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Chapman, G. C. (of Breeze, Pater-
son & Chapman), 107 Bath st
Clapperton, Alan E. (of Cowan,
Clapperton & Barclay)
Clark & Cameron, 220 St. Vincent
wClark, C. E. 241 St. Vincent st
Clark, D. M. 175 Hope st
Clark, Jas. 220 St. Vincent st
Clark, John Bryce, 145 Queen st
wClarke, John Hay, 176 Bath st
Clark, Wm. Towers, 180 West
George st
nCleghorn, Duncan Clark, 157 W.
George street
Cleghorn & Tempelton, 157 West
George street
nCoats, John J. (of A. J. & A.
Coats, John, 160 Hope street
»tCochran, Wm. 175 W. George st
Cochran, Wm. & Sod, 175 West
George street
Cochran W. Stevenson, 175 West
George st
Colledge, Smith, Jackson, & Guy,
120 W. Regent st
Colledge, T. (of Colledge, Smith,
Jackson, & Guy), 120 West
Regent st
Colquhoun, Alex. M.A B.L. (at
J. & T. D. Colquhoun's), 158
St. Vincent st
nColquhoun, D. T. (of J. & D. T.
Colquhoun), 158 St. Vine, st
nColquhoun, J. & D. T. 158 St.
Vincent street
wColquhoun, Jas. LL.D. (of J. &
D. T. Colquhoun), 158 St.
Vincent st
Cook, David, 46 Gordon st
Cook, David (of Miller & Cook),
35 Dundas st. Glasgow
wCook, Wm. (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St.
Vincent st
wCowan & Grove, 199 St. Vincent st
Cowan, R. Maitland, 199 St. Vin-
cent street
Couper, S. S. 212 St. Vincent st
mCowan, Clapperton, & Barclay,
91 West Regent st
Craig, Archibald, M.A. LL.B. (of
Scott, Craig, & Brown), 156 St.
Vincent st
nCraig, D. (of Craig & Risk), 176
W. George street
Craig & Risk, 176 W. George st
Craig, Wm. 10 Hamilton street,
reCraig, Wm. S.S.C. (of Paterson &
Crawford. A D. & Pattison, 191
West George st
Crawford, A. D. 191 W. George st
Crawford, Herron & Cameron, 104
W. Regent st
nCrawford, Jas. (of Crawford &
»Crawford, J. L. 146 W. Regent st
wCrawford & Laird, 163 West
George st
Crawford, Robt. 234 W. George st
Crawford & Shaw, 234 W. Geo. st
Crawford, T. (of Cullen & Craw-
^Crawford, W. B. 104 West
Regent st
wCroall, A. Wilkie, 219 Hope st
wCross, T. 176 St. Vincent st
Cullen & Crawford, 121 West
Regent st
Cullen, R. 139 St. Vincent street
«Cunliff & Anderson, 175 West
George st
nCunliff, R. J. M.A. LL.B. (of
Cunliff & Anderson), 175 West
George st
n Cunningham, Jas. 145 St. Vin-
cent st
Cunningham & Watson, 398 Vic-
toria road
Dallas, David, 94 W. Regent st
Dand, David (at Peattie, Macintyre
& Laird's)
Dick, A. jun., 176 W. George st
Dick, Quintin, & Robertson, 104
West Regent street
Dick, Stevenson & Muir, 176 W.
George st
wDickie, David U., M.A. B.L. (of
Dickie & Simons)
raDickie & Simons, 173 St. Vincent
Disselduff, Wm. jun. 196 St. Vin-
cent street
Dixon, Erskiue, & Grieve, 179 W.
George street
Doak, Robt. A. M.A. B.L. 100 W.
Regent street
Dodds, Walter D. 219 Hope st
wDonald, Alex, (of Donald, Binnie
& Tennent), 237 W. George st
Donald, Archd. H. (of M'Grigor,
Donald & Co.)
Donald, Binnie & Tennent, 237 W.
George street
DonaldsoD, Alex. 50 W Regent st
^Donaldson, Alexander, & Kirk-
lac d, 97 West Regent st
wDonaldson, Jas 97 W. Regent st
ftDougall, F. G. 167 Canning st
Douglas, John W. 136 Wellington
Downie, Alton & Aiton, 115 St.
Vincent st
raDrummond, A. S., M.A. 163 St.
Vincent street
Drummond, John, 203W. George st
Dunbar, Jas. 24 George square
Duncan, Hugh, M.A. LL.B. (of
Rus8ell & Duncan), 175 West
George st
Duncan, James D. 211 Hope st
^Duncan & Morrison, 211 Hope st
Dunlop & Macquisten, 134 St
Vincent st
nDunlop, R. M. 136 Wellington st
Dunlop, Robt. (of Dunlop & Mac"
quisten), 134 St. Vincent st
Dykes, Thomas, M.A. LL.B. 118
West Regent st. and 958 Govan
road, Govan
nEdmiston, Jas. H. 128 Hope st
wEdmiston & Love, 128 Hope st
wErbkine, Jn. 179 West George st
wEspie, Geo. S.S.C. 203 Hope st
wFaulds, W. B. & Gibson, 98
Bath street
Fenton, Jas. H. Town Clerk's office,
78 Cochrane st
wFergnson, Alexr. Bell (of Rankin
& Ferguson), 157 St. Vincent st
Ferguson, A, F., & J. 139 St. Vin-
cent street
reFerguson, Archd. (of A FcrgusOE
& J. T. T. Brown)
nFerguson, A. & J. T. T. Brown,
97 West Regent st
wFerguson, F. P. R. (of A. F. & J.
Ferguson, 139 St. Vincent st)
nFerguson, John Forbes (of Brown
& Ferguson), 138 W. Geo. st
Ferguson, John L. B.L. (of A. F.
& J. Ferguson)
Ferguson, Wm. B.L. 104 W. Geo. st
re Findlay, Jas. M.A. 41 W. George
Findlay, Wm. (of Turnbull &
Findlay), 133 St. Vincent st
Finlayson & Auld, 2 1 3 W. George
reFisher, Donald (of Logie & Fisher)
Fleming, A. J. M.A. LL.B. 241
St. Vincent st
^Fleming, James, LL.B. (of
M'Callum & Fleming)
nFleming, Jas. B. 241 St. Vincent
re Fleming, John, 241. St. Vincent st
^Fleming, Wm. Geo. (of MitcheD
& Fleming), 163 St. Vine, st
Forbes, A. (of Moir & Forbes)
Forbes, Robertson & Lillie, 132
W. Regent st
Forgan, D. L. 302 Bnchanan st
Forsyth & Couper, 212 St. Vin. st
Forsyth, James, 212 St. Vincent st
Foubister, T. M. Town-Clerk's
office, 78 Cochrane st
reFoulis, S. 140 Hope st
Frame & Macdonald, 149 Hope st
reFrance, C. (of Bannatyues, Kirk-
wood, France & Co.), 145 West
George st
Fulton, Jas. S. 131 W. Regent st
Fife, Wm. 225 W. George st
reFyfe, A. Peden, 135 St. Vincent
reFvfe, H. B., B.L. (of MacLean.
Fyfe & MacLean), 115 St. Vin-
cent st
reGalbraith, Jno. S. 69 St. Vin. st
Galbraith, John S. & M'Gill, 69
St. Vincent st
Galbraith & Macpherson, 128
Hope street

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