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M'Donald, Peter, & Co. (wholesale
and export), 4 Carlton place
Mackay, John, & Co., Ltd., Ver-
mont St., s.s.
Mair & Dougall,Annfield Bottling
Stores, 35-41 Annfield st
Moore, G. & C. 165 Mordaunt st
Vaux, C, & Sons, Ltd., 628
Eglinton street
Allan & Bogle, 246 and 248
Abercromby st
M' Donald, P., & Co., 4 Carlton pi
M'Glashan, John, & Co. Albany
M 'Naught, John (general repair
work only), 81 Hospital st. s.s.
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co.,
most improved machinery of all
descriptions, every requisite for
bottlers, 222 St Vincent st
Slingsby, H. C, 97 Both well st
Wylie, Matthew, patent bottle
labelling and corking machines,
also all kinds of protective seals
and box fasteners, 55 Robertson
Devlyn, R. & M., 165-167 West
Nile street
Lawne, Robt. G., 44 and 63 John
st. city
M'Naughton, N. 38 Thistle st. s.s.
Nelmes,' Henry, & Co., 12 L Wel-
lington street
Taylor, Thos., 2 Richmond st
Brickley, Joseph, 24 Grafton st
Provan, Robt., Berelands, Ruther-
glen ; tele. P.O., 57 Ruther-
glen ; Nat., 214 X 2 Rutherglen
BOX MAKERS, Plain & Fancy
Acme (The) Tea Chest Co., Ltd.,
201 Polmaiie road
Adams, Wm., & Sons, 30 John st,
city. — See Adnt in Appen.
Albion (The) Folding Box Co Ltd.
Summerfield Works, Millerfield
road, Dalmarnock
Bertram, Peter, & Sons (plain and
fancy), 335 Argyle street
Black, Jas. & Co. 10 Garthland
Brash, John, 19 Cochrane street
Britannia Folding Box Co., Ltd.,
Daoe ri., Old Ford, London, E.
Brown & Co. (plain and fancy),
73-85 M 'Alpine st
Browning, Robert, & Son (plain
and fancy), 34 Ann St., city
Campbell, Paul, & Sons, Ltd.,
Silvergrove st
Carty, J. L., & Co., agents for
fittings and mountings of every
description, 219 St. Vincent st
Chalmers, Hugh, & Co., 100
Brunswick street
Collins, Wm. Sons & Co. Ltd.
(plain and fancy), Herriot Hill
Works, 118 to 144 Cathedral st
Cooper, DeDnison& Walkden, Ltd.
wood and cardboard postal, 15
Bath street
Cullen & Barclay, 59 N. Frederick
Dalrymple, Wm. (hat), 14 Warwick
Davidson, Jane (plain and fancy),
7 Park pi., Stockwell st
Forrest & M Ilvride, 97 West
Campbell street
Fraser & Sinclair (plain and fancy
and stock boxes, all classes of
machine-made boxes), 70 Union
Galloway, Henry (fancy), 28 Mon-
trose st
Gilmour & Dean, Ltd., tartan and
fancy pattern papers for box-
makers, &c, 50 N. Hanover st
Glasgow Paper Box Co. (The), 85
Candleriggs and 100 Brunswick
Johoston, Jas., 1 10 John st., city
Lindsay, Cox & Co., 164 Howard
street and 5U Ropework lane
M'Dade, Jas. & Co. 23 Wilson st
M'Ewan, A., & Co., plain and
fancy wo id boxes and cases
made to order, 13 Mair street, off
Paisley road, W
M'Ewen, John E. (fancy), 25 Well-
ington st
M'Ewen & Milligan (plain and
fancy), 136 Nelson st, Tradeston
M'Gown, William, & Co., 25
North Albion st
Maclach'an, Peter, & Co. (straw
envelopes, capsules and foils,
corks, bottles, machinery; bottle
boxes ; every requisite for
bottlers), 222 St. Vincent st
Macnair, Wm. &Co. (makers of
every kind of sample boxes),
205 Buchanan street
Martin, Alex., 53 Candleriggs
Miller, A. B., & Co., sole
European agents for the " Doig"
standard box nailing machines,
William's box hinging machine,
Brightwood paper box making
and Galley cutting and creasing
machines; showrooms, 22-30
Bishop street, Anderston
Moir & Co., Cra'gpark Works, 360
Townmill road
Mollison, W. M. & Co., Ltd. (metal
and cardboard), Anniesland,
Montgomery & Strachan, Polmadie
Morgan, H, & Co., 14 E. Nile st
Morris, Strachan & Co. (all kinds
of wood cut in sizes), 32 7
Scotland street
Parkes, Joseph, 64 Howard street
Paterson, John, 4 Frederick lane
Ritchie, Andrew, & Son, Ltd., 63
Ross, D. & Co. 63 N. Frederick
Rylands Glass & Engineer-
ing Co. (1905), Ltd. (late Dan.
Rylands, Ltd.), box factory (one
of the largest in the kingdom),
Stairfoot, near Barnsley, York-
shire. Patentees of the wire
bound boxes having the wire in a
groove. Agent, Wm. N. Moore,
Box 12, Royal Exchange. Tele-
grams " Generator," Glasgow,
and " Rylands," Barnsley; " Ril-
lands," London
Shannon, W. ("lace bands, holders,
&c), 50 Wellington st
Shearer, Archd. (plain and fancy),
39 Stockwell st
Sommerville, M., & Co. (fancy
paper), 7 Robertson lane
Sprenger, Chas. & Sons (plain and
fancy), 35-37 Buccleuch st
Stevenson Bros. 15 Cathedral st,
Catherine lane
Stevenson, Geo. 15 Catherine
Stevenson, Hugh, & Sons, Ltd., 92
Milton street
The National (Folding) Box Co.,
Gainsborough; agent, J. Sharp,
79 Hutcheson street
Thomlinson, John (folding), 436
Dumbarton rd, Partick
Thompson Bros. & Co. (Glas-
gow), Ltd, Eclipse Works,
29 to 39 Surrey street, s.s. ;
manufacturers of every kind of
cardboard boxes, suitable for all
trades, manufactured by special
machinery; folding aDd metal-
edged boxes ; also corrugated
lined postal boxes, embossed
cards and calendars; telegraphic
address, " Successful," Glasgow
Thompson, C. R. & M. (fancy), 21
Hope street
Thompson, Robt B. & Co. manu-
facturers of a'l kinds of cardboard
boxes by the latest improved
machines, 54 W. Howard st.
Telephone Nos. National 1415 ;
PO. 2618
Tillotson & Son, Ltd. (folding), 50
Wellington st
Torrance, J., Watt & Co. (con-
tractors to H.M. Governu ent),
boxwood cut to sizes ready for
nailing, Muirhouse Sawmills,
Glasgow; Eastern Sawmills,
Grangemouth ; Trinity Wharf
Sawmills, Woolwich ; office,
Mix well road, Glasgow

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