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Millers and Mealsellers.
Those marked * are Millers.
* Aberdeen Flour Mills Co. , Lim. ,
Cotton street
*Alexander, James, Lower Jus-
tice Mills
* Clark Brothers, 15 Guild street
and 13 West North street
*Dalgarno, Wm., Spring Garden
*Davidson, Wm., 12 and 14 Com-
merce street
*Donald, James, 14 and 16 Wel-
lington place
* Fraser, John, Upper Justice
Forsyth, Alex., 10 Holburn st.
*Gavin, John, jun., Birsack
Mills warehouse, 196 George
Jamieson, George, 59 Schoolhill
*Kemp & Walker, 4 St. Cathe-
rine's wynd
Langlands, R., 189 Gallowgate
*Leith, Hugh, 83 George street
'""Lindsay's Trustees, City Flour
Mills, 73 Cause way end
*Manson & Co., Bon-Accord
Flour Mills, Cotton street
Marr, Alex., 13 and 15 John st.
*Mess, J. (Trustees of), 12 Vir-
ginia street
*Milne Brothers, 10 Guild street
*Nor. Co. -op. Co., Millbank
Scorgie, Wm. , 7 Rose street
*Strachan, John, & Sons, Gil-
comston Mills
*Thomson, John, 52 Queen st.
Watt, George, 64 Basement,
* White, John F., 107 King st.
Wilson, Isaac, 14 West North st.
Wilson, James, k Son, 7 School-
Milliners and Dressmakers.
Alexander, Mrs, 270 Union street
and 2 Summer street
Allan, Mrs A., 71 John street
Allan, Misses, 239 George street
Anderson, Mrs, 86 Crown street
Baillie, Mrs, 3a Holburn street
Beaton, Mrs, 66 Park street
Beaton, Misses, 8 Ferryhill ter.
Bennet, Miss, 80 Queen street
Benzie, Mrs, 18 Ferryhill terrace
Bowie, Mrs, 2| Baker street
Brewster, Mrs, 2 Wales street
Brown, Mrs, 20 South Mount st.
Brownlee, Miss M. B., 4 Mary
Bruce, Miss, 3 Little Chapel st.
Bruce, Miss, 18 Waverley place
Bruce, Miss A., 40 Holburn st.
Buist, Miss, 18 George street
Calder, Mrs, 31 Frederick street
Campbell, Mrs, 8 South Mount
Cassie, Miss, 19 St. Nicholas st.
Catto, Miss, 40 Charles street
Clark, Mrs, 10 Wellington place
Coutts, Miss M., 17 Hutcheon
Craig, Miss, 55 Thistle street
Crane, Miss, 11 Diamond street
Croll, Mrs Alex., 137 Skene st.
Cruickshank, Miss B. , 116 Chapel
Davidson, Misses, 65 Queen st.
Davidson, Miss, 5 Whitehouse st.
Dawson, Mrs, 20 Kintore place
Dinnie, Miss, 117 George street
Donald, Miss, 70 Rose street
Drummond, Miss, 20 Bank street
Duff, Miss, 54 Summer street
Dunbar, Mrs, 11 Causeway end
Duncan, Miss, 37 Market street
Duncan, Miss, 4 Granton place
Duncan, Misses, Southbridge
Dunn, Miss, 22 Prospect terrace
Dyker, Miss, 47 St. Nicholas st.
Ellis, Miss Isabella, 10 Skene
Fraser, Mrs, 18 Skene street
Fraser, Miss, 172 Crown street
Gordon, Miss, 29 Union street
Halcrow, Miss, 126 George street
Hay, Misses, 26 Rosemount place
Herriot, Miss, 9 Canal terrace
Hogg, Miss, 50 Whitehouse st.

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