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Heron & Kerr, tea, coffeG, &c. merchants, li North St. Andrew st
Heron C. B. commission agent, 7 St. Andrew square; house, 47
Forrest road
Heron G. teacher of music, 47 Forrest road
Herou James, chemist (Duncan, Flockhart & Co.), 1 Coates place
Heron James, fruit, &o. merchant (Horou & Kerr), 5 Arnistou place
Ueron Jamea, artist, 7 St. Andrew square ; house, 47 Forrest road
Heron John, clerk, 15 Lonsdale terrace
Heron John & Co. spirit dealers. 1 Howard pi. & 1 ShandwicU pi
Heron William, commission & woollen merchant, 47 Fcrrest road
Herrald William, grocer & spirit dealer, 53 Kirkgate, Leith: house,
62 Duke st
HeiTJng Fishery Office, 2 Dock place, Leith '
Heslop John, cement worker, 33 Madeira st, Leith
Hetherington Peter, shoemaker, 20 Giles st
Hetherton Henry, missionary, 16 West Maj'field [Maylield
Hutherton Henry, bellhanger, 13 South Clerk st ; house, IG West
Hewat Andrew, merchant (Hewat, Paterson& Co. ),12 Saxe-Coburgpl
Hewat John, agent Bank of Scotland (Branch), 15 North- West Circus
place ; house, 12 Saxe-Coburg place
Hewat Margaret, apartments, 15 Graham st
Hewat, Paterson & Co. merchants, 34 Bernard st, Leith
Hewat, Pedau & Co. tea & coffee merchants, 21 Greenside place
Hewat R. K. agent, 7 Gladstone terrace
Hewit Charles, tanner (J. Hewit &. Sons), 13 Grange loan
Hewit Henry, traveller, 2 Viewforth place
Hewit J. & Sons, leather merchants, 6, 8 & 10 Niddry st ; 6: tanners
& curriers, 125 High st
Hewitson Jessie, apartments, 9 Smnmerhall square
Higgin & Thorn, engravers, lithographers Oc letterpress printers,
8 North Bank st
Higgins Francis.working jeweller & gold & silver smith, Ul Lothian st
Higgins J. & J. contractors, 3 Thorny hank
Higgins William, fancy goods dealnr, 164 Canongate
High Court of Justiciary, Parliament square
High School of Edinburgh, Calton hill
High School, Leith, Leith links
Highland A Agricultural Society of Scotland, 3 George IV. bridge-
Fletcher Norton Menzies, Esq. secretary; Thomas Duncan, clerk
Hil«y Agnes, provision dealer, 15a Carnegie st
Hill Alexander, wood carver, 42 Morrison st
Hill Alexander, smallware dealer, 131 Canongate
HiU & Fergusson, W.S. 42 Frederick st
Hill C. teacher of music, 33 Archibald place
Hill Cumberland, chaplain St. Cuthbert's Workhou3e,2 Hermitage pi
Hill George, smith & beam maker, 13 Richmond place ; house, 10
Buccleuch et
Hill George W. clerk. 6 Lonsdale terrace
Hill James, bootmaker, 2 Prince Albert buildings
Hill James, shopkeeper, 3 Roxburgh st
Hill James L. W.S. {Hill & Fergusson), 26 Heriot row
Hill John, boot & shoe maker, 43 Nicolson st; ho. 3 Roxburgh st
HiU John, spirit dealer, 33 Bath st. & Fox lane, Leith
Hill John, cabinet maker (J. Hill »& Sons), Malta terrace
Hill John (H.W. Customs), SO Kirkgate, Leith
Hill John, farmer, Carlowrie, Cramond [4 Links place
Hill John & Sons, cabinet makers, builders, timber & mercbants,
Hill Maria, apartments, 18 Chapel st
Hill Martin, pickle maker, 42 Potter row
Hill Mitchell, cabinet maker, 9 India place; house, 22 India'st
HiU Mrs. — , teacher of cutting & fitting, 56 George st
Hill Peter, house factor, 12 Guthrie st
HUl Robert, confectioner, 25 Canongate
Hill T. Alexander, printsellcr, publisher, Ac. 145 Princes st; house,
17 CornwaU st
Hill, Thomson & Co. Italian warehousemen, importers of foreign
produce, & wine merchants, purveyors to Her Majesty, the Prince
of Wales, & H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, 45 North Frederick st
