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Stewart William, spiiit dealer, 802 Lawn market
Stewart WiHiam, grocer & spirit dealer, 78 Canongate
Stewart William, trayeller, 38 HankeiUor st
Stewart William, grocer, S Janefleld place [Scotland st
Stewart WiUiam, goods agent (North British Railway Company), 14
Stewart William, traveller, Richmond Cottage, Ferry road, Wardie
Stewart William, W.S, 61 Northumberland st
Stewart William & Oo. timber merchants, Burgh Saw Mills, Great
Junction st, Leith
Stewart's Hospital, Dean
Stewart's (Daniel) Institution for Boys, Dean
Stibbings Thomas, slater A chimney sweeper, 7 High riggs
StiUie James, bookseller, 79 Princes st ; house, 81 Princes st
Stirling A, bootmaker, 27 Yardheads, Leith
Stirling Archibald B. microscopist & conservative anatomist, 49
IMontague st
Stirling Christina, dressmaker, 4 QueensfeiTy st
Stirling Irvine B. grocer and spirit dealer, 2 St. Leonard's st ; house
Craigmillar crescent
Stirling Isabella, smallware dealer, 18 Richmond place
Stirling J. Hutchison, ll.d & f.r.c.s.e. 4 Laverock Bank rd. Trinity
Stirling Jane, hairdresser, &c. 48 George st ; ho, 11 West Maitland st
Stirling Walter, spirit dealer, 50 East Crosscauseway ; house, 21
East Crosscauseway
Stirling WiUiam, furniture dealer, 1 Teviot row
Stirton David, draper & hosier, 294 Lawn market
Stitt James, grocer, 84 Queensferry st
Stobie James, tailor & clothier, 17 Greenside st
Stobie Robert, dairyman, 17 Clerk st ; house, 71 Clerk st
Stobie Walter, traveller, 6 South Clerk st
Stobie WilMam, victual dealer, 115 St. Leonard's st
Stobie William, gas meter inspector, 5 Gladstone terrace
Stock Exchange, 5 St. Andrew square— William S. Ferguson, sec
Stocker A. D. china clay merchant. Queen's dock, Leith
Stockman William J. provision merchant, 6 Timber bush, Leith;
house, 2 Bennington place
Stocks David, manufacturer of portmanteaus, bags, &e. 13 North
Bank st; house, 21 Brougham place
Stocks Charles, rope & twine maker, Gilmore park
Stocks David, bootmaker, lOB Westport
Stocks Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 13 Portland place, Leith
Stodart George Tweedie, W.S. (Jardine, Stodart, and Frasers), 16
Abercromby place
Stodart Robert R. Lyon clerk depute, 51 Northumberland st
Stodart WiUiam, plumber & gasfltter, 81 Minto st, Newington ; ho,
14 St. Leonard's lane
Stoddart Adam, fleshor, 25 West Maitland st
Stoddart Beatrice, shopkeeper, 6 Potter row
Stoddart David, fruit & provision merchant, 11 St. Andrew et, and
20 Storrie's alley, Leith
Stoddart David, spirit dealer, 11 Tobago st
Stoddart David, fruiterer, Kirkgate, Leith
Stoddart David, spirit dealer, 2(il Great Junction st, Leith ; house,
2 Allan street, Leith
Stoddart Hugh, traveller, 55 Montgomery st
Stoddart J. cabinet mkr.(Simpson, Stoddart & Co.), 24 St. Vincent st
Stoddart Robert, spirit dealer, 868 Leith walk
Stoddart T. G. philosophical instrument maker (Kemp and Co.),
Stoddart Thomas, lithographic printer, 8 Gladstone terrace
Stordy Robert, coachbuildor, St. Leonard's hUl ; ho, Jane Mount
Storle James &. Son, tea, cofiee, sugar, spice, and
commission mercbants, 2, India building^s, Vic-
toria street ; bouse, 10 MSTest Preston street
Storrar Margaret, grocer, 6 Viewforth park
Story Daniel F. butcher & poulterer, 40 High st, & 46 Broughton pi ;
house, 5 Hope Park crescent
Stott & Co. spirit dealer, 13 Shrub place
Stott D. A. tanner & wool mi-cht, Canonmills ; ho, Warriston green
Seott J. as. &. Co. drysalters, colour, glue, &. grease
manufacturers, 1 5 Zieitb walk
Stott Joseph E. leather merchant (J. H. Stott & Son), 24Buccleuchpl
Stott Joseph H. & Son, leather merchants & wholesale gutta percha
