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Hay Robert & George, grocers and -wine merchants, 18 West Mait-
land st, and 7 & 8 Huntly st
Hay Robina, dressmaker, 43 East Cross causeway [crescent
Hay Samuel, manager (Union Bank of Scotland), 18 Grosvenor
Hay Thomas, session clerk; office, 163 Canongate; house, 3
Merchiston avenue
Hay Thomas, potato merchant, 169 Fountain bridge
Hay Thomas, joiner, Duddingston Mills
Hay Thomas, joiner, 7 Balmoral place
Hay Thomas, clerk, 2 Henry place
Hay William, architect, 17 Hill st
Hay William, tobacconist, 32 Howe st
Hay Wilham B. S.S.C. bailie of Holyroocl, 60 Great King st
Haymarket Flour Jlills, John Herdman & Sons, Haymarket"
Haymarket Station, North British Railway, Haymarket [cleuch pi
HajTie Andrew, clothier & outfitter, 81 South bridge ; house, 31 Buc-
Hayne Margaret, staymaker, 153 Rose st
Haynes George, gi'ocer & spirit dealer, 51 St. Leonard's st
Healey William, householder, 32 Rose Bank cottages
Healy Helen, bootmaker, 98a George st
Healy William, hat manufacturer, 5 Orchardfield place
Heard William A. b.a. assistant master, Fettes College Comely bank
Hearne Heniy, chair maker, 2 Rose Street lane, Loith
Heattlie Catherine, apartments, 14 Bundas st
Hector & Inglis maliogany,veneer & timber merchants,14Leith walk
Heddle William, coal agent, 17 Albany st, Leith
Heddle James, rectifier (James Heddle & Co.), 17 Bath st
Heddle James & Co. rectifiers and British wiue manufacturers,
36 Water st, Leith
Heggie A. & T. milliners, 1 Trafalgar st, Leith
Heggie Jane, apartments, 3 Helen st, Leith
Heggie R. & J. cabinet makers, Swinton row
Heggie Robert, writiht and shopkeeper, 77 Trafalgar laue, Leith
Helm Paul, inland revenue officer, 27 East Hermitage place
Hempel Aaron (N. B. Rubber Works), 1 Hailes st
Henderson A. tailor, 39 Barony st
Henderson A. & Co. builders, 5 & 9 Darling's brae
Henderson A. & J. grocers and spirit dealers, 79 Nicolson st
Henderson Abraham, grocer (A. & J. Henderson), 2 Montague st
Henderson Alexander, slate, &c. merchant (Turner & Henderson),
69 Gilmore place
Henderson Alexander, refreshment room, 72 Leith st; house, 12
Leith Street terrace [Ferry road
Henderson Alexander, builder (A. Henderson & Son), Home Villa,
Henderson Alexander, shopkeeper, 83 Abbey hill
Henderson Alexander, bootmaker, Bangor road, Leith [walk pi
Henderson Alexander, coppersmith (Henderson & Dickson), 6 Leith
Henderson iilexauder &, Son, builders^ 1 Ersl^ice
Henderson Alexander E. advocate, 1 St. Colme at
Henderson Alexander S. grocer & spirit dealer, 27 Dean st
Henderson & Bissot, bookbinders, 19 Hill st
Henderson & Dalgleish, bakers, 23 West Maitland st
Henderson &. Dickson, coppersmiths and brass-
founders, Jane street, laeith ivalk and 26 Green-
side row [st, Leith
Henderson & Dimmaok, merchants, iron & coal masters, 53 Bernard
Henderson & M'Kcau, stevedores and contractors. 6 Shore, Leith
Henderson & TurnbuU, wine, &c, merchants, 50 Bernard st, L
Henderson & Wilson, builders. 27 Charlotte st, Leith
Henderson Andi'ew, clerk, 9 Dalrymple crescent
Henderson Angus, optician, 11 Teviot place
Henderson Chas. S.S.C. & N.P. (Leburn & Henderson), 2 Doune ter
Henderson David, grocer, SO South Back of Canongate
Henderson David, foreman. 5 Gibson st, Broughton load
Henderson David, joioer, 26 North Junction st, Leith
Henderson David, grocer, 1 East Montgomery st
Henderson David & Co. hatters, 46 North bridge
Henderson David W. grain broker and factor, 39 Constitution st,
Leith; house, 8 Lochend, Leith