Hill WUliam, eating house, 20 Buccleuch st
HiU William, shoemaker &, furnishing shop, 58 Low Calton
HiUiard Harvey, cutler, surgical instrument & truss & bandage
maker, 7 NicolsoQ st; house, Fairhope Park crescent
Hills George, bookbinder, 35 North Richmond st
Hillson George, tailor, 877 High st
Hilson W. R. joiner, 3 Guthrie st
Hindson William R. commission agent, 4 Picardy place
Hinks Walter, greengrocer, S7 Sandport, Leith
Hinshelwood & Co. Globe Parcel Express, 7 South Saint David st
Hirst Samuel, wool merchant (Crudelius & Hirst), 11 BeUevue ter
Hislop Andrew, hellbanger. East London st
Hialop Henry W. stock & share broker, 10 George st; house, Avenue
ViUa, Comely bank
Hislop fohn, coaclibuUder & Iiamess maker, 13
Antigua St. aud at Goat&eld Coach "Works
Haddington— Sfe advertlsPrafnt
HisloD John, butcher, 2 Dairy Park terrace
Hislop John, joiner, 2 Thistle st [pans
Hislop John F. merchant (Kemp, Hislop & Co.), Castle park, Preston-
Hislop R. G. beUhanger, East London st
Hislop Thomas, bookkeeper, 14 Panmure i)laco
Hislop WiUiara, butter & cheese pail maker, Mary Ann Cottage,
Broughton place
Hislop WiUiam, householder, 7 North Saint David st
Hjaltalin Mrs. — , teacher of Danish and Norwegian languages, 18
Gladstone terrace
Hjaltalin John A. Hbrarian, (Advocates' Library), 18 Gladstone ter
Hobday Frances, Berlin wool repository, 2 Castle st
Hobday Thomas M. BcUs MiUs Laundry, De^n
Hobkirk John, corn merchant, 18 Drunimond st
Hobkirk R. bootmakev, 7 Drummond st
Hodder Charles D. art master (Board of Manufacturers' School,
Royal Institution), 18 Lonsdale terrace
Hoddle George, draughtsman &, engraver on wood, 26 Rintonl pi
Hodge Archibald, searcher (Douglas & Son), 71 Gilmore place
Hodge C. & T. drapers, 85 South bridge
Hodgo George, taUor, 5 South-East Circus place
Hodge John, Bohoolmastor ancl registrar, DuddingBton
Hodge Mary, newsagent and dressmaker, 5 Dublin st
Hodge Peter, grocer & spirit dc:iler, 15 Dean st
Hud:-ie Thomas, draper (C. & T. Hodge), 43 Queen's crescent
Hud-sun Mrs. — , drtssuuiker, S Jamaica st
Holimaii August, watclmiaker, 74 Fountain bridge
Hoffman 31. L. teacher of mufiic, (J Howe st
Hoffmann Eliza, shopkeeper, 4 Dairy park terrace
Hoffner Louis, macer of session, 5 Dundas st
Hofford Lucy Ann, milliner, 25 South Frederick st
Hogarth Ann, grocer, Cauon place, CanonmiUs
Hogarth George B. manager (Cowan & Co.), 112 Lauriston place
Hogiirth Mrs. apartments, IS Rankeillor st [Ferry rd L
Hogbeu WUliam S. assessor, 14 Watex'loo place; house, Taap Hall
Ho^'g Adam, provision dealer, 4 Crichton st '
Hogg A. Rodan, solicitor, 10 Scotland st
Hogg Alexander, brass founder (,\rmstrong & Hogg), 6 Great Stuart at
Hog^ A,G, and Co. w^liolesale cork mercbants and
corl£ cutters, 76 Constitution street, Xieith
Hogg Alexander, smallwaro dealer, 10 Richmond place
Hogg Alexander, hosier & shirt maker, 188 Fountain bridge
Hogg Andrew, foreman, 53 Lothian st
Hogg Andrew, tinsmith, plumber & gasfittor, 147 St. Leonard's st
Hogg Archibald, baker & confectioner, 64 Rose st
Hogg Charles B. solicitor at law ik, law agent, 7 Picardy place
Hogg David, saddler, 20 Dock st, Leith
Hogg David, flesher, 27 Abbey hill
Hogg George D. accountant, 30 Clarence st
Hogg Isabella F. fishing tackle maker, 79 Princes st
Hogg James, vocalist, 84 Waverloy place
Ho^g^ James, joiner and builder, Giilesple street;
bouse, 2: Tarvit street
Hogg James, messenger at arms, 7 Elder st
Hogg James A. brassfounder (Ai-mstrong & Hogg), 6 Great Stuart st
Hogg John, grocer, 23 Trafalgar lane, Leith
