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Smith, Robr. 147 West Regent st
Smith, R. S. 150 W. Regent st
raSmith & Steven, 115 Wellington
wSmith, Wm. 115 Wellington st
Smith, Wm., B.L. 95 Bath st
Smith, W. Kidd, B.L. 11 W. Regent
raSneddon & Mackie, 62 St. Vin
cent st
raSneddon, Wm. 62 St. Vincent st
Somerville, Graham L. B.L. 58
West Regent st
Sommerville, Henry, 131 West
Regent st
Soutter, J. Brough, 93 Hope st
raSpalding, Ales. 83 Renfield st
Spens, John A. (of Maclay,
Murray, & Spens), 169 W.
George st
St. Clair Swanson, & Manson,
W.S. 243 W. George street
Stark, T. (of Thos. Stark & Co.)
Stark, Thos. & Co. 180 W. Regent
Steven, J. Scoular, 302 Buchanan
mSteven, S. M.A. LL.B. 115 Wel-
lington st
Stevenson, Allan, 135 St. Vincent
Stevenson & Brownlie, 147 St.
Vincent st
Stevenson & Fyfe (See MacLean,
Fyfe, & MacLean)
Stevenson, Jas. & M'Kinlay, 67
W. Regent st
Stevenson, Jas. 67 W. Regent st
raStevenson, John Geo. 147 St
Vincent street
raStewart, A'. & R. B. 97 West
Regent street
raStewart, A. Alfred, 112 Bath st
raStewart, Alex. 97 W. Regent st
raStewart, And. (of R. Stewart &
Sons), 116 West Regent, st
Stewart & Bennett, 41 St. Vincent
Stewart, Jas. (of J. & J. Stewart)
4 Parliamentary rd
Stewart, Jas. 170 Hope st
raStewart, Jas. jun. (of J. & J.
Stewart), 4 Parliamentary rd
raSteuart, John, & Gillies, 204 W.
George street
Stuart, John Watson, 88 St.
Vincent st
Stewart, J. & J. 4 Parliamentary
Stuart, J. Wilson. 144 Bath st
Stiell, John S. 69 W. Regent st
raStewart & Learmont, 112 Bath st
Stewart, Robt. Comrie, 4 W. Nile
raStewart, R. & Sons, 116 West
Regent st
raStewart, R. B. 97 W. Regent st
raStewart, R. S. (of R. Stewart &
Sons), 116 West Regent st
Stewart, Thomas M., M.A., LL.B.,
(of Pirie & Stewart), 173 St.
Vincent st
Stewart, T. Wills (at Paul, M'Nab
& Brownlie's)
raStewart, Wm. (of Murdoch &
Stiell, John S. 69 West Regent st
raStirling, H. A. 133 St. Vincent st
reStirling, John B. 175 St. Vincent
raStirling, J. B. & P. J. 175 St.
Vincent st
raStirling, Pat. J. 175 St. Vincent st
Stoddart, Francis, 58 W. Regent st
Stoddart & Neilson, 58 W. Regent
raStout, Thos. M.A. B.L. (of T. &
R. Stout), 178 St. Vincent st
reStont, T. & R. 178 St. Vincent st
raStrain, W. W., 37 W. Nile st
Strang, Jas. (of C. B. Miller &
Strang), 15 Gordon st
Strang & Weir, 103 W. Regent st
Strang, Wm. 103 W. Regent st
Strathem, John, 37 Bath st
Swanson, D. A. St. Clair, 243
West George st
Swanson, St. Clair, & Manson,
W.S. 243 West George st
Svmington, Thos. 94 Hope st
raTait, James R. (of Wilson, Cald-
well, Tait & Letham)
raTaylor, J. M. 180 St. Vincent st
Taylor, J. M. Foulis & Co. 180 St.
Vincent street
Taylor, J. M. jun. 180 St. Vin-
cent st
Templeton, Wm. (of Clegborn &
Templeton) 157 W. Geo. st
raTennent, John, B.L. (of Donald
Binnie & Tennent)
Thorn & Headrick, 58 W. Regent st
Thorn, J. A. (of Thom & Headrick)
68 W. Regent st
Thomson & Campbell, 113 West
Regent street
Thomson, G. A. 180 W. George st
Thomson, Jas. J. 208 W. Geo. st
Thompson, J. C, B.L., 190 St.
Vincent st
reThomson, Laurence, & Foulis,
140 Hope street
reTbomson, Laurence (of Laurence
Thomson & Foulis) 140 Hope st
raThomson & Towers Clark, 180
West George st
Threshie, Jas., 75 St. George's pi.
reThreshie, J. M. 149 Ingram
Tindal, Jas. A. Love (of Ritchie,
Graham, & Tindal), 123 St.
Vincent street
Todd & Campbell, 170 Hope st
Todd, D. (of Todd & Campbell).
Torrance & Baird, 125 West Re-
gent street
raTowers Clark, Wm. 180 West
George st
raTurnbull & Findlay, 133 St.
Vincent street
Turnbull, James Watson (of
Watson, Turnbull & Murray)
Turnbull, J. Aitken, M.A. LL.B.
(of Richardson & Turnbull), 65
Bath st
Turnbull, Jas. Watson (of Watson,
Turnbull, & Murray)
raTurnbull, John, 50 W, Regent st
raTurnbull, John, junr. (of Turn-
bull & Findlay) i33 St. Vincent st
raTurner, Jas. W., 52 W. Nile st.
Turner, John (of R. P. Lamond &
Turner), 163 W. George st
Ure & Macrae, 81 Bath st
Ure, Robt., M.A. LL.B. (of Ure &
Waddell, Allan, 172 St. Vincent
Walker & Nisbet, 205 Hope st
Walker, Alex. Town Clerk's office
Walker, A. O. 180 St. Vincent st
Walker, Gilbert, 205 Hope st
Walker, Robert, & Orr, 154 West
George st
Walker, Wm. 175 St. Vincent st
Wallace, John, 58 W. Regent at
Wallace, John, 103 Bath st
raWallace & Wilson, 103 Bath st
Wark, John, 120 Bath st
Warner, Robt. M.A. 135 St. Vin. st
n Warren, T. (of Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson & Co.), 45 W. George
Watson, Turnbull, & Murray, 103
Bath st
raWatson, Jos. 225 W. George st.
raWatson, Robert, 65 West Regent
raWatson, Thos., 50 W. Regent st
Watt, Alex. 183 St. Vincent st
raWatt, Albert T. M.A., B.L., 183
St. Vincent st
Watt, Son, & Co. 183 St. Vin-
cent street; telegraphic address,
"Fiducia"; telephone No. 3268
Watt, Wellstood A. M.A. LL.B.,
D.Phil., 183 St. Vincent street
raWebster, Alex. 5 W. Regent st
raWebster & M'lvor, 5 W. Regent
raWeir, Ales. 103 West Regent st
Whitson, Arthur, (of M'Clure,
Nai smith, Brodie & Co.' s) 77
St Vincent st
Williamson & Bell, 194 W. George
raWilliamson & Carswell, 203 Hope
raWilliamson, C. M. 194 West
George st
raWillis, Geo. R. 143 W. Regent st
raWilson, Caldwell, Tait, & Letham.
79 West Regent st
raWilson & Chalmers, 129 St. Vin-
cent street
raWilson, David, 103 Bath st
raWilson, D. & W. 103 Bath st

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