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Farquhar, Mrs F., 13 Nelson st.
Findlay, Miss A., 18 Craigie st.
Fife, Mrs, 4 Frederick street
Forbes, Mrs, 3 Gray's buildings,
Forbes, Miss, 7 Granton place
Forsyth, Mrs, 86J Crown street
Fraser, Mrs, 168 Crown street
Fraser, Miss M., 9 Little Bel-
mont street
George, Mrs James, 57 Park st.
Gerrie, Miss, 57 Regent quay
Gerrie, Miss, 29 Union street
Gollan, Mrs, 6 Black's buildings
Gordon, Mrs J., 51| Bon- Accord
Gordon, Mrs M. F., 158 Crown
Gordon, Mrs, 20 Belmont street
Gordon, Miss, 37 Market street
Gray, Mrs, 28 Skene terrace
Greig, Mrs, 172 Crown street
Hart, Mrs, 11 Bon-Accord street
Henderson, Mrs A., 49 Bon- Ac-
cord street
Henderson, Mrs, 155 Skene st.
Henderson, Mrs, 2 Springbank
Henderson, Mrs, 12 Castle street
Hood, Mrs, 30 Dee street
Hogg, Miss, 18 Bon- Accord st.
Howie, Mrs, 1 Belgrave terrace
Howitt, Mrs, 37 Littlejohn st.
Hunter, Mrs, 22 Bridge street
Hutcheon, Mrs, 56 Union street
Imray, Miss, 193 Union street
Jamieson, Mrs, 74 Hutcheon st.
Jamieson, Miss, 94 Skene street
Jopp, G., 4 Blackfriars street
Kelman, Mrs A., 98 Chapel st.
Kemp, Mrs, 3 King's crescent
Kennedy, Mrs, 85 Crown street
Lawrence, Mrs, 20J Silver street
Lees, Mrs J. , 225 King street
Leslie, Mrs, 1 1^ Correction wynd
Leslie, Miss, 12 Portland street
Levie, Mrs T., 19 Marischal st.
Lister, Mrs, 66 St. Nicholas st.
Lobban, Miss, 8 Summer street
Loggie, Mrs, 68 George street
Low, Miss, 9 Victoria street
Lumsden, Mrs, 74 John street
Lumsden, Miss M. A., 29 Dee st.
Lumsden, Miss, 10 Margaret st.
M 'Donald, Mrs, 12 Constitution
M 'Donald, Mrs, 72 Catherine st.
M 'Hardy, Mrs, 3 Mary place
M 'Hardy, Mrs, 2 Stafford street
M'lver, Miss, 51 Bon -Accord st.
M'Lachlan, Mrs John, 24 Craigie
M'Naughton, Mrs, 83 Skene sq.
M 'Robbie, Mrs, 3 King's square
M'Tavish, Mrs, 174 Crown street
M'William, Mrs, 174 Crown st.
M 'William, Miss, 69 Crown st.
Mackintosh, Miss, 4 Dee street
Macaldowie, Mrs, 163 Crown st.
Maconachie, Mrs, 167 Skene st.
Mair, Mrs, 24 Dee street
Marshall, Mrs J., 259 Union st.
Martin, Mrs, 2 Carmelite street
Mathewson, Misses, 25 Union st.
Mathieson, Mrs, 11 Union bdgs.
Melvin, Mrs E., 30 Rose street
Mennie, Mrs, 24 Union place
Merchant, Mrs, 8 Schoolhill
Merchant, Miss, 279 George st.
Merrilees, Mrs, 1 Hill street
Middleton, Mrs, 21 Mary well st.
Middleton, Miss, 53 Huntly st.
Milne, Mrs Capt., 51 Chapel st.
Milne, Mrs, 45 Skene terrace
Milne, Mrs W., 147 Union street
Milne, Mrs ¥m,, 4 Craibstone
street east
Milne, Mrs, 16 Carmelite street
Milne, Mrs, 27 Marywell street
Milne, Miss, 13 Craigie street
Mitchell, Mrs, 1 Adelphi
Mitchell, Mrs, 16 Holburn road
Mollison, Mrs, 39 Chapel street
Moir, Mrs, 21 6 Union street
Moir, Miss, 41 Baker street
Morgan, Mrs, 27a George street
Morgan, Miss, 41 J Union street
Murray, Mrs, 188 George street
Myles, Mrs, 36 Union street
Napier, Mrs, 30 Belmont street

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