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n MacLean, William (of MacLean.
Fyfe & MacLean), 115 St Vin-
cent st
M'Lean, Wm. & C. J. (see MacLean,
Fyfe, & MacLean)
M'Leish, James A. (of M'Leish &
Johnston), 197 St. Vincent st
M'Leish & Johnston, 197 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Lelland, Thomas, 204 St. Vin-
cent street
reM'Lennan, Alex. 92 St. Vincent
Macleod, Hugh, 87 St. Vincent st
MacLeod, Jas. M. (of MacLeod &
MacLeod & MacLeod, 175 St. Vin-
cent street
nMacLeod, Peter (of MacLeod &
n M'Nab, P. Baird, 136 Hope st
raM'Nee, G. 65 West Regent st
Macneill, Arch. Harvie(of Macneill
& Macartney)
Macneill & Macartney, 48 West
Regent st
M'Nieoll, Stewart, 83 W. Regent st
Macniven, Duncan (at M'Grigor,
Donald & Co.)
n Macniven, James Orr, 139 St.
Vincent st
n M'Pherson, Hugh, 128 Hope st
Macpherson, Disselduff & Nimmo,
196 St. Vincent st
Macpherson, M. D. 196 St. Vin-
cent st
re Macquaker, T. (of Martin, Mac-
kay, & Macquaker)
Macqueen, Mattbew (at Maclay,
Murray, & Spens')
MacquisteD, Fred. A. 134 St.
Vincent st
Macrae, Angus Fraser, M.A., 5
West Regent st
Macrae, Jas. M.A. LL.B. (of Ure
& Macrae)
nMactavish, D. A. 128 St. Vin-
cent st
M'Tavisb, John, 115 Wellington st
M'Tavish & Reid, 115 Wellington
reMair, John, B.L. 162 St. Vincent
Malcolm & Aitken, 24 George sq
nMalcolm, W. H. (ot Malcolm &
nMalloch, Donald Macleod, 48 W.
Regent street
Malloch, J. Macgregor, M.A. 180
Hope st
Manson, Wm. G. LL.B. W.S. 243
West George st
Marshall & Brown, 208 St. Vin-
cent st
Marshall & Inglis, 145 St. Vin-
cent street
Marshall, Jas. 28 Renfield st
Marshall, Jobn Albert, B.L., 208
St. Vincent st
Marshall & M'Lachlan, 28 Ren-
field 8t
Marshall, Robt. 166 St. Vincent st
Martin & Barrie, 97 Buchanan st
wMartin, H. Robertson, 149 West
George st
n Martin, John, 58 W. Regent st
Martin, Joseph, 97 Buchanan st
rcMaxton & Gillespie, 175 St. Vin-
cent st
Meldrum, R. (of Lindsay, Meldrum
& Oatts)
wMiddleton, Geo., M.A. LL.B., 92
Bath st
Miller, C. B. & Strang, 15 Gordon
Miller, C. B. 15 Gordon st
Miller, David, LL.B. (of Brunton
& Miller), 48 W. Regent st
Miller, Geo. J. (of Miller & Cook),
35 Dundas st. and at 9 Kilbowie
road, Clydebank
Miller, Guy B. 208 W. George st
Miller, Jas. & Ness, 157 St. Vin-
cent st
reMiller, J. & A. C. 208 W. George
wMiller, John, 118 Mains st
nMiller, Jno. (of J. & A. C. Miller),
208 West George st
n Miller, P. L. 190 St. Vincent st
Miller, Wm., Clyde st. Motherwell
nMitchell, A. M., M.A., LL.B.
(of Mitchells, Johnston, & Co.),
160 W. George st
Mitchell, Andrew Acworth, M.A.
LL.B. (of Mitchell & Fleming),
163 St. Vincent st
Mitchell & Bruce, 49 W. George st
nMitchell & Fleming, 163 St.
Vincent st
Mitchell, John R. 217 Kilmarnock
Mitchells, Johnston, & Co. 160
West George st
n Mitchell, J. C, M.A. (of Mit-
chells, Johnston, & Co.), 160 W.
George st
nMitchell, Wm. James, M.A. B.L.
(of Mitchell & Bruce), 49 West
George st
Moir & Forbes, 146 Bnchanan st
Moncrieff, Barr, Paterson, & Co.
45 W. George st
Moncrieff, H. (of Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson & Co.), 45 W. George st
Montgomerie & Flemings, 241 St.
Vincent st
wMoody, Robt. A. 163 W. George
,„ street
Morrison, Alex. F. M.A. 75 St.
George's place
Morrison, Fred. L.M.A. LL.B. 211
Hope street
reMorrison, Wm. (of M'Clure. Nai-
smith, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St,
Vincent street
Morton, J. N. M.A. 92 St Vincent
Morton, John, 158 St. Vincent st
nMoscrip, G. C. 68 West Regent
raMuir, Jno. 176 West George st
Muirhead & Guthrie Smith, 54
W. Nile st
Muirhead, James (of Muirhead &
Guthrie Smith), 54 W. Nile st
Muirhead, James, 30 Gordon st
Murdoch, John, 208 W. George st
^Murdoch & Stewart, 100 West
Regent street
wMurdoch, Wm. (of Murdoch &
Murray, A. K. 79 West Regent
Murray, D. B. 186 W. George st
^Murray, David, M.A. LL.D. (of
Maclay, Murray & Spens), 169
W. George st
Neave, H. B. 302 Buchanan st
Neilson, George, Central Police
wNeilson, R. T. (of M'Lean, Baird,
& Neilson)
wNeilson, Tbos. 113 W. Regent st
Nelson & Robertson, 35 Bath st
nNelson, Jas. (of Nelson & Robert-
son), 35 Bath street
Nelson, Wm. 180 St. Vincent st
Ness, J. LL.B. (of James Miller &
Ness), 157 St. Vincent st
nNewlands, G. F. LL.B. 135 St.
Vincent street
JiNewIands & Warner, 135 St Vin-
cent street
Nicholson, M'William, & Co. 226
West George st
wNimmo, Andrew R. 196 St. Vin-
cent street
Nisbet, John S. 205 Hope st
nNiven & M'Niven, 139 St. Vincent
Niven, M. (of Brownlie, Watson &
Niven, W. 139 St Vincent st
nOatts, J. Lumsden (of Lindsay,
Meldrum & Oatts, writers)
OTIear, Jos. B.L. 37 Bath st
Oliphant & Jackson, 128 Hope st
OliphaDt, Thos. 128 Hope st.
Orr & Cameron, 28 Bath st
Orr, F. A. Cameron, 28 Bath st
Orr, George S. 4 Miller st. Shaw-
Orr, Jamei, 154 West George st
Orr, James T. (at Wright & John-
ston's), 175 St. Vincent st
rcOrr, J. Rowley, 93 W. Regent st
Orr, John F. 88 St. Vincent st
Orr, P. Hunter (of Orr & Sclater),
55 Bath st
Orr & Robertson, 28 Bath st
Orr & Sclater, 55 Bath st
Orr & Stuart, 88 St. Vincent st
Orr, Wm. B.L. 2^ Academy street,
Oswald, Walter, 4 West Nile st
Pai-sley, Arthur, 113 W. Regent st

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