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Galbraitb, Walter, 128 Hope st
Galbraitb, William G. M.A. B.L.
128 Hope street
Galloway, Andw. 17C St. Vincent
Galloway, R. H. 21 Lawrence st.
nGardner, Pet. W.S. (of M'Kenzie,
Roberton & Co.)
Garduer, Thos. 221 W. George st
â– Gemmel & Boyd, 13G Wellington
wGemmill, J. L. 162 St. Vincent st
Gemmill, Wm. iunr. (of Carruthers
and Gemmill)
Gemmel, W. B. 136 Wellington st
Gibb, John, 220 St. Vincent st
Gibson & Richardson, 65 Bith st
wGibson, W. 107 W. Regent st
Gibson, Wm. (of W. B. Faulds &
wGillespie, Geo. (of Maxton &
Gillespie), 175 St. Vincent st
«Gilfillan,T.(of Brown & Gilfillan)
109 St. Vincent st
Gillies, Geo. W. 137 W. Regent st
wGillies, Wm. (of John Steuart &
Gillies), 204 W. George st
wGlen, Jas. 12 Blythswood sq
wGordon, Robert S. 108 W. Regent
wGordon, Robt. Shand, 108 West
Graham & Anderson, 170 Hope st
Graham, A. J. & A. 198 West
George st
n Graham, Jas. LL.D. (of A. J. &
A. Graham)
nGraham, J. jun. (of A. J. & A.
Graham, James (of Graham &
Graham, Wm. M.A. 123 St. Vin-
cent st
Graham, William (of A. J. &
A. Graham)
Grant. John, B.L. 102 Bath street
Gray, Alex. M. B.L. (of Bryden &
Gray), 102 Baili st
wGray, George, County BuildiDgs
Gray, George, jun. County Bld8
Gray, John, County buildings
Gray, Wm. R. J. (of M'Kecbnie &
Grey, Wm. 116 Buchanan st
Grierson, Robt. 102 Bath st
Grieve, W. W. 179 West George st
nGrove, John, jun. 199 St. Vincent
Gunn, Gilbert, 27 St. Vincent pi
Guthrie, Geo. 226 W. George st
Guy, B (of Colledge, Smith, Jack-
son & Guy), 120 W. Regent st
»Hall, W. D. 116 St. Vincent st
Hamilton, Gavin, 3 W. Campbell st
wHamilton, Hugh Colquhoun,M.A,
LL.B. 100 W. Regent st
Hamilton, J. & J. 135 St. Vincent
wHamilton, J. A. 135 St. Vincent
Hamilton, John Hunter, St. Enoch
Hampton, John, 217 W. George st
Hannay, D. 1 84 West Regent st
Harper, David, 74 Bath st
Hart, James N. County buildings
reHart, Thomas, 63 Retifield st.
Harvie, W. H. 33 Bath st
Hay, John Ingram, 136 Blyths-
wood drive
Hay, John, 94 Prince Albert st.
wHeadrick, J. A. 58 W. Regent st
Healy, C. J. B.L. (of Healy &
Young), 65 Bath st
Healy & Young, 65 Bath st
Henderson, Andw. 103 W. Regent
Herron, H. 104 W. Resent st
Higgins, Wm. 62 St. Vincent st
Hill, Daniel (of D. & J. Hill), 138
W. Regent st
Hill, D. & J. 138 We3t Regent
Hill & HoggaD, 194 Ingram st
wHill, James (of D. & J. Hill),
138 W. Regent st
Hill, R. & J. M. Brown & Co. 41
W. George street
Hill, Robt. W. S. 33 Cumberland
street, west
nHill, W. H. LL.D. (of Hill &
Hill, Wm. 141 West George st
raHislop, Jn. M.A. 93 West Regent
nHislop, W. LL.B. 162 St. Vincent
Hodge, Wm. B. 65 Bath st
Hogarth, John (Yorston & Ho-
gaith), 157 West George st
Hoggan, Geo. B. 194 Ingram st
Holmes, Mactavish & Mackillop,
128 St. Vincent st
Honeyman, Jas. (of Honeyman &
Starke), 58 W. Regent st
Honeyman, P. S. (of Black, Honey-
man, & Monteith)
wHoneyman & Starke, 58 West
Regent btreet
rcHope, John, 173 St. Vincent st.
Hotson & Brown, 162 St. Vincent
st reet
Howarth, Geo. F. 252 W. George
Hunter, Jas. Jeffrey, 139 St. Vin-
cent street
wHurll, Jn. jun. & Son, 157 St.
Vincent st
Hurry, Alfred A., M. A.,B.L., LL.B.
(of Kyle & Hurry), 130 Bath st
wHutcheson, H. (of Jas. Hutcheson
& Sous), 115 Wellington st
Hutcheson, Jas. & Sons, 115 Wel-
lington st
Hutcheson, Robert (at J. & J.
Hutchison, Wm. M.A. B.L. LL.B.
190 W. George st
wlnglis, D. 145 St. Vincent st
Jackson, James, 128 Hope st
Jackson, John (of Colledge, Smith,
Jackson & Guy), 120 West
Regent st
Jameson, Maclae & Baird, 147 St.
Vincent st.; after 30th Sept. 192
St. Vincent st
nJameson, Robt. (of Jameson,
Maclae & Baird)
Japp, Philip M. (of Scott & Japp)
n Jeans, Alex. 8 Hamilton street,
Jeffray, Geo. 108 W. George st
Johnson, J. H. solicitor and patent
agent, London, author of " The
Patentee's Manual ;" copies from
Messrs. Johnsons, 1 15 St. Vine, st
reJohnston, Alex, (of Wright,
Johnston, Mackenzie, & Rox-
burgh), 150 St. Vincent st
» Johnston, D. (of Mitchells,
Johnston, & Co.), 160 W. George
Johnston, D. B. 13 York st
Johnston, John H. (of M'Leish &
Johnston), 197 St. Vincent st
n Johnston, W. C. (of Wright &
Johnston), 175 St. Vincent st
Johnstone, Wm. B.L. 78 Cochrane
Jubb, J. Herbert, 194 W. George st
Jubb, John, 194 W. George st
n Kay, C. (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St.
Vincent st
n Kay, J. 172 St. Vincent st
n Kennedy, Alex. 190 W. George
reKerr & Barrie, 149 St. Vincent st
Kerr, George, 35 Princes st. Port-
raKerr, Jn. (of Kerr & Barrie), 149
St. Vincent st
Ker, W. D. 140 Hope st
wKeyden, Jas. (of Key dens, Strang,
& Girvan)
Key den, P. G. (of Keydens, Strang,
& Girvan)
Keydens, Strang, & Girvan, 186
West George st
reKidd, Wm. 139 St. Vincent st
n Kidston, J. B. 50 W. Regent st
n Kidstons, Watson,Turnbull,&Co„
50 West Regent st
wKidston, Wm. 50 W. Regent st
King, Hugh B. 102 Bath st
King, Hugh, & Sons, 102 Bath st
n King, Jn. Y. 142 St Vincent st
King, Robt. C. 102 Bath st
wKirkland, George A. D. (of Mac-
donald & Kirkland)
n Kirkland, James, 97 W. Regent st
Kirkwood, John, 58 West Regent
Knox, J. S. (of Knox & Young),
48 W. Regent st

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