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Paton, Mrs, 44 Rosemount place
Pickard, Mrs, 47 Richmond st.
Prosser, Mrs, 76 Chapel street
Rae, Mrs, 170 Crown street
Rennie, Miss, 4 Dee street
Reid, Mrs, 41 Dee street
Reid, Mrs, 19 St. Clement st.
Rezin, Mrs, 31 Adelphi
Rigg, Mrs, 8 Crimon place
Robb, Mrs, 5 Netherkirkgate
Robbie, Mrs Jas. , Alves Cottage,
19 Mount street
Roberts, Miss, 2 Chapel street
Robertson, Mrs A., 12 Urquhart
Robertson, Mrs, 2 Crimon place
Robertson, Mrs, 49 Frederick st.
Ross, Mrs, 5 East North street
Ross, Miss, 2 Crown terrace
Royal, Mrs Geo. , 8 Castle street
Rust, Mrs, 2 Bon- Accord street
Sangster, Mrs, 170 Crown street
Saunders, Mrs, 49 Rosemount pi.
Scorgie, Mrs, 37 Watson street
Scott, Mrs, 9 Crimon place
Shand, Mrs, 65 Esslemont avenue
Sharp, Mrs, 27 Jute street
Sim, Mrs, 97 Skene street
Simpson, Mrs, 21^ Union terrace
Skinner, Mrs, 62 Powis place
Skinner, Mrs, 32 Union terrace
Smart, Miss, 103 Union street
Smith, Mrs John, 11 View ter.
Smith, Mrs, 75 Park street
Smith, Miss, 2 South Silver st.
Smith, Miss, 31 Charlotte street
Souter, Mrs, 34 Skene street
Stephen, Mrs, 4 King street pi.
Stephen, Mrs, 18 Crown street
Stewart, Mrs, 166 Crown street
Stewart, Mrs C, 18 Craigie st.
Stewart, Mrs, 34 Bridge street
Still, Miss, 66 St. Nicholas st.
Strachan, Miss, 4 St. Mary's pi.
Stuart, Mrs, 10 St. Mary's place
Sutherland, Mrs, 104 King street
Sutherland, Mrs, 4 Bridge street
Sy miners, Mrs, 158 Crown street
Symon, Miss, 64 Rose street
Taylor, Mrs, 75 Union street
Thomson, M. , 4 Thistle street
Thomson, Mrs, 61 Dee street
Thomson, Mrs, 68 Rose street
Thomson, Mrs, 20 Craigie street
Thomson, Mrs S., 181 a Union st.
Urquhart, Miss, 27 Albert ter.
Warrack, Miss, 146 Crown street
Watson, Mrs W., 255 Union st.
Watson, Mrs, 12 Urquhart road
Watt, Mrs, 61 St. Nicholas st.
Whyte, Mrs, 108 King street
Wilson, Mrs, 34 George street
Wood, Miss, 2 St. Mary's place
Wright, Mrs, 48 St. Nicholas st.
Wyness, Mrs, 86 Skene square
Wyness, Mrs, 37 Thistle street
Yeats, Mrs John, 64 Dee street
Young, Mrs, 38 Summer street
Malt Roasters.
Strachan. J., & Sons, Gilcomston
Mangle Manufacturers.
Reid, James, & Sons, 58 John st.
Margarine Manufacturers.
Lyon, Alex., 194 J George street
Williamson & Simpson, 79 Wales
See Builders.
See Millers.
Medical Electricians.
Packer, T. H., & Sargent, 75
Union street
Spark, Alex., 265b George st.
Metal Merchants.
Lawson & Turnball, 12 Meal-
market street
King, David, & Son, 50 Castle st.
Metal Refiner.
Rice, Robert, 61 Commerce st.
See Sick Nurses.

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