dealers, 12 & 18 Niddry st
Stott Susan, refreshment rooms, 1 Haymarket terrace
Stott WiUiam D. drysalter (J. M. Stott & Co.), 7 Annandale st
Straoey James (Scottish National Insurance Co.), 7 GUlespio cres
Strachan Catherine, apartments, 7 Brighton st
Strachan EUzabeth, fancy warehouse, 81 Brougham st
Strachan G. taUor, &c, 44 South bridge
Strachan George, joiner, 1 Brandfield st
Strachan Herbert, tutor, 14 South Clerk st
Strachan J. fishing tackle maker, 64 Buccleuch st
Strachan John, baker, 63 St. Leonai'd's st
Strachan John, draper, 16 West Maitland st
Strachan John, grocer, 70 Pleasance
Strachan John, shopkeeper, 8 St. Leonard's lane
Strachan Joseph, smaUware dealer, 63 Calton hill
Strachan Robert, baker, 2 India st
Strachan Robert U. advocate, 40 Northumberland st
Strachan Thomas., surveyor, 6 Randolph place
Strachan Thomas, shoemaker, 1\ Rose st [Madeira st
Strachan WUUam, grocer & spirit merchant, 67 Shore, Leith • ho 63
Straiten (The) Estate Co, Limited, 18 Castle st— John Young sec '
Strang James, collector, 9 Albany st, Leith
Strang Walter, professor of music, 83 Great King st
Strange Margaret, lodgings, 80 Lothian st
Strasenburgb Robert, Kailway Hotel (fisb dinners
always ready). Trinity
Strathearn George, assistant professor of humanity. University •
house, Singapore Cottage, 43 Dick place '
Strathorn Robert, W.S. (Gibson & Stratheru), 11 Merchiston avenue
Straton Walter, coal merchant, Caledonian Coal Depot, and 40
Lothian road ; house, 32 Grove st [dleby st
Stratton David, superintendent of roads. County Hall; ho, 13 Mid-
Stratton J. W. contractor and lessee of Barnton Mount Ouarrv
18 Middloby st -^ i<
street Alfred (Inland Revenue), Bennington bower, Bennington
Street Geo. auctioneer & furniture dealer, 11 & 60 George IV. bridge
Streetly Edward, fruiterer, 61 Bernard st, Leith
Strong Alexander D. coUector, TaaphaU, Fen-y road, Leith
Strong John, W.S. 31 Northumberland st
Strong Thomas, W.S. 40 Princes st ; house, 2 Groavenor st
Struthers Elizabeth, apartments, 24 South Castle st
Struthers James, physician, 22 Charlotte st, Leith ^
Struthers John, bootmaker, 11 Calton st
Stuart Alexander, clerk, 16 Ann st
Stuart Alexander, confectioner, 152 Canongate
Stuart Alexander M. advocate, 6S Castle st
Stuart & Cheyne, W.S. 66 North Frederick st
Stuart & Co. arobitectural modellers, selenitic
artificial stone flooring, cement manufacturers,
and marble mercbants, 8 Tbomas st
Stuart James, spirit dealer. Echo bank; house, 160 Causewayside
Stuart James, bath-chair hirer, 2 WUliam st
Stuart Jane, apartments, 5 West Lauriston place
Stuart John, W.S. 10 Northumberland st
Stuart M. & Co. fishmongers, 73 Shore, Leith
Stuart Peter, plasterer (Stuart & Co.), 9 Lauriston gardens
Stuart Robert L. W.S. & procm-ator fiscal for County of Edinburgh
(Stuart & Cheyne), Morelands, Grange Loan
Stuart WUliam, S.S.C, 24DundaS8t
Stnbbs' Mercantile Offices, 4 Cockbum st— Robt. Richardson, mgr
Sturrock Alexander, clerk, 10 Glengyle terrace
StmTock James, hairdresser (Stm-rock & Sons), 2 Frederick st
Sturrock & Sons, perfumers & hairdressers, 33 Princes st
Sturrock John,brassfounder (J. Sturrock & Sons), 340 Leith waUi
Stun-ock John, shorthand writer, 18 St. Andrew square ; house,
Arthur ville. Ferry road, Wardie
Sturrock Tobn &. Sons, brassfounders, plumbers,
&.C. 91 Xieith walk
Stm-rock Thomas, brassfounder (J. Sturrock & Sons), 5 Smith's pi
Sugden, Son & Neijhew. artiflicial flower & feather warehouse, 61
North bridge — P. N. Pearson, agent
Sullivan James, clerk, 18 West Claremont st
Sullivan Michael, missionary, 17 St. Patrick square
Sumichrast-Roussy Mesdames, 6 & 7 Marmion terrace
