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Knox & Young, 48 W. Regent st
n Kyle & Hurry, 130 Bath street
nKyle, Robt. (of Kyle & Huny),
130 Bath street
Laird, James (of Peattie, Macintyre
& Laird), 175 Hope st
wLaird, Jas. M. B.L. (of Crawford
& Laird)
Lamond, H. (of H. Lamond, Lang,
Lamond, H., Lang & Co. 93 W.
Regent street
Lamond, Robert. LL.B. (of R. P.
Lamond & Turner), 163 W.
George st
n Lamond, R. F. (of R. P. Lamond
& Turner), 163 West George
Lamond, R. P. & Turner, 163 W.
George st
Lamont, J. K. 101 St. Vincent st
Lamont & Pomphrey, 101 St.
Vincent st
Lang, John Stuart (of H. Lamond,
Lang & Co.)
Lawrie, John, 138 W. George st
Learmont, Henry, 112 Bath st
Leask, J. T. Smith, 145 St. Vin-
cent st
Letham, James (of Wilson, Cald-
well, Tait & Letham)
Lewis, Frederick, 64 Park dr. S.
Lillie, T. Holtum, M.A. LL.B.
(Forbes, Robertson, & Lillie)
n Lindsay, A. M. M.A. (of Lindsay,
Meldrum & Oatts)
Lindsay, James, 35 Hutcheson st
Lindsay, John, City chambers, 78
Cochrane st
wLindsay, Meldrum, & Oatts, 87
W. Regent st. Teleph. No. 1075
n Little, Andrew, 149 Gallowgate
Logie & Fisher, 24 St. Vincent pi
Love, Robt. 128 Hope st
Lowndes, Henry F. B.L. 162
Buchanan st
Lucas, John A. 140 Hope ^t
Lucas, Wm„ 140 Hope st
Lucas, Wm. L. 140 Hope st
Lucas, W. & W. L. 140 Hope st
Lumsden, Harry, M.A., B.L.
(Biggart & Lumsden), 105 West
George st
n Lyall, David G. B.L. 69 West
Regent st
Lyall, D. G. & Stiell, 69 West
Regent st
n Macalister, J. W. 133 St. Vin-
cent st
n Macalister & MacKeachau, 133
St Vincent st
MacAndrew, Wm. (of Macintyre
& MacAndrew), 193 St. Vincent
» M 'Arthur, Chas. 149 W. George
Macartney, Jas. (of Macneill &
M'Bride, Daniel, B.L. 1 Strathleven
place, Dumbarton
M'Bride, Davidson, M' Arthur, &
Stevens, 149 West George st
M'Bride, Jame?, 149 W. George st
M'Callum & Fleming, 100 West
Campbell street
M'Callum, Jas. (of M'Callum &
M'Callum, James A. M.A. LL.B.
194 Ingram st
?«M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie, & Co.
77 St. Vincent st
n M'Clure, Robert, 145 St. Vincent
n M'Connachie, J. (of John Steuart
& Gillies), 204 W. George st
M'Connachie, Wm. 261 W. George
n M'Cormick, A. 65 W. Regent st
M'Cosh, J. & J. 196 St. Vincent st
n M'Cosh, T. (of J. & J. M'Cosh),
196 St. Vincent st
M'Credie, Hugh J. 196 St. Vin-
cent st
n M'Cubbing, R. S. (of M'Cubbing
& Sewell)'
n M'Cubbing & Sewell, 83 West
Regent st
n MacDonald, Charles (of Mac-
donald, Smith & Co.), 100 W.
Regent st
Macdonald, F. 29 Ni<holson st
Macdonald, James (of Macdonald
and Kirk land)
« Macdonald, James (of Frame &
Macdonald, Jno. 103 W. Regent st
wMacdonald & Kirkland, 103 Bath
n Macdonald, Smith & Co. 100
West Regent st
M'Dowall, Robt. 33 Renfield st
M'Elroy, Thos. 103 Bath st
n Macfarlane, John, 98 Bath street
MacFarlan & Thomson, Dumbarton
M'Gill, David, 69 St. Vincent st
wil'Grigor, Alex, (of M'Grigor,
Donald & Co.)
M'Grigor, Donald, & Co. 172 St.
Vincent st
M'Gregor, T. C. County buildings
n M'Intosh, J. (of Mackay &
Macintyre, J. Douglas (of Mac-
intyre & MacAndrew), 193 St
Vincent st
n Macintyre, John (of Peattie,
Macintyre, & Laird)
Macintyre & MacAndrew, 193 St
Vincent st
n M'lvor, F. C. S.S.C. 5 West
Regent st
Mackay, A. B.L. 82 Gordon st
Mackay & Boyd, 82 West Regent
n Mackay, J. Martin, B.L. (of
Martin, Mackay, & Macquaker)
Mackay & MTntosh, 82 Gordon st
wMackay, Martin, & Macquaker, 89
West Regent st
n Mackay, R. C. (of Mackay &
Boyd), 82 West Regent st
MacKeachan, J. 133 St. Vincent st
M'Kechnie, Andw. 128 Sauchie-
hall st
M'Kechnie & Gray, 197 St. Vin-
cent st
M'Kechnie, H. D. 157a Hope st
M'Kechnie, J. M., B.L. (of Fin-
layson & Auld)
n M'Kechnie, Win. S. M.A. LL.B.
D.Pb. (of M KechDie & Gray)
Mackenzie, Dan. 48 W. Regent st
Mackenzie, Fred. J. 113 West
1 Regent st. and at Shettleston
M'Kenzie, J. A. (St. Enoch
Mackenzie, James (of Wright,
Johnstone, Mackenzie, & Rox-
burgh), 150 St. Vincent street
n Mackenzie, R. (of Mackenzie,
Roberton & Co.)
Mackenzie, Roberton & Co. 176
St. Vincent st
Mackie, John Logan, G2 St. Vincent
MacKillop, Fred. G. M.A., LL.B.
128 St. Vincent st
Mackinlay, John, jun. 103 Bath st
Mackinlay, Wm. 67 W. Regent st
Mackinnon, J. 179 W. George st
wM'Lachlan,D. B.L. 28 Reniield st
n M'Lachlan, John, 150 Hope st
MacLachlan, J. A. (at Marshall &
MacLachlan's), 28 Reniield st
nMaelae, Alex. Crum (of Jameson,
Maclae, & Baird)
M'Laren, Alex. Karnes house, 45
Albert drive, Pollokshields
n M'Laren, J. F. & Co., 134 St.
Vincent st.
n M'Laren, J. Fisher (of J. F.
M'Laren & Co.), 134 St. Vin-
cent st
M'Laren, Jas. 131 W. Regent st
M'Laren, John W. (of J. F.
M 'Laren & Co.), 134 St. Vinceot
Maclay, David T. (of Maclay, Mur-
ray & Spens), 169 W. George st
wMaclay, Jas. M.A. LL.B. (of Mac-
lay, Murray, & Spens), 169 W.
George st
n Maclay, Murray, & Spens, 169
West George st
MacLea, Duncan, 492 St. Vincent
raM'Lean, Allan, 41 West George st
M'Lean, Baird & Neilson, 187 W.
George st
reMacLean, C. J. (of MacLean,
Fyfe & MacLean), 115 St. Vin-
cent street
nMacLean, Fyfe, & MacLean, 115
St. Vincent street
M'Lean, J. A. (of M'Lean, Baird &

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