Henderson Donald, spirit dealer, 67 Blackfriars st
Henderson EdwarJ, clerk, 9 George st, Leith
Henderson Elijah, grocer, 5 Duncan st
Henderson Elizabeth, oartlienware dealer, 35 Leven st
Heuderson Elizabeth, spirit dealer, Echo bank, Dalkeith road
Henderson Francis C. m.d. 22 Chester st
Henderson George (British Linen Co. Bank), 54 Inverleith row
Henderson Henry S. manager, Duddingston Mills
Henderson J.& A. pork butchers & sausage makers, 34a Lothian st
Henderson J. & J. coal and lime factors, 9 Haymarket terrace
Henderson James, carpet warehouseman (R. Grieve & Co), 12
Gardners crescent
Henderson Janet, cooper, 51 Arthur st
Henderson James, victual dealer, 34 South Back of Canongate
Henderson James, wholesale stationer (P. & W. Macuiveu), 4
Chalmers crescent
Henderson James, coal merchant, 5 Keir st
Henderson James, watchmaker, 29 South bridge
Henderson James, butcher, 2S4 Leith walk
Henderson James, smith and farrier, 4 Murray st
Henderson James, shopkeeper, 1 Forbes st
Henderson James, horse dealer (Mitchell & Henderson), Echo bank
Henderson James, provision dealer, 61 Yardheads, Leith
Henderson James, clerk, 330 Leith walk
Henderson James, book-keei3er, 7 Clardnce st
Henderson James, stevedore, 2 Shore, Leith
Henderson Janet, dairy, 4 Albert place, Leith walk
Henderson Joan, greengrocer, 13 Drumraond st
Henderson John, clothier, 3 North bridge [7 St. Giles st
Hindcrson John, agent for "'.V. & R. Mushet, u-onfounders (Dalkeith),
Hond'jrson John, baker (Henderson & Dalgleish), St. Peter's place
Hiudersou Juo. spirit dealer, 124 &1U High st ; house, 13 Graham st
Henderson John, rlairy, 3 Dean Bank place
Henderson John, flesher, 75 Fountain bridge
Henrterson John, bootiiiaker, 43 Coburg st, Leith
HoQclcrsou John,rogietory oftice & agent, 1 Frederick Bfc
Henderson John, builder, 23 Howe at
Henderson John, m.d. and surgeon, 7 John's place, Leith
Henderson John, agent {Clydesdale Banking Co.), 27 Bernard st
Leith ; house, 5 Hermitage place, Leith
Henderson John, printer, 89 Potterrow
Henderson John &■ D. cabinet makers, 8 Circus lane
Henderson Lawrence, provision merchant, 67 & 69 Constitution st, L
Heuderson Mrs. — , apartments, 113 Leith walk
Henderson Mrs. — , boarding school, 3 Buccleuch st
Henderson Mary, apartments, 19 Cumberland st
Henderson Mary, eating housekeeper, 37 Thistle st
Henderson Blitchell, baker, 48 vt 47 Arthur st
Henderson Peter, joiner, 25 Haddington place
Henderson Peter, traveller, 18 Oxford st
Henderson Peter L. architect, 21 Oxford st
Henderson R. victual dealer, 140 Fountain bridge [terrace
Henderson R. BL seedsman, 88 & 40 Grassmarket j house, 9 Leven
Henderson Robert, teacher, 31 Gillespie crescent
Henderson Robert, traveller, 4 Caledonian place
Henderson Robert, builder, 20 Blackford crescent
Henderson Robert, coal dealer, Pitt st, Leith
Henderson Robert, bootmaker, 46 Glover st
Henderson Robert, china merchant, 15 Great Junction st, Leith, 26
Arcade Princes st, & 39 Argyle place
Henderson Robert, spirit dealer, 5 Hope st
Henderson Robert, hairdresser, 2 West Crosscauseway [tage place
Henderson Robert, builder (Henderson &. Wilson), 20 East Hormi-
Henderson Susan, lodgings, 6 Manor place
Henderson Simon, baker, 78 Fountain bridge
Henderson Thomas S. school, 36 India st
Henderson Thomas, confectioner, 2 Leith wal
Henderson Thomas, plumber & sastitter, 23 Clerk st
Henderson Thomas, traveller, 16 Carlton hill [ton terrace
Henderson William, accountant (British Linen Co.'s Bank), 6 Carl-
