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Proctor, William, merchant, Coupar's Alley
Procurator-Fiscal, David M'Ewen, writer, Highstreet
Proven, John, vintner, Hawkhill
Pryde, George, brewer, Seagate
Pryde, David do. top of Schoolwynd, Overgate
pryde, David, shoemaker, Barrackstreet
pryde, John, tailor do.
Public rooms to let — see page 40
PuUar, James, sen. baker, Murraygate
Pullar, James, jun. do. do.
Pullar, John do. Overgate
Radley, William, superintejadent Lunatic Asylum, Forfar
Radley, Mrs. matron do. do. [road
Rait, David, vintner, Perth-road
Ramsay, Alex. M.D,. Taystreet
Ramsay, Robert, brewer, Overgate
Ramsay, James, flaxdresser, Taystreet
Rankine, David & Co. Perth-road
Rattray, Rev. William, Seagate
Rattray, David, brewer, Overgate
Rattray, David, grocer, westside Hillton
Rattray, Thomas, tobacconist, Overgate
Rattray, Thomas, brewer, Seagate
Rattray, Ebenezer, hair-dresser, Kingstreefe
Rea, Mrs. brewer, Seagate
Rea, E. confectioner, Murraygate
Reid, Alex, merchant, Shore, and Whiteleys, Nethergate
Reid, Alex, bookseller and confectioner, opposite Ex-
Reid, William, turner, Murraygate [change door
Reid, William, renovator of gentlemen's clothes, Witch-
Reid, William, wright. Small's wynd [knowe, West-port
Reid, William, builder (from Lochee)
Reid, John, manager, East Spinning-mill, West Wards
Reid, James, barber, eastside Hillton
Reid, James, house and sign painter, Barrackstreet
Reid, James, manufacturer, Scouringburn
Reid, David, wright do.
Reid, Thomas, Lion tavern, Castlestreet
Relief Meeting-house, southside Seagate
Rennie, James, smith, VVitch-knowe
Rentoul, Alex, shipmaster, Wellgate
Reoch, Alex, grocer, westside Hillton
Rhind, Alex, draper, Highstreet

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