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Hardie Ebenezer, coal merchant, 39 Morrison st
Hardie George, hosier & hatter, 289 High st; house, 37 Forrest road
Hartlie George C. gardener, Annlield Cottage, Newhaven
Hardie Jamea, teacher of music, 18 Potter row
Hardie James, spirit dealer, 8 Jamaica st
Hardie James, boot and sUoe malior, 20 Potter row
Hardie Janet, apartments, 88 Broughton st
Hardie John, tobacoonist, 23 South Frederick st
Hardie John, merchant (J. & W. Hardie), 20 Broughton place
Hardie John, musical instrument maker, 29 Broughton st [place
Hardie John & Wm. B. merchants vt commission agents, H Picardy
Hardie Joseph, china & glass dealer, 81 Rose sc
Hardie Mary, stationer, S iiomley place
Hardie Peter, bootclosor, 21 College st
. Hardie Robert, merchant (Matthew & Theilman), 9 Hermitage place
Hardie Robert & Co. printers, 77 Rose st
Hardie Thomas, m.d. 10 John's place, Leith
Hardie Thomas, lodgings, 39 Melville at
Hardie Thomas, dentist, 2 Shandwick place
Hardie Wm. superintendent. Register Office, SO St. James's square
Hardie William, egg merchant, 24 Gayfield square
Hardie Wilham, flsh merchant, 92 St. Andrew st, Leith
Hardie William, china dealer, 4 Hamilton place
Hardie William, stationer and tobacconist, 66 Cumberland st
Hardie WiDiam, deputy harbour master. East cottages, Granton
Hardie William B. merchant (J. & W. Hardie), 7 Coates place
Hardie Wm. P. clothier (Lander & Hardie), 4 Scotland st [lane
Hardie Wm. Sons, A Low, cabinet makers, 08 North West Thistle st
Harding Henry, bricklayer and builder, 14 Marauo place
Hardman John, umbrella maker, 8 Deanbank place
Hardy Adam, tailor and clotliier; house, 175 Leith walk
Hardy Andrew, dairyman, 9 Freer st
Hardy & Wight, architects, 7 St. Andrew square
Hardy Henry, architect (Hardy & Wight), 82 Minto st
Hardy Winifred, apartments, 23 Lutton place
Hare William, carter, 2 Corunna place
Hargravea William, house painter, &c. 31 Thistle st
Harkness James, brassfounder & plumber, 16 Niddry at
Harkness James, grocer, &c. 178 Fountain bridge
Harkness John, printer, 30 Hanover st ; bouse, 25 Cumberland st
Harkness M. di'essmaker,. 2 Northumberland place
Harkom A. & F. fancy goods dealer, 10 Union place
Harkom Henry, gun maker (Joseph Harkom & Son), 19 Union st
Harkom Joseph, gun maker ( JosephHarkom & Son), 3 Gayfield place
Harkom Joseph & Son, gun makers, 32 Princes st
Harley David, bill poster, 25 East Drummond st
Harley Margaret, apartments, 4 Cheyne st
Harlow Alo.tander, dairy, 16 Caledonian crescent
Harlow John, paperstainer, 129 High st
Harlow Mrs. — , greengi'ocer, Caledonian crescent
Harper Alexander, carver and gilder, 35 South bridge
Harper E. Erskine, advocate, 21 Duke st
Harper Ehzabeth, laundress, 13 Cheyne st
Harper George, librarian, 26 Oxford st [Spylaw road
Harper George, inspeotor-gennral of hospitals, Glen Arthur Lodge
Harper James, plasterer & modeller, East Cumberland St. lane
Harper John, foreman, 34 Prince Regent st, Leith
Harper Mrs. — , laundress, 13 Cheyne st
Harper Mrs. — , lodgings, 8 London st
Harper Thomas, tailor, 8 High riggs