Henderson William, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Morrison st
Henderson William, baker & confectioner, 17 Lothian st
Henderson William, traveller, 34 Clerk st
Henderson William, coach painter, 23 Upper Grove place
Hendrie Agnes, hosier & draper, 93 Leith walk
Hendrie George, spirit dealer, 40 West Richmond st
Hendrie Hugh, commercial traveller, 19 Roxburgh st
Hendrie James, confectioner, 86 Fountain bridge
Hendrie James, tobacco manufacturer, 4 Catherine st, and 99
Leith walk; house, 17 Union st
Hendry G. & W. painters, 44 Grindlay st
Hendry J, & J. painters, 4 Warriston place, CanonmiUa
Hendry James, painter (J. & J. Hendry), Hugh Miller place
Hendry Jane, bandage maker, 3 York place
Hendry John, painter (J. & J. Hendry), 23 Teviotdalc place
Hendry William, saddlers' ironmonger, 28 Wcstport; house, 10
Panmuro place
Hcnney William, tailor, 23 Leith st
Henriksen Robina, greengrocer, 22 Sandport st, Leith
Henry Alexander, g'un and rifle maker. 12 Soutb
St. Andrew st; bouse. IZ l^ublin st
Henry Alex. S. artists' colourman and bookseller, 31 Greenside st
Henry Charles Ogilvie, chief cleric of commissai'ies, 6 Brougham st
Henry G. & W. painters, 14 Grindlay st
Henry James, shipmaster, 128 Duke st, Leith
Henry Jardine, S.S.C. 21 Leopold place
Henry John, carver & gilder, 88 Rose st
Henry John, hairdresser, 46 Great Junction st [square
Henry John, S.S.C. 20 St. Andrew square ; house, 29 Rutland
Henry Mrs. — , lodgings, 50a Frederick st
Henry William, furniture broker, 160 Fountain bridge
Honry William, clerk, 14 Henderson row
Hepburn David, writer, 30 Hamilton place
Hepburn David, dental surgeon, 7 Abercromby place
Hepburn Mary, di-essmaker, 2 Albany st
Hepburn Thomas, joiner, 5 Prospect terrace
Hepburn WiUiam, coal merchant, 12 Meadow place
Hepburn William, builder, 6 Drumdryan st
Hepting Gregor, watchmaker, 23 Greenside place
Her Majesty's Chancery Court, New Register House
Her Majesty's Gazette Office lor Scotland, Exchequer chambers,
Parliament square; printers, Slurray & Gibb, 11 Queen st
Her Majesty's Works Office, Exchequer Chambers, Parliament sq
Herbert David, m.a. journalist, 136 Gilmore place
Herbert George, contractor, 10 Vanburgh place
Herbert Mark, coal merchant, 11 Port Hamilton
Herbertson James G. agent, 24 Duke st, Leith
Herd & P>'pcr, painters, 49 William st
Herd Annie, aj^artments, 19 Walker st
Herd George, clerk, 143 Constitution st, Leith
Herd George, tobacconist, 34 Sandport st, Leith
Herd J'ames rv£. joiner and cabinetmaker, 10 Ran-
dolph elifi'; iiouse, 2 Cheyne st
Herd Walter, clerk, 16 North Junction st, Leith
Herdman John & Sons, millers, Haymarket Mills, Haymarket
Herdman Robert M. artist, St. Bernard's, 12 Bruntsfield terrace
Herdman Walter, blacksmith, Davidson's mains
Heriot Thomas, aerated water manufacturer, Dumbiedykes road;
house, 12 St. Catherine place. Grange
Heriot's Hospital, Iiauriston
Heriot's Hospital Treasurer's Chambers, 11 Royal Exchange
Heriot's Hospital Works Office — John Chesser, superintendent, 12
Royal Exchange
Heriot's Schools — See AcademieSy in Classijication
Heritable Securities Investment Association li-
mited, 76 G>eorg:e street — iLndrew Paterson, C. A,
manai^er — See advertisement
Herkes & Duusc. slaters, 20 Dubhn st. East London st, and 110
Constitution st, Leith
Hcrkless Miss E. apartments, 23 Dundas st
Hermann. Seligmanu & Co. wine merchants (Lojidon)i 17 George ^t
— A. M'Naughton, agents
Horminie Joseph, lodgings, 81 Broughton &%

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