-
gow, 4 Angle park terrace
Taylor Robert, coal & lime merchant, 31 Bernard st, Leith ; house,
13 Annandale st, Leith walk
Taylor Robert P. coal merchant, 6 Port Hamilton
Taylor Thomas, joiner (Gibb & Taylor), 16 Caledonian place
Taylor Thomas G. cabinetmaker, Ac. (John Taylor & Son), 6 Mmto st
f (iflor William J. glass & china merchant, 10 East Sciennes
Tayior WiUiam, clerk, 12 Gladstone terrace
Taylor William, tailor (W. Taylor & Co.), 21 MelviUe terrace
Taylor William (Inland Revenue), 1 Madeira place, Leith
Taylor William, bookseller & stationer, 15 Teviot place
Taylor William, h.d. C7 York place
Taylor WiUiam & Co. tailors & clothiers, 39 Nioolson st
Taylor William & Co. soap, stearine, candle, and mineral oil manu-
facturers, Salamander st, Leith
Taylor WilUam, shopkeeper, 57 East Crosscauseway
Taylor Wilham & Son, spice merchant & commission agent, 4 Elm
row; house, 8 Dick place. Grange
Taylor William F. market gardener. Upper Hermitage, Leith
Taysen & Co. commission merchants, 25 Constitution st, Leith
Tavsen Peter, merchant fTaysen & Co.), 6 Hermitage place, Leith
Teenan Margaret, inkmaker, 5 St. Anthony place, Lothian road
Teind Office, New Register House, Princes st
Teesdale William, grocer & spirit dealer, 35 Northumberland st ;
house, 12 Comely green place
Teller Alexander, dairyman, 69 Lothian road
Telfer Ann, dairy, 15 Caledonian crescent
Teller John, shopkeeper, 2 Whitebank, Dairy park
Telfer John D. coal merchant, 89 Bennington road [Grange loan
Telford AUison, draper & coal agent, 107 Causewayside ; h(mse, 6
Telford Isabella, householder, 66 Pitt st, Bonnington
Temperance Hall, Old Stamp Office, Close
Temperance Weekly House, St. John's hill
Templar (Free) Hall, Castle hill
Templar (Good) Hall, High st
Temple Alison, apartments, 21 Teviot place
■ Temple Andrew, victual dealers, 98 Nicolson st
Temple J. ct J. provision merchant, 19 & 21 Blaokfriars st
Temple James, grocer & spii'it dealer, o6 Argyle place
Temple James, victual dealer & fish salesman, 2 Union place
Temple James, merchant (J. & J. Temple), 1 Gayfleld st
Temple John, merchant J. & J. Temple), 15 Graham st
Temple Thos. giocer, 245 High st, &55 Potter row; house, 9 Hill pi
Templeton, Maoneo & Allan, warehousemen ((Jiasfloio), 68 North
Bridge — George Marshall, agent
Templelon WiUiam (RoyalBank), 3 Hope park terrace
Teunant Jessie, greengrocer, 12 Canon st, CanonmiUs
Tennant Thomas M. hairdresser, 23 North-west Circus place
Tennant W. G. produce broker & commission & provision merchant,
3 Bernard st, Leith; house, 15 Bonnington place
Tennant WiUiam, boot A shoe maker, 27 Home st
Terrace Andrew, llesher, 152 Bonnington road [gomery st
Terras Thomas, spirit dealer, 6 South Hanover st; house, 8 Mont-
Thallon Archibald, clerk, 6 Bonnington road
Thallon Brothers, tea dealers, 34 Lothian street
Thallon James, clerk, 15 Pitt st, Bounington
ThaUon Laurence, tea dealer (Tliallon Brothers), 17 Hart st
ThaUon Robert, clerk, 19 Arthur st, Pihig
Thallon WUUam F. clerk. Old Bonnington House, Bonnington
Thatcher Charles H. m.d. surgeon, IS Albany st
Thatcher Lewis H. physician, 13 Albany st
The " Scotsman " Newspaper— See ScaUman Office, SO Cockburn st
Theatre Royal, Broughton st
Theological Library, University
Thexton George, commercial traveller, 15 Gardner's crescent
Thiems Hearich, i^cH-Of/ft Ship Hofcf. 37 Shore, LeitU
Thin & MUlav, plasterers, 63 Grove st ,,.,_,„
Thin James, bookseUer, 64 & 56 South bridge, and 14 & 16 Infirmary
st ; house, 7 RiUbauk terrace
Thin Margaret, dxess maker, 88 Grove st
Thin Thomas, plasterer (Thin & MiUar;, 52 Grove st
Thistle Golf Club, 8 Vanburgh place, Leith— Jas. Beck, club master
Thom Arthur, painter, 6 Union place
Thom Charles, market gardener, 48 Croft-an-righ
Thom David, agent for Lloyd's and Consul for Russia, 68 Constitu-
tion st, Leith ; house, 18 Hope crescent
Thom David & Co. Russian merchants, 68 Constitution st, Loith
Thom George H. advocate, 52 Great King st
Thom John, spirit dealer, 23 High riggs ; house, 12 HamUton place,
High riggs
Thom John, sculptor (Innes & Thom), 6 Caledoman place
Thom Margaret, draper, 96 Kii-kgate, Leith
Thom Mary Ann, lodgings, 15 Montague st
Thom Robert, working jeweUer, 38 Queensferry st; house, 11
Lauriston park
Thomas B. slater and plasterer, St. Stephen st
Thomas Marv, newsagent, 31 East Crosscauseway
Thomas WiUiam, taUor and clothier, 102 Duke st, Leith
Thompson Charles, ship master, 2 Madeira place, Leith
