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Fk Myrtle Pk.& Villas, off Cathcartrd.,Crossh. 19.
F k Myrtle Park Terrace, Albert road, E. 19.
E Myrtle Street, off St. George's road. 13,
O i Nabum St., Cumberland st. & Caledonia rd. 16.
C g Nairn Street, off Old Dumbarton road, York-
hill. 11.
E e Nansen St., f. Garscube road to Kerr street. 13.
B h Napier Street, Govan. 24.
Ef Napiershall Street, from Great Western road to
Henderson street. 13
Fff National Bank Lane, off St. Vincent street. 10
H g Necropolis, east of Cathedral square. 4.
K i Necropolis (Eastern), Gt. Eastern road. 2,
G j Necropolia (Southern), Caledonia road. 15.
K k Neilson Terrace, Parkhead. 2.
Fi Nelson St., Tradeston.f. Bridge St. to West St. 17.
Ih Nelson St., E., from Gallowg. to E. Miller st. 2,
D/ Nelson Ter., Wilson st. to Glasgow st., Hillh. 12.
C m Netherauld Road, PoUokshaws. 20.
E m Netherby Place, New Cathcart. 19.
Eh Netherfield Street, off Duke street. 2.
Netherlee, near Cathcart. 19.
A c Netherton Street, Crow road, Temple.
Dy Newark Drive, Pollokshields, 18.
CyNew Bridge Street, from Argyle street to
Dumbarton road, Partick. 23.
Hk NewSt.,Calton,f. E. Russell st. to CaltOD cross. 3
/ 1 New Street, Rutherglen. 22.
6 h New Wynd, f. 119 Trongate to Osborne st. 10
F f New City Rd., f. Cowcaddens st. to Gairbraid st.
From Cowcaddens to St. George's road, Nos.
1 to 231 and 2 to 220, 9 ; from St. George's
road westwards, 13.
I j New Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton. 1.
Kk New Farme PL, off Farmeloan rd., Rug'len. 22
D h Newfield Lane, off South Kinning place. 17.
H J Newhall St., east end of Main St., Bridgeton. 3
H j Newhall Terrace, Greenhead. 3.
Em Newlands Crescent and Terrace, Cathcart. 19.
A d Newlands Drive, off Apsley st., ParticL 23.
D m Newlands Road and Terrace, f. Kilmarnock road
to Cathcart. 19.
Newlands Terrace, Crow road, Partick. 23.
Eg Newton Place, Sauchiehall street. 12.
Cf Newton Street, Partick. 23.
A g Newton St., f. Sauchiehall st. to Bath street. 11.
Eg Newton Terrace, Sauchiehall st., f. Granville
street to Elderslie street. 11.
O h Nicholas St., f. High st. to Shuttle st. 10.
Fh Nicholson St., f. Carlton pi. to Norfolk st. 17.
2) I Niirel Gardens, f. Peveril av. to Durward av. 20.
D g Nightingale Place, 4 to 30 Kelvinhaugh st. 11.
A i Nimmo Drive, Craigton, Govan. 24.
L i Nisbet Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2.
S! k Nithsdale Drive, fr. PoUokshaws road to Niths-
dale road. 18.
D k Nithsdale Gardens, Minard rd., Orossmyloof 19.
C i Nitbadale Place, Paisley road. 25.
Ej Nithsdale Place, Leven street, Pollokshields. 18.
D j Nithsdale Road, f. PoUokshaws road toDumbreck
road. 18.
E k Nithsdale Street, Strathbungo. 18.
F Norfield Drive, back of Mt. Annan drive. 19.
F Norfolk Lane, from Norfolk street to Bedford
street. 17.
F i Norfolk Street, Laurieston, f. Bridge street to
Main St., Gorbals. 17.
F i Norfolk Court, off Norfolk street. 17.
D k Norham Street, off Frankfort street. 19.
Ff Normal Place, 43 to 83 Garscube road. 9.
F t Norman Lane, off New Keppochhill road. 7.
I j Norman Street, off Adelphi st., Bridgeton. 1.
A 6 Norse Road, f. Lennox avenue to Moray avenue,
Scotstoun. 26.
C J North Albert Drive, off Albert drive, Pollok-
shields, W. 18.
G h North Albion Court, 41 North Albion street. 10.
G h North Albion St., f. George st. to Ingram st. 10.
B e North Avenue Road, continuation of Avenue
road. 6.
North Bank Terrace, Kelvinside north. 13.
H e North Bedlay Street, off Mollinsbum st. 6.
F g North British Railway Station, Dandas street
and George square. 10.
Ff Northburn Street, off Crossbum street. 9.
Ef North Canal Bank St., fr. Speirs Wharf North
to Old Keppochhill rd. 7.
D g North Claremont Street, from Royal Crescent to
Royal Terrace. 12.
F g North Court, Royal Exchange, f. 22 Exchange
square to St. Vincent place. 10.
ff g North Craigpark Street, f. Alexandra Parade to
Townmill road. 4.
Fh North Drive St., f. St. Enoch sq toDunlopst. 10
Norih Elder St., Fairfield, off Govan rd. 24.
Fh North Exchange Court, St. Vincent place and 22
Royal Exchange square. 10.
B e North Gardner Street, off Hyndland Road. 23.
G g North Oswald Street, off Parliamentary road. 8
E e North Park St., f. New City rd. to Firhill rd. 13.
D e North Park Terrace, Hamilton drive. 12.
H h North Prison, Duke street. 4.
F h North Queen Street, N.W. side George sq. 10.
G h North St Mungo Street, from Stirling road to
Parliamentary road. 8.
Eg North Street, Anderston. 11.
H d North St., off Avenue road, Springburn. 6.
4/ North Street, Whiteinch. 23.
D e Northumberland Street, between Kelbourne and
Percy streets, Mary hill. 14.
G g North lire Place, west end of Rottenrow. 10.
G g North Wallace Street, off Parliamentary rd. 8.'
E e North Watson Street, off Garscube road. 13.
Ef North Woodside Rd., f Garscube rd, to Woodside.
Do. from Garscube road to St. George's road
(Nos. 1 to 93 and 2 to 104). 9.
Do. west of St. George's road. 13.
A d Northland Drive, off Dane's dr., Scotstoun. 26.
D e Norwood Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 12.
Ee Nerval Place, Raeberry street. 13.
Bf Norva! Street, off Crow road. 23.
/ j Nuneaton Street, from London to Dalmarnock
roads. 1.
Ek Nursery St., off Nithsdale dr., Strathbungo. 18
D g Oak St., f. Stobcross st. to Cranston st. 11.
Ee Oakbank Lane, off Garscube rd., Springbank. 13.
E e Oakbank Street, off Garscube road. 13.
Oakbank Terrace, off Garscube rd. 13.
E g Oakfield Place, Douglas st. and Jane st. 10.
D f Oakfield Terrace, Wilson street, Billhead. 12. ■

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