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PatuUo, Alexander, baker, Murraygate
Park, Mungo, clerk to excise, Seagate and Cowgate
Parker, Rev. Gavine, VVellgate
Peat, Robert, manufacturer, Murraygate
Pelican Assurance Co. David Miln, agent, do.
Penman, Robert, blockmaker. Shore
Pennycook, David, flesber, eastside Hillton
Perth Steam-packets — see pages 58-9
Peter, John, merchant, Bain square and Springhill
Peter, Thomas, taiior, Highstreet
Peters, Rev. Dr. Miln's buildings, Nethergate
Petrie, James, grocer, Westport
Petrie, David, shoemaker, Overgate
Petrie, Andrew, manufacturer, Baltic street
Petrie, James do. Kingstreet
Petrie, William do. Wellgate
Pettie, John, weaver, Cowgate
Philip, David, manufacturer, do.
Philips, A. shipmaster, VVellgate
Phoenix Assurance Co. John G. Russell, agent, do,
Pitcairn, Alexander, southside Nethergate
Pitcairn, Andrew, eastside Tay Street
Pitcairn, William, wine-merchant, Burnhead
Pitcairn, Thomas, surgeon, Murraygate
Pitcaithly, Thomas, corn-merchant, Highstreet
Pierie, Alexander, painter, Butcher-row
Pierie, Alexander, manufacturer, Coupar's Alley
Pierie, James, writer, St. Clement's lane
Pierson, George, umbrella-maker, Nethergate
Pitkethly, Robert, glass and stoneware mercht. English
Playfair, Thomas, brewer, top of Seagate [Chapel
Pope, David, grocer, Overgate
Pope, Daniel, church-beadle, do.
Porter, David, grocer, Overgate
Porter, James, vintner, Hawkhill
Post-Office, New Inn Entry, Highstreet
Powrie, William, merchant, Chapelshade
Powrie, Thomas, do. Wellgate
Powrie, Robert, shoemaker, Overgate
Powrie, Alexander, cow-feeder, do.
Prain, Robert, brewer, Thorter-row
Preston, James, baker and manufacturer, Chapelshade
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