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of this regulation will be liable to be withheld
from delivery. Any packet of such a form
or bo made up for transmission by post as to be
likely to embarrass the officers of the Depart-
ment is also liable to be withheld from delivery.
Registration and Compensation.
The Postmaster General will (not in conse-
quence of any legal liability, but voluntarily,
and as an act of grace), subject to the rules
laid down, give compensation up to a maximum
limit of £400 foi the loss and damage of Inland
BegisLeied Pn°* ckets of all kinds upon
prep-. f*'-' a iee in addition to the postage.
The olaie of fees and the respective limits of
compensation are as follows : —
Limit of
Limit of
1 Compensation.
Compen sation.
Is. Id.
Is. 2d.
Is. 3d.
Is. 4d.
Is. 5d.
£ 00
Is. 6d.
£ 20
Is. 7d.
£ 40
Is. 8d.
£1 60
Is. 9d.
£ 80
Is. lOd.
£ 00
and further particulars, see the current edition i e!
of the Post Office Guide. j e3
N.B. — Save in the case of a letter exempted F»
from the exclusive privilege of the Postmastei y«
General {see Post Office Guide), no letter can is
legally be sent by Railway otherwise than in be
Bis Majesty's Mails, or in the manner above re
described. Any person who sends or conveys f
or causes to be sent or conveyed otherwise re 1
than by the Post a letter not so exempted, oi poi
any person who performs, otherwise than by ]gi
the Post, any services incidental to the con- ri-i
veying of letters from place to place, is liable lot
by statute to heavy penalties.
Acknowledgment of Delivery of Registered Postal
The sender of an inland registered letter,
parcel, or other registered postal packet may
obtain an acknowledgment of its due delivery
to the addressee by paying in advance, at the
time of posting, a fee of 2d. in addition to the
postage and registration fee. He can also
obtain an acknowledgment if he applies after
posting and pays 2d. The sender must enter
in the form provided for the purpose both lus
own name and address and the name and
address of the person to whom the packet is
sent, and he must also affix to the form a stamp
of the value of 2d. in payment of the fee.
Every inquiry as to the alleged loss or non-
delivery of a registered packet should be
accompanied by this fee, and should, if possible,
be made upon the acknowledgment of delivery
lorm. Ii it is found that the Department is hi
fault the inquiry fee will be refunded.
Conveyance of Single Post Letter* ly Railway
By an agreement with the Postmastei
General certain Railway Companies are per-
mitted to accept and convey by the next
available train or steamship Single Inland Post
Letters, not exceeding 4 oz. in weight, either
to be called for at the station of address, oi to
be transferred there to the nearest Post Office
letter Box lor delivery by postman. In
addition to the postage of Id., which must be
prepaid by meane of adhesive stamps, the
Companies" are authorised to charge a fee oi
2d. per letter. For a list of the Companies
1. No charge is made for the re-directioi
of letters, post cards, newspapers, and half j*
penny packets, whether registered or not, anc ,
whether re-directed by an officer of the Pos 1 .
Office or by an agent of the addressee aftei
delivery, provided in the latter case that the} ?•
are re-posted not later than the day (Sunday
and public holidays not being counted) aftei
delivery, and that they do not appear to hav<
been opened, or tampered with.
2. Re-directed letters, &c, which are re
posted later than the day after delivery wil
be liable to charge at the prepaid rate ; an]
which appear to have been opened will bi j,
charged as freshly posted unpaid letters o: ^
packets. w |
3. Parcels are, when re-directed, liable to C o
additional postage at the prepaid rate for eacl ev
re-direction, except where the original anr
corrected addresses are both within a deliver
from the same Post Office.
4. If any registered letter or packet, whei to
re-directed, instead of being taken back to th k
Post Office to be dealt with as registered, i g
dropped into the letter box as an ordinar; B 1
letter or packet (the word " registered " no' se
having been erased, or having been erased ii «
pencil only), it becomes liable to the sam m
treatment as any other letter or packet whicl
is marked registered and found in the lette g
box ; and must be surcharged with a regis:
tration fee of 4d., minus the value of an;
stamps already affixed for the registration. fl
5. Notices of removal and applications fo
letters, &c, to be re-directed, must in all case
be duly signed by the persons to whom th
letters are addressed. Printed forms can b a
obtained from the local Postmaster, and ii ,
London at any District or Branch Office, \\
from the postman of the walk ; and, whet ,
filled up and signed, they should be given t j
the Postmaster or to the postman ; but it i \
desirable, for the prevention of mistakes, tba j
persons who are about to change their residenc ,
should inform their correspondents beforehan ,
of their intention, so that their letters may b ,
directed in the first instance to their ne ,
address. The Post Office does not undertal (
to provide for the re-direction of letter
halfpenny packets, post cards, and newspape
for a longer period than twelve months fro:

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