Hogg John, stationer, 2 Pitt st
Hogg John, slater & mason, 43 Howe st
Hogg John, tobacconist & stationer, 159 Constitution st, L
Hogg John & Son, grain merchauts, 7 St. Andrew square
Hogg Mrs. — , furrier, 43 Thistle st
Hogg R. (feCo. china merchauts, 54 Shore, Leith
Hogg Robert, stationer & tobacconist, 7 West Richmond st
Hogg Robert, grain merchant (John Hogg & Sons), 92 Gilmore pi
Hogg Robert S. spirit dealer, 173 Pleasance
Hogg Thomas, temperance hotel, 2 Hunter square
Hogg Thomas, flesher, 7 Melville place
Hogg Walter, cabinetmaker, house agent, undertaker, &c. 80 Duudag
st, and Melrose
Hogg William, tailor (Murray & Hogg), 17 Keir at
Hogg Wilham, sheriff officer, 7 Elder st
tlogg WiUiam T. M. teacher of shorthand.§22 Dundas st
Hoggan George, painter & paperhanger, 47 Earl Grey st
Hogue David W. m.d. & doctor of dental surgery, 65 Queen st
Holboru John G. tinsmith, 10 Calton hill
Holdeu James, accountant, 15 AthoU crescent
Holder James, foreman, 258 Leith walk [Broughton Jane
Holder John, horso-collar maker. West GUchrist iane ; house, a
Hole William B. artist, 18 Picardy place ; house, 34 London at
Holliday Thomas, engraver, 17 St. James square
Hollingsworth Janet, apartments, 330 Leith walk
Kollingwortb Jobn Piatt wine asid spirit dealer,
SO Wortb Hanover street; bouse, 29 2iose street
Holmes John, glass & china dealer, 23 Dundas si
Holtum &. "Welsb, clotbiers, babit makers, and
batters, 6 George st
Home Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Clareniout place
Home &. S^'Zionald, music and g-eneral engravjrs,
litbog^rapbers, and letter press printers, 11
Greenside lane
Home B. J. engraver (Home & M'DonalJ),31 Gayfield square
Home for the Aged and Intirm, 45 Gilmore place
Home for Friendless Girls, Dean Bank— IsabeUa Eraser, matron
Home for Ladies Addicted to Intemperance, Queensberry Lodge-
Thomas p. Nelsou governor
Home Hugh, clerk in Chancery, 10 Baker's place
Home John, W.S. &N. p. 19 Castle st; house, Lammerburn House
Home Msirgaret, apartments, 14 Pitt st
Honeyman Alexander, joiner & cabinet maker, 44 Causewaysido
Honeyman & ^A^il:son, wholesale tea, co£Fee, iruit,
and spice mercbants, 3.1 and 2.3 r^QIanse lane
Honeyman Charles, coal merchant, 4 Preston st. West, and Cale-
donian, Morrison st, and Haymarket stations
Honeyman David, house carpenter tt joiner. Young st
Honeyman George, writer, 54 South Clerk st
Honeyman Mrs. — , di-essmaker, 18 Nicolson st
Honeyr-^an Robert, tea dealer (Honeyman & WUson), 13 Mayficld st
Honeyman Thomas, dairy koeper, 20 William st
Hong-Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, 42 Frederick st—
HilKt Fergusson, agents
Hood Alexander, clerk, 49 Charlotte st, Leith
Hood Miss Grace, boarding school, 8 Bruntsfield place
Hood James, smith and beam maker, 8 Macdowal st
Hood James, boot k shoemaker, 83 Nicolson st, &. 49 Earl Grey st
Hood James C. (H.M.C.) 8 Woodbine terrace
Plood John, baker, 25 Glover st
Hood John, clerk, 4 Nelson st
Hood John, butcher & poulterer, 35 Argyle place
Hood Joseph, baker, 25 Ferrier st
Hood Robert, physician, 5 Salisbury road
Hook Mrs. — , victual dealer, 9 Greenside row
Hook Jane, bootmaker, 23 West Richmond st
Hook Robert, shopkeeper, 136 Rose st
Hooper Robert, dentist, 57 North Hanover st
Hope James, "W.S. (Hope, Mann & Kirk), deputy keeper of tho
signet, 119 Princes st; house, Avenal, Cohnton road
Hopo Jamea, temperance hotel, 6 Calton st
Hope JameB, jun. W.S. 42 Charlotte square

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