Harpley Flora, greengrocer, 41 Oouper st, Leith
Han-is A. & W. joiners & builders, St. Cuthbert's lane
Harris Alexander, deputed town clerk. City chambers ; house, 4
Millerfield place
HarrisD. (A. B. Fleming & Co.), 2S Chalmers st
Harris J. & Co. (Z)/™i»?i?A«/«, manufacturers of the
Slioosewheel " Ageuoria," ' Challengre,'' "Eureka,"
" Birmingrliaui," •' Smperial." and otlier Sewing-
niacblues ; chief office foi- Scotland, 4 South
Charlotte st— S. IW. Cole, manager ilate the Ar-
cade) — s>e advertisement
Harris J. B. (North British Rubber Co.), 19 Viewtorth place
Hams Margaret, spirit dealer, Blaokhall
Harris William, clerk, 29 Oxford st
Harrison &. Son, tailors, clothiers, hosiers, g:lovers,
and shirt makers, 36 & 37 iTortb bridge
Harrison Ann, shopkeeper, 107 Rose st
Harrison G. H. potato merchant, 10 VaUeyfield st
Harrison George, merchant (Geo. Harrison & Co.), 7Whitehonse ter
Harrison Geo. jun. moreliant (G. Harrison & Co.), 84 Coates gardens
Harrison George & t;.i. woollen merchants, Chambers st
Harrison Helen, ap;ulment8, 2 Annfleld, Newhaven
Harrison Walter, teaolicr of music, 1 Howe st
Harrison William, bnnt & shoe maker, 117 Causeway side
narrower Christopb.T M. bookseller & stationer, 43 George st :
house, 8 Canning p)aee
narrower Mrs. D. matron (Church of Scotland Normal School), 12
Picardy place
narrower David, stationer, grocer, &c. 2 Melville terrace
narrower David, traveller, 1 Nelson st
narrower Robert, linen draper, 8 Canning place
Hart Catherine, apartments, 137 George st
Hart Francis, boarding & day school, 66 Gilmore place
Hart Geo. B. accountant (National Bank of Scotland), 18 Carlton ter
Hart Thomas, writer & N.P. 2 East Mayfield
Hart WiUiam, joiner, 1 Bread st
Hart ■w^illiasa SS. philosophical instrument and
electric bell mafeer, Short's Observatory, 549
Castle bill
HarthiU Miss, medical galvanist, 31 Rutland square
Hartley H. teacher of music, 16 Melville terrace
Haryeian Society— Dr. Gillespie & Dr. Saunders, secretaries
Hartneas Jackson (H.M. Customs), 26 TbornviUe terrace
Harvey Alexander, contractor, Davidson's mains
Harvey Alexander, dairy, 69 Cumberland at
Haryey Charles, clerk, 14 Arthur st, Pilrig st
Harvey James, bootmaker, 3 Elder at
Harvey Jas, brassfounder (J. Harvey & Co.), 8 Comely green
Harvey James, broker, 228 Cowgate •
Harvey Jas. & Co. brasstonuder3,10 Murano place, Leith walk [bank
Harvey Joseph stationer, (Murray, Harvey & Co.), Hazel bank, Esk
Harvey Peter & Son, painters, &c. S3a St. Andrew at, & UWestNew-
Harvey Peter, painter (Peter Harvey & Son), 11 Barony st
Harvey Peter, jun. painter (Peter Harvey & Son), 5 Cross causeway
Harvey R. E. commission merchant, 14 Assembly st, Leith; house,
1 Buckingham terrace
Harvey Thos. m.a. rector, Edinburgh Academy, 32 George square
Harvey William, telegraph engineer, General Post Office; house,
24 Greenside place
Harvey -W^illiam, fruit salesman, 5 'Waverley
mari^et; and 5 Forth street
Harvey WiUiam, shopkeeper, 38 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Harvey William, cabinet maker and furniture dealer, 4 North St.
