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D m Millbrae Crescent, off Millbrae road 19.
D m Millbrae Crescent lane, off Millbrae rd. 19.
D m Millbrae Rd,, f. Langside Monu. to R. Cart 19.
// Millburn Street, from Townmill road to Canal, 4 ;
from Canal northwards, 5.
Millcroft, Rutherglen road. 16.
h Miller's Place from King at to Saltmarket. 10.
F h Miller Street, from Argyle st. to Ingram st. 10.
D I Millar Street, Shawlands. 20,
/ h Miller Street, East. 2.
Bf Millar Street, off Hayburn street. 23.
K k Millar Terrace, Farme, Rutherglen. 22.
H e Millarbank St., off Keppochhill road and Spring-
burn road, Springburn. 6.
K g Millerfield Road, off Springfield road. 1.
Millholm. 19.
H h Millroad St., f. King st. to Abercromby st 3.
1 g Milnbank, Townmill road. 4.
A d Milner Drive, off .Southbrae drive. 25.
A d Milner Road, off Woodend drive.
F g Milton La., f. West Milton st. to Stewart st 9.
F f Milton St., from Cowcaddens to Debbie's loan.
Ff Milton St, f. Cowcaddens to Pt Dundas rd- 9.
Do. from Pt. Dundas rd. to Dobbie's In. 8.
A J Milton St, off Sawmill rd , Partick. 23.
D m Milton Terrace, Langside. 19.
B e Minard Avenue, off Minard road, Partick. 23.
B e Minard Road, off Hyndland road, Partick. 23.
D k Minard Rd., f. P'shaws rd. to Crossmyloof stn. 19.
B e Minard Terrace, Minard road, Partick. 23.
D g Minerva Street, head of Finnieston street 11.
Em Minto Avenue, Newlands. 19.
Minto Street, Govan 18.
Miriam Place, Shettleston. 21.
C d Mirrlees Dr., Bellshaugh and Redlands rds. 12.
Em Mitchell Drive, High Crossbill, Rutherglen. 22.
Fh Mitchell Lane, 81 Buchanan street to Mitchell
street 10.
F h Mitchell Street, fr. Argyle st. to Gordon st. 10.
/ I Mitchell Street, off Greenhill road, Rutherglen. 2 2.
A e Moffat Cottages, Elm street; Whiteinch. 23.
G h Moir Street, fr. London st. to Gallowgate. 3.
He Mollinsbum Street, off Springburn road. 5.
F i Moncrieff La., Oxford st. to Norfolk st. Gorbs. 17.
Ef Moncrieff Street, off Kelvin street 9.
H h Moncur Street, from Kent st to Green st 3.
H g Monkland St, f. Castle st. to Parliament, rd. 8.
J) m Monreith Rd., off Langside rd., Newlands. 1».
D m Monreith Rd., East, from Austin & M' Asian's
Nursery to Cathcart 19.
Dy Montague Street, off Great Western road. 12.
Be Montague Terrace, Hyndlandrd.,Kelvinside. 12
D /" Montague Terrace, Great Western road. 12.
G h Monteith Row, east of London street. 3.
G h Monteith Row Lane, off Binnie place. 3.
S j Monteith St., f. French st. to Webster st 1.
A e Montgomerie Cottages, off Camperdown road,
Scotstoun. 26.
B d Montgomerie Crescent, off Great Western road,
Kelvinside. 12
B d Montgomerie Drive, Kelvinside. 12.
A d Montgomerie Gardens, Scotstoun. 26.
B d Montgomerie Quadrant, Kelvinside. 12.
C e Montgomerie Street, f. Garrioch road to Queen
Margaret drive. 14.
Montgomery Road, off Merry lee road, Newlands.
/ i Montgomery Street, off London road. 1.
Fl Montgomery Terrace, Mount Florida. 19.
F/ Montgomery Ter., 292 to 344 Cathcart rd. 16.
