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Traill, Robt. (plain and fancy), 11
Stockwell street
Wylie, Matthew, box nailing, print-
ing, hmgeing, trimming, dove-
tiiling, tongueing and grooving
machines, also every description
of box fasteners, 65 Robertson
Acme Stamp & Brand Works (for
packing box makers, ham car-
ers, &c), 125 London street
Boardman, Jas. (for packing-
box makers, ham curers, and
brewers), 55 Charlotte lane
Brosvn, James, 28 Green street,
Campbell, John S. (for packing-
box makers, distillers, coopers,
&c), 55 Charlotte lane
Fleming, David, 39 Renfield st.
Glasgow Stamp & Brand Works,
55 Charlotte lane
Hamilton, Archd. (for packing-
box makers, &c ), 68-72 Glass-
ford street
M'Gregor & Watson, 12 Renfield
Metallic (The) Art Co , Ltd.
(for box makers, coopers, dis-
tillers, &c), 53 Waterloo st
Parata, Ltd., 116 W. Campbell st
Robertson, Wm.& Sons (tor packing
box makers, cork cutters, Ac.),
62 Argyle st
Walker, Wm. & Co (for packing-
box makers, ham curers, &c.)
125 London st
Wylie, Matthew, all kinds of
handing plates, printing plates,
&c, for burning or printing on
wood, boxes, or barrels, 55
Robertson street
Aumon, Jules, & Co. Cognac ;
agent?, David Heilbron & Sons,
72 Bath street
Barnett & Elichagaray, Cognac;
agent, Archd. Macmillan, 66
Bath st
Bennett & Co., 84 York st
Blanche, E. Pere & File, & Co.,
Cognac ; agents, J. J. Blanche,
69 Waterloo street
Bhnchy, Ed. & Co. Bordeaux, 143
West Regent s'reet
Boiteau, A. L. & Co. Angouleme;
agents, Jas. Menzies & Son,
68 Bath street
Bonhomme, G. & Co. Cognac ;
agts. Bennett Bros. 44 W. Nile st
Boutillier, G. Briand & Co.
(Cognac), agents, Greenlees
Brothers, 40 Wellington street
Braha r n & Co , 25 Queen ttreet
Dubois, A., Joulin, & Co.; agents
David Heilbron & Sons, 72
Bath street
Dupont, J. & Co., Cognao; agents,
James Murray & Sons, Ltd., 34
Great Clyde st
Faure, J., & Co.; agents David
Heilbron & Sons, 72 Bath street
Foucauld, Lucien, & Co., Cognac;
agents, Sellar & Co., 102 West
Regent street
Girard & Co., Tonnay-Charente ;
agent, Daniel K. M'Leish, 101
St. Vincent st
Greenlees Bros. 41-63 Osborne St.;
office, 40 Wellington st.
Heering, Peter F., Copenhagen ;
ageats, Robertson & Baxter,
Ltd., 106 West Nile street
Hennessy, James, & Co. Cognao;
Robertson & Baxter, Ltd. agents,
106 West Nile street
Hopkins, John, & Co., 74 York
Joulin, A. Dubois, & Sons, Cognac ;
agents, David Heilbron & Sons,
72 Bath street
M'Ni-sh, Robert, & Co., Ltd., 55
Washington street
Martell & Co. Cognac; Buchanan,
Wilson & Co , L.d., agents, 40
St. Vincent place
Normandin, E & Co. Co&teauneuf,
Cognac ; agents, Chas. J. Baird
& Co., 27 Oswald street
Otard, Dupuy, & Co. brandy ship-
pers, Cognac; J. Hopkins &
Co. 74 York st. agents
Renault & Co. Cognac ; agents,
W.P. Lowrie& Co., Ltd., 14-16
Bothwell street
Risk, M., & Sons, Ltd., 58 Dondas
Riviere, Gardrat & Co., Cognac;
agents, Robt. Brown & Co. 45
Washington st
Roullet & Delamain ; agents, D.
M'Dongall, jun,, & Co., 50
Weiliogtoi street
Sayer, Geurge, & Co., Cognao;
Macleay, Duff & Co., agents, 41
Renfrew street
Tourell, F., & Co.; agents, D.
M'Dougall, Jan., & Co., 50
Wellington stieet
Train & M'Intyre, Ltd., 60 Wel-
lington street
Watson & Middleton, 19, 21
Oswald st
Allan & Bogle, 246 and 248 Aber-
cromby street
Alley & MacLellan, Ltd., Sentinel
Works, Polmadie
Baird, Archibald, & Son, Ltd.,
Peacock Cross, Hamilton
Barclay, Andrew, Sous & Co. Ltd.,
Caledonia Engine Works, Kil-
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 to 163
Centre street, s.s.
Berrie, R. & Co. 29 Union place,
North street
Biggar & Hendry, 159 Howard
Birch, G. B,, Birmingham (shop
fittings and stair rods) ; agent,
John A. Robertson, 130 West
Regent street
Birmingham Battery and Metal
Company, Ltd., Birmingham;
agent, W. F. Ritchie, 47 Water-
It o street
Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean, Ltd.,
Woodville street, Govan
Broadfoot, John, & Sons, Ltd.,
Inchholm Works, James street,
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60
RenBeld street
Bryden, William, & Son, 206
Bath st; Nat. tele. No. 627
Buchan, A. B., 97 W. Campbell
Buchan, Hugh, 97 W. Campbell st
Buchanan, D. & Co. 171 Wallace
st, Kingston
Burgess & M'Laren, 144 Main st,
Calderwood, J. & Co. 88 Welling-
ton lane
Campbell & Hatten, 239 St
James' street, Paisley road
Carty, J. L., & Co., agents for
manufacturers, 219 St. Vincent
Clark, A.W., & Co., 8, 8£ Douglas
Cleland & Thorburn, 23 Hyde-
park st
Clutha (The) Sanitary Appliances
Co. 411-413 St. Vincent street
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson st
Easton, Alex. & Son, 62 Cowcad-
dens st.
Evered & Co., Ltd., 57 Howard
Fairbairo, John, 176 St. James' St.,
Kinning park
Faulds, Alex. 49 1 St. Vinoent st
Faulds, John, & Co. 19 Cathedral
Finlay, John, & Co., Ltd., 18 Ren-
field st
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
France & Morgan, Whitefield Brass
Works, Carmichael st., Govan
Gilchrist, A., 25 Eglinton st
Gillies, Jas. & Co. 140 Glenpark

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