Thompson George, shopkeeper, 10 Bangor road, Leith
Thompson Henry, assistant telegraph superintendent, 2b Oxford at
Thompson James, h.d. Foyle Cottage, Park road
Thompson James, diver, 10 Hamburgh place, Leith ,,'-'''1''
Thompson John, sergeant-major Edinburgh ArtUlery Militia, Easter
Thompson Patrick, cashier, 264 Leith waUt
Thompson Robert, dairy, Inverleith mains, Ferry road
Thompson Wilham, diver, 10 George st, Leith
Thompson WiUiam (Inland Revenue ), 6 Rockville place
Thoms George H. advocate and sheriff of Caithness, Orkney, and
Shetland, 52 Great King st
Thomson A. & Co. axle and spring makers, York lane
Thomson Agnes, confectioner, 88 Abbey hill
Thomson Agnes, smallware dealer, 84 North Richmond st
Thomson Alexander, teacher of classics & head master Merchant
Company's Schools, 40e George square , .^ ^ , ^^°^l%
Thomson Alexander, cabinet maker and furniture dealer, 07 a bJ
Thomson Alexander, timber merchant (MitcheU Thomson & Co.),
Newbank, Trinity road
Thomson Alexander, m.d. 8 Teviot row , , . ,,
Tbomson Alexander, glass engraver, 3 BalgleisH
place, mumbiedykes .-,■,,
Thomson Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 38 lox st, Loitn
Thomson Alexander, clerk, 2 MoUendo terrace
Thomson Alexander, china and stoneware dealer, 29 Pleasance
Thomson Alexander, clerk, S3 James st , ^ ^ , t'^ g™™, s'
Thomson Alexander, assistant superintendent Industrial Brigade,
Thomson Alexander, flesher, 142a Pleasance
Thomson Alexander & Co. saddlers' ironmongers, 433 Lawn market
Thomson Alexander & Son, gun makers, 3 South Hanover st
Thomson Alfred S. picture engraver, 4a North bridge
Thomson & Fairfoul, plumbers, 62 Broughton st
Thomson & Jack, die and stamp cutters, 39 South bridge st
Thomson & Porteous, tobacco manalacturars, 9 Greenside st
Thomson & Robertson, taUors and clothiers, 63 North bridge
Thomson Andrew (G. P.O.), 2 New Broughton , „ , ir
Thomson Andrew, timber merchant (Mitchell Thomson & Co.), 15
Inverleith place
Thomson Andrew, clerk, 7 London st
Thomson Andrew, clothier (Thomson & Robertson), 71 South Clerk st
Thomson Andrew, h.d. surgeon, 11 Northumberland st
Thomson Archibald, bookseUer & librarian, 4 Gillespie place;
house, 7 GiUespio place -.„ ,r i m *
Thomson Benj. plasterer, St. Stephen st ; house, 20 MelvUle ter
Thomson Benjamin & Son, engineers, Bangor road, Leith
Thomson Brothers, bookseUers, 21 Bank st
Thomson Bryce, bird dealer, 75 Crosscauseway
Thomson C. smaUware dealer, 11 James st, PUrig
Tbomson C. Wyville, ll.d. professor of Natural History m the
University, 20 Palmerston place ^
Thomson Catherine, greengrocer, &c. 45 St. Leonard s st
Thomson Charles, accountant, 28 Frederick st ; house, 14 Mont-
gomery st [Miiasdhurgh
Thomson Charles J. bookbinder, 67 North bridge; house, LevinhaU,
Thomson Charles W. C.A. 26 Frederick st
Thomson Chisholm, smith, Johnson st, Leith
Thomson D. & J. weighing machine makers, 144 Leith walk
Thomson D. D. & Co. fish curers, 24 and 26 GUes st, Leith
Thomson D. J. & Co. rectifiers and British wine makers, 2, 3, and
4 St. Anthony st, Leith [st, Leith
Thomson Daniel D. fish cnrer (D. D. Thomson & Co.), 88 Bridge
Thomson David, m.d. e.n. 18 MiUerfleld place
Thomson David, banker, 6 Hope park orescent
Thomson David, machine maker (D. & J. Thomson), 129 Leith walk
Thomson, Dickson & Shaw, W.S. 1 Thistle court, 2 Thistle st
Thomson Douglas, traveUer, 148 Leith walk
Thomson Edward, baker and confectioner, 18 Stiriford st; house,
12 CUfton terrace
Thomson Edward W. die sinker and seal engraver, 36 George st
Thomson Elizabeth, draper, 4 Mulberry place, Bonnington
Thomson EUen, shopkeeper, Duddingston
Thomson G. M. W.S. (MelvUle & Lindsay), 5 Darnaway st
Thomson George, plumber (Thomson & Fairfoul), High st
Thomson George, coal merchant, 14 Storric's alley, Leith
Thomson George, shipmaster, 14 Union st, Leith
Thomson George, gardener, 7 West Newington place
Thomson George, commission agent, 14 Seton place
Thomson George, electro-plater and gilder, 31 Scotland st
Thomson George, grocer and spirit dealer, 70 Grass market;
house, 8 Argyle place ,„„.„
Thomson George, librarian, Church of Scotland, 40 Gillespie cres
Thomson George, tailor and clothier, 88 Lothian road
Thomson George. S.S.C. 12 Lonsdale terrace
Thomson George V. baker and confectioner, 2 Union st
Thomson Gideon, broker, 41 Blackfriars st

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