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Parker, G. (of Gordon Smith &
«Paterson, A. C. (of Moncrieff,
Barr, Paterson & Co.), 45 West
George st
Paterson, Arch, (of Breeze, Paterson
& Chapman), 1 07 Bath st
Paterson & BuchanaD, 141 West
George st
mPaterson & Craig, 157 St. Vincent
Paterson, James, M. A. (of Paterson
& Ross), 1 83 West George st
Paterson, John S. B.L. (of Patrick
& Paterson), 113 W. Regent st.
Paterson, R. T., M.A., LL.B. (of
Paterson & Craig)
Paterson & Ross, 183 W. George
rePaterson, W. B. & Co. 101 St.
Vincent st
Paton, Geo. G., M.A. LL.B. 241
St. Viucent street
nPatrick, D. B.L. (of Patrick &
Paterson), 113 West Regent st.
Patrick & Paterson, 113 West
Regent street
Pattison, David B. M.A. LL.B.
191 West George st
Paul, Andrew, 27 St. Vincent pi.
Paul, James S. 27 St. Vincent pi
nPaul, M'Nab, & Brownlie, 136
Hope st
nPeattie, A. Y. (of Peattie, Macin-
tyre, & Laird)
Peattie, Macintyre, & Laird, 175
Hope st
wPhilp, Thos. 116 St. Vincent st.
wPirie, R. H. M.A. LL.B. (of
Pirie & Stewart), 173 St. Vin-
cent street
nPirie & Stewart, 173 St. Vincent
Pomphrey, G.N. 101 St. Vincent st
Prentice, Thos. 173 St. Vincent st
Preston, W. (at A. & G. Young's),
97 Wellington street
nPurvis, Jas. Watson, 22 Ren-
field st
Rae, T. Vivers, 157a Hope st
Ramsay, David (at Kidstons, Wat-
son, Turnbull & Co.'s)
Ramsay, Jas. B. 16 6 St. Vincent st
Ramsay, J. D. 87 St. Vincent st
Ramsay & Macleod, 87 St. Vin-
cent street
Rankin & Ferguson, 157 St. Vin-
cent st
Rankin, John (at Messrs. John
Stewart & Gillies'), 204 West
George street
Reid, David (of Keydens, Strang &
wReid, James A. (of M'Grigor,
Donald, & Co.), 172 St. Vin-
cent st
Reid, Jas. 194 Ingram st
Reid, Robert W. 115 Wellington
Rennie, R. A. 146 West Regent st
reRenwick, R. City Chambers
Richardson, F. B. M.A., LL.B.
(of Richardson & Turnbull), 65
Bath st
Richardson & Turnbull, 65 Bath
Risk, J. A. D. (of Craig & Risk),
176 West George st
raRitchie, G. M., B.L. (of Ritchie,
Graham, & Tindal), 123 St.
Vincent street
reRitchie, Graham, & Tindal, 123
St. Vincent st
Robb, G. H. M.A. 166 St. Viucent
Robertson, A. E. & Co. 79 West
Regent st
Roberton, Isaiah, 82 W. Nile st
Roberton, John S. 176 St. Vincent
Roberts, A. 172 St. Vincent st
^Robertson, Alex. 65 Baih st
Robertson, D. G. , M.A. (of Nelson
& Robertson), 35 Bath street
Robertson, Forbes & Lillie, 132
West Regent st
Robertson, G. W. T. 120 Bath st
^Robertson & Gordon Shaw, 137
W. Regent st
Robertson, Jas. Ogilvie, 137 W.
Regent st
wRobertson, Jarnes H. 120 Bath st
Robertson, Jas. 104 West Regent
Robertson, John, 104 West Regent
Robertson, John M. 120 Bath st
Robertson,. J. M. & J. H. 120
Bath st
Robertson, John and James, 104
West Regent st
Robertson, Wm. Forbes (of Forbes,
Robertson & Lillie), 132 West
Regent st
Robertson, Wm., 144 Bath st
^Robertson, Wm. B.L. 139 St.
VinceDt st
Robertson, Wm. 144 Bath st
Rodger, Robt. 35 Hutcheson st
Rodie & Barras, 58 W. Regent st.
telephone No. 720
Bouald, John, 170 Hope st
Ross, Archd. 208 West George st
re Ross, Robt. G. (of Paterson & Ross)
Rowan, Gilbert D. (at Brown &
Giltillan's), 109 St. Vincent st
Roy, Jas. 226 West George st
^Roxburgh, Henry A. LL.B. (of
Wright, Johnston, Mackenzie,
& Roxburgh), 150 St. Vincent
Russell, Alex, (of Russell & Dun-
can), 175 West George st
Russell & Duncan, 175 W. George
JiRutherfurd, James (of J. & J.
Rutherfurd), 40 West Nile st.
and at 41 Queen st. Edinburgh
wRutherfurd, J. & J. 40 West
Nile st. and at 41 Queen street,
Sclater, J. M. (of Orr & Selater)
Scobie, Alfred, LL.B. (of Scobie
& Smith), 58 W. Regent st
Scobie & Smith, 58 W. Regent st
Scott, Charles Montgomery, 105
West George st
wScott & Brownlie, 227 Hope st
raScott, Craig, & Brown, 156 St.
Vincent st
Scott, David J. 342 Argyle st
Scott, Geo. A. D. B.L. 170 Hope st
Scott & Japp, 170 Hope st
raScott, John, 227 Hope street
Sellar, Chas. B.L. 65 Bath st
Sellar, Wm. 28 Rei.field st
Semple, Thomas M. (of David Bird
& Son), 58 Renfield st
^Service, John, B.L. 58 Renfield st
Service, Wm. S. 204 St. Vincent
Sewell, J. G. (of M' Cubbing &
«Shand, W. B. 201 W. George st
raSharp, Archd. 296 Dumbarton
rd. Partick
Sbarp, Samuel, 5 Princes street,
mShaw, Robt. 234 West George st
Shaw, Wm. 142 St. Vincent st
nShaw, W. Gordon, 137 West
Regent st
Shaughnessy, J. 83 Bath street
Simons, Philip B. (of Dickie &
Simpson, Walter K. 146 West
Regent st
^Sinclair, Jas. F. 11 Miller st
Sinclair, John, 11 Miller st
wSinclair, Robt. & Thos. 1 1 Miller st
Smillie & Blyth, 65 Bath st
Smillie, Thos. J. (of Smillie &
Blyth), 65 Bathst
Smith, Alex, (of Scobie & Smith)
58 W. Regent st
Smith, Allan M., M.A., LL.B.
(at Biggart & Lumsden's)
Smith, Gordon, & Parker, 180
Hope st
Smith, Hugh (of James Smith &
Son), 21 Bath st
reSmitb, James & Son, 21' Bath.
reSmitb, J. (of Macdonald, Smith
& Co.), 100 West Regent st
nSmith, J. Guthrie (of Muirhead
& Guthrie Smith)
, wSmith, James (of James Smith
<& Son), 21 Bath street
j Smith, J. Baird, 205 St. Vincent
inSmith, John Guthrie (of Muir-
head & Guthrie Smith), 54 W.
Nile st
ireSmitb, M. (of Colledge, Smith,
Jackson, & Guy), 120 W. Regent
■ street

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