Summers & M'Intyre, stay manufacturers, 2 South Castle st
Summers Janet, dressmaker, 29 Primrose st, Leith
Summers Jobn, baker, confectioner and biscuit
maker, 133 Princes st, and 2ft East maitland st
Sun Insm'ance Offices, 40 Princes st— William Dick, superintendent ;
Thomas Strong, 40 Princes st; David Thom &C0.68 Constitution
st, Leith; Thomas Dowie, S.S.C. 49 Constitution st, Leith and
PhiUp, Laing & Monro, 140 Princes st, agents
Surenne David J. actuary, 6 Warriston orescent, CanonmUls [rd
Surenne James, dentist, 19 Heriot row ; ho. Willow bank, Newhaven
Surenne John "T. professor of the pianoforte, 2 Clarence st
Surgeons' HaU, South bridge
Surry WiUiam, shipmaster, 138 Ferry road, Leith
Sutherland A. trimming & fancy warehouse, 29 Niddry st
Sutherland A. G. & Co. steam oakum factory, 7 Albany st, Leith
Sutherland Adam, bootmaker, 1 Annfield, Newhaven
Sutherland Alexander, cap manufacturer and tri mmi ng mer- ;
chant, 13 Niddry st [Wardie road
Sutherland Alexander, buflder (D. Sutherland & Sons), Helen Villa,
Sutherland & Home, working jewellers, 21 Leith st
Sutherland & Stalker, painters, 6 Thomas st
Sutherland & Walker, architects & surveyors, 63 Hanover st
Sutherland Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Upper Grove place
Sutherland Andrew G. manufacturer (A. G. Sutherland & Co.),
15 Albany st
Sutherland Andrew G. clerk, 2 Jordan place, Morningsids
Sutherland Barbara, mUUner, 48 Bridge st, Leith
Sutherland Catherine, confectioner, 14 Nicolson st
Sutherland D. cooper, 11 Bangor road, Leith
Sutherland D. S. baker & confectioner, 4 Claremont ph & 1 GroTO st
Sutherland Daniel, customs officer, 33 Prince Regent st, Leith
Sutherland Daniel, surgeon, 3 Broughton place [row
Sutherland Daniel & Sons, builders & house agents, 62 Inverleith
Sutherland David, lath render, Annandale Street lane
Sutherland David, smaUware dealer, 47a Charlotte st, Leith
Sutherland David, bootmaker, 85 Constitution st, Leith
Sutherland David, builder (D. Sutherland & Sons), 4 Lonsdale ter
Sutherland David & Sons, builders and contractors, 20 Grindlay
st, and 21 Bread st
Sutherland Donald, accountant, 16 Comely bank
Sutherland Donald, joiner (J. & D. Sutherland), 37 Albany st, Leith
Sutherland Donald, builder (D. Sutherland & Sons), Helen ViUa,
Wardie road
Sutherland Elizabeth, ladies' nurse, 4 Annfield, Newhaven
Sutherland EUzabeth, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Canon st, Canon-
mills ; house, 6 Clarence st
Sutherland Elizabeth, fancy repository, 75 St. Leonard's st
Sutherland EUzabeth, grocer, 17 East London st
Sutherland George, gardener, Mavfield loan
Sutherland George, W.G. audit clerk (North British Railway), 3
Comely green place
Sutherland IsabeUa, apartments, 21a Broughton place
Sutherland J. timber 'measurer, Hermitage hill
Sutherland J. & D. wrights, Albany st, Leith [eor st
Sutherland J. B. S.S.C. (Beveridge, Sutherland & Smith), 10 Wind-
Sutherland James, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 10 High st;
house, 10 Catherine st [Leith
Sutherland James, plasterer, 43 Charlotte st, L ; house, 2 Noble pi,
Sutherland James, architect, &c. (Sutherland & Walker), 12
Lauriston gardens
Sutherland James J. chemist (Smith, WUson & Co.), 50 Charlotte st, L
Sutherland Jane, apartments, 12 St. Vincent st
Sutherland Jemima, miUiner & straw hat maker, 20 SaUsbury st
Sutherland Jessie, Old Ship Inn, Newhaven
Sutherland John, gutta percha merchant, St. Giles st [George st
Sutherland .John, stationer & dealer in leather & fancy goods, 71
Sutherland John, grocer & spirit dealer, S3 Cooper st, Leith

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