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the date of removal, but it is open to any
person, after his correspondence has been
I re-directed for that time, to apply for an
i extension of the privilege on prepayment of a
fee of Is. a year for the second and third years.
For continuing official re-direction after three
years from the change of address an annual
fee of 5s. is payable. A separate notice should
be filled up if it is desired that parcels may be
i 6. The Post Office does not undertake the
re-direction of letters, &c, for a person tem-
?porarily leaving home, unless the house be
lleft uninhabited, nor does it undertake to
re-direct letters addressed to hotels, boarding
houses, or lodgings.
Delivery of Letters, dkc.
1. All Postmen are prohibited from dis-
tributing any letters, parcels, &c, except such
as have passed through a Post Office ; and
f from receiving any payment beyond the postage
[for the delivery or collection of letters, &c.
] 2. No person living within an official deliv-
ery, unless he rent a private box, can have his
'letters, &c, or parcels delivered at the office if
' a delivery by Postman is about to take place ;
but if no delivery is about to take place, any
\ person, on proof of identity, may obtain at the
i Post Office, without payment, any letters or
'parcels, registered or not, that may be in the
' office addressed to him provided that the cor-
respondence is readily accessible at the time.
1 By payment of a fee of a guinea, delivery at
! the office of registered letters and parcels
, which could not be delivered in the ordinary
) course at the first delivery may be secured
' even if a delivery is about to take place.
Poste Restante.
1. Letters, &c, addressed to a Poste Restante
; to be called for are retained for one month. If
) not called for by the end of that time, they are
1 sent to the Returned Letter Office for disposal.
; But if a letter be addressed to a Post Office at a
\ seaport town for a person on board a ship,
expected to arrive at that port, it is kept two
I months.
In London there is a Poste Restante at the
i General Post Office, E.C., and at all Branch
In the Provinces the Poste Restante is at the
Head Post Offices.
Undelivered Correspondence.
1. On reaching the Returned Letter Office,
a letter originating in the United Kingdom is
I at once returned, if possible, to the writer. If
it does not contain either the writer's address or
I an enclosure of importance, the letter is
j destroyed. Any letter or packet which, on
i being opened, is found to contain value is, for
i its safety, recorded and returned registered, and
' unless registered at the time of posting, the
| registration fee of 2d. is charged on the
'■■ sender. Letters from abroad are returned
' unopened to the country of origin, after a brief
detention in the Returned Letter Office.
Undelivered halfpenny packets, inland post
cards, and newspapers are returned only
when they bear the sender's name and address
with a request for return in case of non-
delivery, and they are liable to a second postage
for return. The name and address of the
sender, with the request for return, should be
placed on the outside of such packets before
posting, if it is desired to recover them in case
of non-delivery. Fuller information will be
found in the Post Office Guide.
Articles not allowed to be sent by Post.
Anything indecent, or explosive, or dangerous*
or any living Creature forbidden altogether.
1. No indecent or obscene print, painting,
photograph, engraving, book, card, or any
article having thereon or on the cover thereof,
any words, marks, or designs of an indecent,
obscene, or grossly offensive character, may be
sent by Post at all, nor any explosive, danger-
ous, or noxious substance, nor any living
creature (live bees alone excepted), nor any-
thing likely to injure the contents of the Mails
or any officer of the Post Office. If any such
postal packet be tendered for transmission,
it is refused, or, if detected in transit, it is
detained. The contents of any such packet
are liable to be disposed of in such manner
as the Postmaster General may direct, and
the sender of it is liable to prosecution by the
Postal Packets, Letters, and Parcels, are
delivered by Express Messenger under the
following Services, viz. : —
Local. Express Throughout.
Under this Service, Messages, Letters,
Parcels, and other articles are conveyed the
entire distance by Special Messenger.
For a Letter, Packet, or other Article, the
Express Fee (inclusive of charges for omnibus,
tramcar, railway, &c.) is
For every mile or part of a mile, - 3d.
(Ordinary postage is not charged.]
In the Provinces they are accepted at all
Post Offices from which there is a delivery of
Telegrams, and are delivered in any part of
the Town or Rural District, or in any neigh-
bouring town or village, provided such place
can be easily reached by messenger by means
of public conveyance or otherwise.
Express Delivery of Letters, dsc, after Trans-
mission by Post.
Under this Service, Letters and Parcels are
forwarded by Mail in the regular course of
post, and on arrival at the office of delivery,
are sent out by Express Messenger.

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