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In addition to the full ordinary postage, the
Express fee is : —
For every mile or part of a mile from the office
^ of delivery, - • 3d.
8 fecial Delivery of Letters, &c, in advance of
the ordinary Deliveries by Postmen.
Persons or Firms who desire at any time to
receive their letters, or other postal packets
of any kind (including parcels, halfpenny
packets, and newspapers), in advance of the
ordinary delivery, may have them delivered
by special Messenger on payment of the
following fees : —
The full Express fee of 3d. a mile as for one
packet, and one penny for every 10, or less
number, of additional packets beyond the
first. If the letters or parcels have to be
searched for at more than one delivery, a
charge of 3d. is made for each extra search in
addition to the Expre3s fees levied when the
special delivery takes place.
Applications for such special delivery must
be signed by the person or firm to which the
letters or postal packets in question are
addressed. Forms of application may be
obtained at any Post Office from which letters,
&c, are delivered, and also from the more
important Town Branch and Sub-Offices.
The applications should be addressed to the
Postmaster or Chief Officer on duty at the
Post Office from which the letters are ordinarily
delivered. Where possible, it should be deliv-
ered at the Office by hand ; but where this
cannot be done it may be handed in at any
Post Office or posted in any Letter Box in the
District served from the office. In the latter
case the postage should be prepaid by means
of a penny stamp affixed to the outside of the
form. Care should be taken, however, that
the application reaches the Office on the
previous evening, if it is intended to apply to
the early delivery in the morning, and, if to
other deliveries during the day, an hour at
least before the time at which the delivery by
Postmen commences.
The Express Fee on at least one packet
must be prepaid in stamps affixed to the
application. All additional fees must be paid
to the Special Messenger on delivery.
If no letters, &c, for the address given are
found, a special Messenger will be sent to
inform the applicant to that effect, and the
Express Fee will be retained to pay for this
In cases where a regular delivery by Special
Messenger is required, either on one or more
days of the week, or of letters, &c, arriving by
particular Inland or Foreign Mails, it will be
sufficient if only one Form of Application,
altered to meet the requirements, is filled up
and left with the Postmaster. In such cases
the whole of the charges will be collected on
'he delivery of the letters.
1. All provincial Post Offices, whether ii
town or country, are open for every description
of business on week days (Bank Holidays
excepted) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
2. In all offices, whether Head or Country
Sub- Offices, which are open to the Public foi
a longer period, viz., from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.,1
the sale of postage stamps, registration oi
letters, &c, and acceptance of parcels, iji
continued during all the hours in which they
are so open ; unless the offices are open foi
telegraph business only, in which case the sal(
of postage stamps only is continued. Town
Sub-Offices are open to the Public from
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. In those places, however,
where one afternoon in the week is observed
as a half-holiday, Town Sub-Offices are in
many cases closed early.
3. In all Money Order Offices, and in most
of the smaller Post Offices which are not
Money Order Offices, postal orders are sold and
paid during all the hours in which such offices
are open, but no postal order can be sold oi
paid before 7 a.m. or after 10 p.m.
4. The Post Office is not, by law, responsible
for any loss or inconvenience which may
arise from the non-delivery, mis-sending, oi
mis-delivery of any letter or other postal
packet, nor from any injury which a packet
may sustain during its transmission.*
5. No letter or other packet once posted can
be withheld from despatch or delivery at the
request of the Sender.
C\ Postmasters are not bound to give change,
nor are they authorised to demand change j
and when money is paid at a Post Office, no
question as to its right amount, goodness, oi
weight can be entertained after it has been
removed from the counter.
7. Postmasters are not bound to weigh any
letters or other packets for the public.
Rates of Postage.
Letters : — To the under-mentioned British
Possessions and Protectorates, viz. : —
Aden (including Perim), Afghanistan.
Antigua, Ascension, Australian Common-
wealth (including British New Guinea),
Bahamas, Barbados, Bechuanaland, Ber-
mudas, British East Africa Protectorate,
British Guiana, British Honduras, British
North Borneo, Canada, Cape Colony,
Cayman Islands, Ceylon, China (places
at which British Post Offices are estab-
lished, viz. : — Amoy, Canton, Chefoo,
Foochow, Hankow, Hoihow, Liu-Kung-
Tau (Wei-Hai-Wei, Ningpo, Shanghai,
Swatow, and Tientsin), Cyprus, Egypt,
* The address of every letter should be legible and
complete, and the last word in it should be the name
of the Post Town or Office of Delivery.
Note. — To facilitate the Delivery of letters, a Letter- '-
box should be affixed to every house door.

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