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Nicol, James, jun. manufacturer, Scouringburn
Nicol, James & Son do. Kingstreet
Nicol, David, mealseller, Seagate-port
Nicol, David, shipmaster, Ciichtonstreet
Nicol, Robert, grocer, near English Chapel, Highstreet
Nicol, Robert, smith, south side of do. do.
Nicol, Peter, cabinet-maker, School-wynd
Nicol, Mrs. milliner, near foot of Taystreet, Nethergat6
Niramo, Patrick, M.D. Taystreet
Nimmo, M. surgeon, near Meadow Entry, Murraygate
Nimrao, Mrs. grocer and cloth-raercht. do.
Norie, John, joint-manager, D. & P. Union Ship. Co. Shore
North British Assurance Co. Henry Bell, agent, do.
Nucator, Andrew, gardener. Blackness-road
Ogilvie, John, manufacturer, Rosebank
Ogilvie, John do. Wellgate
Ogilvie, John Sc Son, writers, New Inn Entry, Highstreet
Ogilvie, James, writer, do. and Park-place, Nethergate
Ogilvie, James, shoemaker, South Taystreet
Ogilvie, James, ship-owner, Castlestreet
Ogilvie, William do. Craig
Ogilvie, William, brewer, Fishmarket
Ogilvie, Alexander, surgeon, Perth-road
Ogilvie, Alex, rope and sail maker, Fishmarket and do.
Ogilvie, George, opposite Crichtonstreet, Highstreet
Ogilvie, Archibald, clothier do.
Ogilvie & Co. druggists. Town-house
Old Bank Office, east side of Castlestreet
Onions, Joseph, broker, Nethergate
Operative Lodge, Guillan's close, Overgate
Orquhart, James, shoemaker, Nethergate
Ouchterlony, David, merchant, do.
Pandrich, William, manufacturer, Blackness-road
Paterson, James, vintner, Kingstreet
Paterson, James do. eastside Hillton
Paterson, James, town-bellman, Highstreet
Paterson, William, hairdresser, Fishstreet
Paterson, AVilliam, gardener. Shepherd's loan
Paterson, Misses, dressmakers, English Chapel
Paton, James & Son, manufacturers, Perth-road
Paton, 'William, shipmaster, Murraygate
Patullo, Peter do. Seagate
PatuUo; Wm. grocer, foot of Taystreet, Nethergate

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