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Oakley Drive, Cathoart. 19,
/ h Oakley Terrace, off Westercraigs. 4.
D/ Oakvale, Hillh., f. Gibson st. to University av. 12.
G j Oatlands Square, oflF Gilmour street. 16.
G e Observatory Road^ff Byres road. 12.
Ocean Chambers, 190 West George street. 10.
J) I Octavia Terrace, Eastwood Avenue. 2(1.
Ff Old Basin, Port Dundas. North side, 7 ; south
side, 13.
Old Brickfield, Three Ell road. 18.
F I Old Cathcart Road, now King's Park rd. 19.
/_; Old Dalmarnock road, Bridgeton. 1.
C g Old Dumbarton Rd., west of Overnewton. 11.
L h Old Edinburgh Road, Parkhead. 2.
C g Old Kelvinhaugh Road, off Argyle st. 11.
G A Old Post-Office Court, 114Trongate. 10.
G h Old Wynd, f. 153 Trongate to Bridgegate. 10.
D / Olrig Terrace, Shields road, Pollokshields. 18.
T g Onslow Drive, f. Craigpark to Cumbernauld rd. 4.
Ig Onslow Square, off Onslow drive. 4.
D d Oran Street, off Gairbraid street, Maryhill. 14.
B h Orchard Place, Govan. 24.
Gj Orchard Street, from South York street to
Gilmour street. 15.
B f Orchard Street, off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 23.
B h Oriental Terrace, Govan. 24.
H i Orr St. , Mile-end f Canning st. to Broad st. 3.
H d Orrwell Street, off Raid street, Springburn. 6.
B f Osborne Place, Copeland road, Govan. 24.
F k Osborne Place, off Calder street, Govanhill. 16.
G h Osborne Street. 10.
B h Osborne Terrace, Copeland road, Govan. 24.
E m Osborne Villas, Cathcart. 19.
D m Ossian Road, off Newlands rd. 19.
A d Oswald Gardens, Scotstounhill. 26.
F k Oswald St., f. Argyle st. to Broomielaw quay. 10.
Fi Oswald St., f. Dalmarnock rd. to London rd. 1.
G g Oswald St., North, off Parliamentary road. 8.
A f Oswa'd Street and Place, Whiteinch. 23.
D e Otago St., Billhead, off Gt. Western rd. 12.
E I Overdale Avenue, off Battlefield road. 19.
E I Overdale Gardens, off Battlefield road. 19.
E I Overdale St., f. Millbrae rd. to Sinclair dr. 19.
E I Overdale Villas, Overdale street. 19.
E/ Overlaw Place, 471 New City road. 13.
Cg Overnewton Place, off Kelvinhaugh street. 11.
C g Overnewton Square, off Lumsden street. 11.
Cg Overnewton Street, off Dumbarton road. 11.
D e Oxford Dr., f. Cambridge dr. to Qu. Margaret dr.l3
F i Oxford Lane, f. Oxford st. to Norfolk st. 17.
Oxford Place, Shettleston. 21.
F k Oxford Street, f. Main street to Bridge st. 17.
D e Oxford Terrace, Oxford drive, Kelvinside. 13.
F h Paisley Road, fr. King st. to Gt. Wellington st.
No3. 1 to 395 and 2 to 402, 17 ; both sides
fr. St. James' street to Toll, 18.
Paisley Road, West, both sides to Municipal
boundary. 18.
Ci Paisley Road, West. North aide fr. No. 90,
westwards, to Whitefield road, 2-5: south
side fr. No. 145, westwards, to Whitefield
road, 25.
■ ' B i Paisley Road, both sides west of Whitefiel i
road to Broomloan road. 24.
K i Palace Street, off Edmiston street, Parkhead. 2
S e Palermo St., off Springburn rd., Springburn 6,
Ef Palm Street, off Cedar street. 13.
G g Palmerston Place, M'Aslin street. 8.
£J e Panmure Street, off Firhill road. 7.
Dy Park Avenue, off South Woodside Road. 12.
B h Park Buildings, Paisley road. West. 18.
Df Park Circus Pl.,f. Park Circus to Lynedoch pL 12
Df Park Circus, near West-end Park. 12.
Ae Park Corner, off Westland dr., Victoria Park 23,
Df Park Drive, West, off Park avenue. 12.
A g Park Drive Road, Govan. 24.
A f Park Drive, South, Victoria Park. 23.
D f Park Gardens, West-end park. 12
A e Park Gardens, North, Broomhill. 23.
A e Park Gardens, South, fr. Crow road to Balsha-
gray avenue. 23.
Df Park Gate, from Park terrace to Park circus,
West-end park. 1 2.
Parkgroye, 35 to 79 Park dr. S . Whiteinch. 23
D i Parkgrove Place, Paisley road, West. 25.
D g Parkgrove PL, 34 Gray St. and 37 Derby st. 1 2
D g Parkgrove Ter., f. Derby st. to Gray St. 12.
D i Parkgrove Terrace, Paisley road, west. 18.
/ Parkgrove Villas, Westland dr., Whiteinch. 23.
L i Parkhead, east of Gallowgate. 2.
// Parkhill Av., off Stonelaw road, Rutherglen. 22.
ff i Park Lane, fr. Broad street to Sister street. 3.
D h Park Lane, f. Govan road to Paisley road. 18.
F h Park PL, w. end of Bridgeg. ft. of Stockwell st. 10
D h Park Place, Paisley road, west. 18.
C c Park Place, off Main street, Maryhill. 14.
/ 1 Park Place, Mill street, Rutherglen. 22.
Park Place, Shettleston. 21.
Dy Park Quadrant, West-end park. 12.
Df Park Rd., f. Gt. Western rd. to Eldon st. 12.
Bi Park Road, Ibrox, f. Paisley road, W., to
Ibrox ter. 2 1.
D i Park St., off St. James' at., Kinning park. 18.
D » Do. Westwards to county boundary, or western
boundary, Kinning park. 18.
D i Do. Plantation, both sides fr. Nos. 130 and
151 westwards to Cornwall st. 25.
A e Park Street, Whiteinch. 23.
Cg Park Street, off Kelvinhaugh street. 11.
D f Park Street (South), West-end park, 12.
D f Park Terrace, West-end park. 12.
D f Park Terrace (East), West-end park. 12.
E k Park Ter., Queen's drive (West), Crossbill. 19.
D I Park Terrace, Albert road, Langside. 19.
A g Park Terrace, Govan. 24.
F k Park Ter.. Preston & Smith streets, Govanh. 16.
F Parker Street, Whiteinch, from Dumbarton road
to North street. 23.
L i Parkhead, east from Gallovrgate. 2.
/ 1 Parkhill Drive, Clincart Hill, Rutherglen. 2.
Eh Parkhouse Lane, from Duke st. to Ladywell. 4.
E I Parkview, Battlefield, Mount Florida. 19.
E k Parkview Gardens, Camphill drive. 19.
Parkview Gardens, Tollcross.
D/ Parkview Ter., 12 & 14 Smith st. Billhead. 12.
Parkview Terrace, Paisley road, W. 18.
Cf Parkville Road, off Byres road. 23.
G g Parliamentary Rd , f. Buchanan st. to Castle st. 8.
G h Parnie Street, f. New wynd to Saltmarket. 10.
G y Parson Street, from Taylor st. to Castle st. 8.
Bf Partickhill Road, PartickhilL 23.
Paterson Place, Shettleston. 21.
E i Paterson Street, Kingston, from Morrison st.
to Scotland street. 17.
G g Paterson St., fr. Tarbert st. to Rottenrow. 1

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