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Bischoff & Co. Ltd. (bottles ot
every description, and glass-
ware), 112 Bath street
Bratbj & Hinchliffe, Ltd. 48
York street
Breffit, E., & Co., Ltd., London;
agent, M. W. Strang, 19 Water-
loo street
Buchanan, Joshua, & Son, 23
Clyde st. Port Dundas
Caledonian Pottery Co.,Ltd. (stone
bottle and jar manufacturers),
Campbell, Acbnach & Co. (hot
water), Thistle Rubber Mills,
110-112 Commerce street
Cannington, Shaw, & Co. Ltd. 14
W. Campbell street
Cleland Pottery Co. (stone
bottle and jars), Cleland.
Currie, Thomson & Co. (hot water),
45 Jamaica St.; wholesale de-
partment, 9 Howard st
Drew, John, spirit show bottles,
barrels, nms, &c, 74 and 78
Carrick st., off Argyle st.
Drummond, Wm. C, 83 St. James'
Erbe, H.,&Co.,133 Dundas st. city
Gatherar & Co. (glass bottles
of every description, superior
quality, at lowest prices, for
the beer, wine, and spirit trades,
aerated water makers and manu-
facturing chemists, also cap-
sules), 79 Robertson st. ; P.O.
telephone No. 878
Gibb, John Henry, 49 Rerjfrew st
Grischotti & Co. Ltd., Continental
works, 141 West George street
Grosvenor & Son (stone bottles
and jars), Eagle Pottery, 60
Boden street
Hunter, Robert, & Co. 219 Byres rd
Johnsen & Jorgensen, Ltd. 13
West Campbell st
Kennedy, H. & Sods, stone bottle
and jam jar manufacturers,
M l Arthur st. off Fielden st
King, Win. (glass), Firhill Glass
Bottle Works, 81 Murano st
Lamont, John, patentee of Lamont's
stoppered bottles for aerated
waters; maker of Codd's wine,
spiiit, and beer bottles, &c,
&c, 49 Virginia st
M'Donald, Peter & Co. (all bottles
required by the spirit trade,
distillers' sample bottles and
postal cases, &c), 4 Carlton pi.
M'Donald, Swan & Co., London,
45 Ropework lane
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co.
(every description for wines,
spirits, drugs, coffee essence,
confections, special makers of
miniatures and small fancy
botiles, every requisite for
bottlers), 222 St. Vincent st
Macnair,W. &Co. 205 Buchanan st
M'Vean, J. 28 Crossburn st
Montgomery, Daniel & Son, 10
East Clyde st
Moore, Nettlefold & Co., glass
bottle manufacturers, works,
North Woolwich ; Geo. H. Ward,
agent, 75 Bothwell st
North British Rubber Co. Ltd.
(rnbber, hot water), 60 Bu-
chanan st
North (The) British Bottle Manu-
facturing Co., Ltd., 3 Greenfield
street, Shettlesion
Paul, Robert, 74 Broad st.,
Port Dundas Pottery Co., Ltd.,
stone bottle, 66 Bishop street,
RankiD, J. & J. (every description),
10 and 12 Great Clyde st
Richter & Kuttner, bottles of
every description, 95 Bath st
Rosenberg, Adolf, foreign and
home-made bottles of every
description, largest stock of
bottles for the trade at Glasgow
and other shipping ports, Canal
Bank, Rockvilla
Rylands' Glass and Engin-
eering Co. (1905) Ltd. (late
Dan Rylands, Ltd.), Hope Glass
Works, Stairfoot, near Barnsley,
Yorkshire; London offices, Dyer's
bdgs., ELolborn, London, original
makers and patentees of the
Codd & Rylands' glass ball stop-
pered bottles; W. N. Moore,
agent, Box 12, Royal Ex-
change, Glasgow. Telegrams,
"Generator," Glasgow; "Ry-
lands," Barnsley; and "Rillands,"
Scott & Co. (glass) Caledonian Bot-
tle Works, 169 Murano st. Firhill
The Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd. (hot
watfr). 61 63 Bath st
Thompson, Brothers & Co. (Glas-
gow), Ltd., bottles of every kind,
including sample bottles, flasks,
show bottles, barrels and urns
in crystal glass (painted in any
design), medical bottles, chemists'
sundries, 29 to 39 Surrey street,
s.s.; telegraphic address, "Suc-
cessful," Glasgow
Thompson, Robert B. & Co.
bottles of every description, in-
cluding sample bottles, whisky
flasks, showbottles, barrels and
urns in crystal glass (painted in
any design), medical bottles, &c
the cheapest house in the trade ;
also manufacturers of all kinds
of corrugated boxes by the latest
improved machines ; offices and
warehouse, 54 W. Howard St.;
telephone Nos. National 1415.
P.O. 2648
Tollcross (The) Glass Bottle Wks.
Mackinfauld ro*d, Tollcross
Wood, R. G. & Co. (spirit show
bottles, urns, barrels, &c), 11
Brown st, Broomielaw
Bischoff & Co., Ltd., bottles of
every description, flasks, glass-
ware, &c, &c, 112 Bath st
Bowman & Co., 5-11 South Port*
land street
Donaldson, William, 100 Pitt st
Gibb, John Henry, 49 Renfrew st
Kitson, Mark, 23 St. Andrew's sq
Kitson, Reuben (old brandy, cham-
pagne, &c, purchased ; black
and clear pints and quarts
brandy and flasks for sale), 109
King st, city
M'Call & Ferrwirth, Ltd.
(late Peter Pringle), bottles
of every description for the wine
and spirit trade, 41 and 43 St.
Enoch sq.
M'Donald, Peter, & Co., 4 Carlton
M'Lachlan, James, 287 Bath st
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. (every
description for wines, spirits,
drugs, c iffee essence ; special
makers of miniatures and small
fancy bottles; every requisite
for bottlers), 223 St. Vincent st
M'Nulty, Jamss, 65 Bridgegate
Strang, M. W., home and foreign
bottles of various kinds, bottle
stoppers, &c, 19 Waterloo st
Thomas, James, Cromwell lane
Williams & Co., 4 Moncrieff In, s s.
Acme Stamp and Brand Works,
(engravers), 125 London st
Boardman, James (engraver),
55 Charlotte lane
Howie, J. (engraver), 3 Canning st.
Landale, Alfred, & Co , 147 Milton
Menzies, James, & Co. (engravers),
52 Mount street
Robertson, William, & Sons (en-
gravers), 62 Argyle street
Bischoff & Co., Ltd., sole agents
for Scotland for the famous
Spatin Munich beer, 112 Bath
Brown Brothers, 43 Washington st
Brown, Wm. & Son, Glasgow, Ltd.,
63a Si. Vincent street
Connell, Hugh, & Co., 44 Mor-
daunt st
Finlay, M'Dairmid & Co. (whole-
sale and export), 42 and 44
Renfrew street
Globe Coy., 200 Commercial road

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