Andi-ew st; house, 10 Clyde st [ton pier
Harvie Alexander, store keeper. Northern Lighthouse Stores, Gran-
Hassels Margaret, spirit dealer, 7 Shore, Leith
Hastie Andi-ew A. S.S.C. (J. & A. Hastie), 5 Leopold place
Hastie Francis, bookseller, 29 West Nicolson st
Hastie J. & A. S.S.C. 6 York place
Hastie James, tailor and clothier, 70 Fountain bridge
Hastie James, grocer, Roseburn place, Haymarket
Hastie John, il.b. (J. & A. Hastie), 5 York place
Hastie Thomas, joiner, 1 Hawthorn bank
Hastie Thomas, baker & confectioner, 42 Clerk st, and 2 Bridge pi;
house, 18 Duncan st
Hastings Henry, spirit dealer, 11 St. Vincent st
Hately Robert, joiner, 7 Murdoch terrace
Hately Walker, teacher of music, 12 Bruntafield place
Hatton James & Co. wine merchants, 10 St. Anthony st, Leith
Hatton James, coach hker and horso dealer, 4 East St. James st
Hauptman F. & Co. glass cutters & glass mnufrs. 22 Greenaide pi
Havcts' Institute, 24 Cbarlotte square— G. P. de Martin, director
Hawick Ann, di-essmaker, 9 Glen st
Hawkins Jane, dressmaker, 19 Bristo place
Hawks Edward, coal merchant, machine and commission agent,
N. B. R. Station, South Leith; house, 8 Bernard st
Hawks John, bit, spur, & curling atone maker, 5 Leith Street ter
Hawley WiUiam and Co dealers in Mosaic and encaustic tile pave-
ments, foreign and British marbles, enameUed and plain alato
chimney pieces, Portland and Roman cement, &c. 27 Frederick
at — See advertisement
Hawthorns & Co. engineers, iron and brass founders, boiler and
machine makers, Leith Engine Wobks, Leith; and Geanton
Iron Wouks & Shipbuilding Yard, Granton
Hay Alex, watchmaker & jeweller, 45 Princes at; ho, 2 Frederick st
Hay Alexander, grocer, 9 Spittal st
Hay Alex, engi-aver, bookseller, and printer, 4 North bridge
Hay Alexander, writer, 264 Bennington road
Hay Alexander, clerk, 13 West Newington terrace
Hay Alexander, artist, 12 Oxford st
Hay Alexander S. grocer, 37 Bristo st
Hay D. S. photographer, 68 Princes st
Hay David, draper, 65 Canongate
Hay David, teacher of English, 2 Drummond st
Hay E. J. miUiner, 63 & 65, Canongate
Hay Elizabeth, lauudress, 4a Haddington place
Hay George, artist, R.S.A. 12 Queen st ; house, 9 Castle terrace
Hay George, egg merchant, 19 Henderson row
Hay George, missionary, 17 Keir st
Hay George, grocer (H. & G. Hay), 9 West End place
Hay George, jun. joiner & house factor, 39 Home st
Hay HamUton,cashier,National Security Savings Bank, 1 Lennox st
Hay, Home and Co. Hour miUers and grain merchants, Watee of
Leith JIills
Hay Isabella, fruiterer & greengl-ocer, 8 Waverley market
Hay IsabeUa, apartments, 21 Nelson st
Hay 7, and 3. saddlers and harness makers, 28
Hanover street
Hay James, dyer, (P. & R. Hay), 824 Leith walk
Hay James, leather merchant (James Hay & Co.), 1 Carlung place
Hay James, manager, Edinburgh Ropery Co. 3 Links place, Leith
Hay James, blacksmith, 6 Upper Grove place
Hay James, saddler (J. & J. Hay), 21 Livingstone place
Hay James, baker, 277 Canongate
Hay Jas. miUer (John Hay & Co.), 5 Cassclls place, Lei(b walk
Hay James, baker & confectioner, 17 Caledonian terrace
Hay James & Co. curriers & leather merchants, 67 Niddry st
Hay James S. die & stamp cutter, 13 Griudlay st
Hay Jane, dairy, 6 Kirkwood place
Hay Jane, apartments, i Graham st
Hay John, refreshment room, Leith Walk station
Hay John, victual dealer, 16a St. Leonard's at
Hay John, dyer (P. & R. Hav), 42 Leith walk
Hay John, clothier (John Hay & Co.), 23 Merchiston avenue
Hay John, confectioner, 819 High st
Hay John & Co. millers & corn merchants, Hav Mills, 117 Leith walk
Hay John & Co. clothiers, hatters, &c. 56 North bridge
Hay John Charles, architect & civil engineer, 108 Lauriston place ;
residence, North Jlcrchiston House, Slateford road
Hay Jliss — , boarding school, 7 Vanburgh place
Hay Mrs. — . apartments, 4 Maitland st
Hay P. & H. (late Cooper), velvet, silk, satin and woollen dyers and
dressers, moire antique and silk waterers and printers, 291 Leith
walk, Leith, and 11 South St. David st— .See advertisement
Hay'Peter, tobacconist, 36 Queenaferry st
Hay Peter, printer, 17 Spittal st
Hay Peter, grocer & spirit merchant, 44 Lothian st
Hay Peter & John, dyers, 34 Frederick st, & Hawkfleld, Leith
Hay Robert, shoe manufacturer, 7 Parkside st
Hay Robert, fruiterer & greengrocer, 154a Constitution st, Leith
Hay Robert, clerk, 178 Ferry road, Leith
Hay Robert, bootmaker, Mihie square. High st
Hay Robert, grocer.(R. & G. Hay), 8 Warri.^ton crescent
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