A c Montgomery Terrace, Crow road. Temple.
G h Montrose Street, fr. Rottenrow to Grafton pi., 8.
Do., both sides, f. Ingram st. to Rottenrow, 10.
Fh Moodie's Court, 31 Argyle street. 10.
Fg Moore PI., 133 to 165 & 134 to 160 West George
street. 10.
B h Moore Street, from Gallowgate to Duke st 3.
A e Moray Avenue, f. Dumbaiton rd. to Camper-
down road. 26.
E k Moray Place, Regent park, Strathbungo. 18
C I Moray Place, off Regent street, Rutherglen. 22.
Ef Moray Place, 55 to 71 West Cumberland st 12.
/ i Mordaunt Place, off London road. 1.
rj Mordaunt St. Dalmarnock rd. to Baltic st. 1.
F k Morgan Street, off Robson street 16.
Em Morley Street, f. Holmlea rd. to Brisbane st.l9.
Gg Morrin Square, off Rottenrow. 8.
/ e Morrin St, f. Millarbank st. to Keppochhill rd. 6
S i Morris Place, Monteith row. 3.
K h Morrison's Court, 108 Argyle street. 10.
F h Morrison's Place, off West st, Tradeston. 17.
E i Morrison Place, off Porter street, Camlachie. 2.
L h Morrison Street, from West st. to Paisley rd. 17.
Eg Morrison Street, Govan. 24.
B c Morrison Street, off Kelvin st, Maryhill. 14.
D e Mortimer Street, off Percy street MaryhilL 14.
Ck Morton GdDs.,f.Titwoodrd. to Garberryrd. 20.
ff d Mosesfield Ter., Balgrayhill, Springburn. 6.
D I Moss Road, off PoUokshaws road. 19 and 20.
A g Moss Road, Linthouse, Govan. 24.
H g Moss St., f. Circus dr. to Alexandra parade. 4.
F e Moss Street, off Keppochhill road. 7.
Mossbank Parade, Millerston.
D I Moss Side Road, off PoUokshaws road, north
side, 19 ; south side, 20.
D / Mossview, Crossmyloof. 19.
Ee Mount Street, off North Woodside road. 13,
I i Mountainblue Street, off Crownpoint st. 2.
D e Mountstuart Street, between Stevenson and
Albert drives, Shawlands. 20.
F I Mount Annan Drive, Mount Florida. 19.
F I Mount Florida. 19.
If Mount Pleasant, off Garngad road.
D d Mowbray St, off Shakespeare st, Maryhill. 14.
H d Muir Street, off Rtid street, Springburn. 6.
Muirend Road and Gardens, Cathcart. 19.
E i Muirhead Place, 182 to 226 St James' street,
Kinning park. 18.
Fi Muirhead St, f. Adelphi st to Govan St. 17
B f Muirhead Street, from Anderson at. to Douglas
street, Partick. '23.
E j Muirhouse Lane, off Lilybank road. 18.
E j Muirhouse St., fr. P'shaws rd. o Barrland st 18.
F j Muirhouses, PoUokshaws road. 18.
Bf Muirpark Gardens, White st and Gardner at.,
Partick. 23.
Bf Muirpark St, off Gardner st., Partick. 23.
Li Muiryfauld Drive, off Gt Eastern road. 21.
A d Munro Road, off Woodend drive.
E e Murano Street, Firhill. 7.
H d Murdoch St., off Balgray Hill, Springburn. 6.
Kh Murray Place, Glasgow road, Rutherglen. 22.
D g Murray Street, off Parliamentary road. 8.
G d Murray Street, off Oran st., Maryhill. 14.
B h Murrow Park, Copeland road, Govan. 24.
B h Murrow Place, Govan. 2 i.
F g Muse Lane, f. Garscube lane to Stewart st. 9.
H i Muslin Street, f. Main street, Bridgeton, to New
Dalnfarnock ro^d. 1.

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