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Annan, Wm. 112 W. Regent st
Annan, W. E. & A. J. 112 W.
Regent street
Armour, Wm. 5 St. Vincent place
Aspin, A. Herbert (of Wyllie &
Aapin), 105 W. George st
Auld, John, 93 W. Regent street
raAuld, M. Boyd. 69 St. Vine, st
wAuld, R. R. (Firm, Fiulayson &
Baird, Allan F. (of Jameson,
Maclae & Baird)
wBaird, John (of Torrance &
Baird), 125 W. Regent st
a Baird & Stilling, 133 St. Vincent
Baird, Wm. 83 W. Regent st
n Baird, Wm. (of M'Lean, Baird &
Baird, Wm. (of Baird & Stirling),
133 St. Vincent st
Baird, Wm. D. 87 Uuion st
Baird, Wm. S. 157 St. Vincent st
Baird, Wm. & Co. 83 W. Regent
Ballantine, John F. (of Brock &
Ballantine), 58 Bath st
nBannatyne, And. M. (of Banna-
tyne, Kirkwood, France & Co.)
Bannatyne, James (of Anderson &
nBannatyne, Kirkwood, France &
Co., 145 West George st
wBannatyne, Mark (of Bannatyne,
Kirkwood, France & Co. )
Barclay, Robert Francis, LL.B. (of
Cowan, Clapperton, & Barclay)
Barr, Henry (of Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson, & Co.), 45 W. George
Barr, Patrick, 51 Bath street
wBarr, Robert (of Barr & Scott),
105 W. George st
Barr & Scott, 105 W. George st
Barra3, Geo. W. (of Brodie &
Barrie, James, 97 Buchanan st
ttBarrie, Wm. (of Kerr & Barrie),
149 St. Vincent st
?jBeckett, Chas. E. M.A. LL.B. 1G3
St Vincent st
wBeckett, Wm. M.A. (of Brown-
lie, Watson & Beckett)
Begg, Wm. J. 150 Hope st
Bell, Thos. (at Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson & Co.). 45 W. George
«Bell, T. S. 194 West George st
Biggart & Lumsden, 105 W. Geo.st
Biggart, Thos. (Biggart & Lums-
den), 105 W. George st
Binnie, David DreKhorn, M.A.
LL.B. 237 West George st
uBird, David, & Son, 58 Renfield
reBird, Rob. (of David Bird & Son)
58 Renfield street
?«Bishop, J. & J. C. & Milne Boyd,
156 St. Vincent st
rcBishop, Jas. C. LL.B. (of J. &
J. C. Bishop & Milne Boyd),
156 St. Vincent st
Black, A. C. (of M-Grigor,
Donald, & Co.)
Black, Honeyman, &Monteath, 88
West Regent st
Black, H. J. V26 W. George st
Black, Wm. Geo. (of Black, Honey-
roan, & Monteath)
«Black, W. P. M. B.L. 136 Wel-
lington st
Blair, James, 144 W. Regent st
Blytb, D. (of Smillie & Blyth),
65 Bath st
Borland, King, & Shaw, 142 St.
Vincent street
^Borland, Wm. 142 St. Vincent st
Bowers, J. City Chambers
Boyd, Herbert Cameron, M.A.
LL.B. 136 Wellington st
Boyd, Jas. 190 St. Vincent st
Boyd, J. & J. & Miller, 190 St.
Vincent st
raBoyd, J. Milne (of J. & J. C.
Bishop & Milne Boyd), 156 St.
Vincent st
Boyd, R. Clement (of Mackay &
Boyd), 82 W. Regent st
Boyes & Ferguson, 104 W. Geo. st
Boyes, Thos. J. G. 104 West
George st
Bradley, Geo. 108a W. Regent st
Breeze, Paterson & Chapman, 107
Bath st
Bremner, Robt. L., M.A., B.L. 11
West Regent street
Broadfoot, D. Sinclair, 178 St. Vin-
cent st.
Brock & Ballantine, 58 Bath st
Brock, J. C. (of Brock & Ballan-
tine), 58 Bath st
reBrodie, Robert (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St.
Vincent street
wBrodie, Wm. (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St.
Vincent street
Brough, John, 131 W. Regent st
Brough & MLaren, 131 W. Regent
Brown, Alex. 143 W. Regent st
Brown, Alex. R. Sheriff Chambers
Brown, Dunlop, & Lindsay, 87 W.
Regent st
Brown & Ferguson, 138 W. George
Brown & Gilfillan, 109 St. Vincent
wBrown, J. T. T. (of A. Ferguson
& J. T. T. Brown)
Brown, John B. M.A. LL.B.
(of Brown & Gilfillan), 109 St.
Vincent street
Brown, J. A. 208 St. Vincent st
Brown, Mair, Gemmill, & Hislop,
162 St. Vincent st
wBrown, Richard (of Brown &
Ferguson), 138 W. George st
wBrown, R. (of Scott, Craig, &
Brown), 166 St. Vincent st
Brown, Thomas Stark, 162 St.
Vincent st
wBrown, Walter R., B.L. 227 West
George street
Brown, Wm. & Co. 93 Hope st
n Brown, Wm. L. 41 W. George st
Brownlie, Alex. 227 Hope street
Brownlie, Archd. 147 St. Vincent at
wBrownlie, John, 136 Hope st
nBrownlie, Watson, & Beckett, 225
West George st
Bruce, David, M.A. LLB. (of
Mitchell & Bruce), 49 West
George st
Brunton, W. LL.B. (of Brunton &
Miller), 48 W. Regent st
Brunton & Miller, 48 W. Regent st
Bryden & Gray, 102 Bath st
Bryden, R. Lockhart, B.L. (of
Bryden & Grav), 102 Bath st
«Buchan, W. M. 189 St. Vin-
cent street
Buchanan, W. Connell, 93 Hope st
Burns, Aiken, & Co. 201 W. Geo.
Byrne, Chas. 122 Wellington st
Cairns, John A. S.S.C. 183 St.
Vincent st
Cameron, A. Alston, 28 Bath st
Cameron, George J. 104 West
Regent street
Cameron, Nicol F. 220 St. Vincent-
Cammoek, Wm. (at W. E. & A. J.
Campbell, Ales, (of Mackenzie,
Roberton & Co.), 176 St. Vine,
Campbell, Angus (of Angus Camp-
bell & M'Kenzie), 48 W. Regent
Campbell, ADgus, & M'Kenzie,
48 West Regent st
wCampbell, Archd. (of Thomson &
Campbell), 113 W. Regent st
Campbell, Clement Moscrip (of
Gordon Smith & Parker)
Campbell, Hugh, 173 St. Vine, st
Campbell, Jas. M. 108a W. Regent
street, Glasgow
Campbell, John, 173 St. Vine, st-
Campbell, Robt. (of Todd & Camp-
Campbells & Prentice, 173 St.
Vincent st
Carson, R. G. 120 Bath street
Canick & Glen, 12 Blythswood sq
Carrick, J. S. 12 Blythswood sq
Carruthers & Gemmill, 62 Baih st
n Carruthers, H. S. (of Carruthers
& Gemmill), 62 Bath st
nCarswell, R. (of Williamson &
wChalmers, Hugh, D.D. 112 Wel-
lington st
Chalmers, James R. (of Wilson &

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