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167 Renfrew Street.
Chairman, Jas. Fleming, Esq., with a Representative
Board of 22 Governors.
The Glasgow School of Art has been recogmsed
by the Scotch Education Department as the Central
Institution for higher art education for Glasgow and
the West of Scotland. It is divided into an upper and
a lower school.
Head Master, Francis H. Newbery.
Life Painting and Drawing — Prof. Jean Delville.
Antique — Prof. Paul Artot.
Architecture — Director, Alex. M'Gibbon, A.R.I.B.A.
Modelling — Director, Johann Keller, Gold Medallist.
Design and Decorative Art — Prof. Adolph Giraldon.
Technical Art Studios completely furnished, and
work conducted by practical artist craftsmen.
Courses of study are arranged in each department.
Classes five days weekly, from 10 till 1, 2 till 4, and
7.15 till 9.15. Special Saturday Classes for Teachers,
10 till 1. Life Classes Daily.
Diplomas and Certificates. — The Governors of the
School, acting in association with the Scotch Educa-
tion Department, are authorised to grant Diplomas
and Certificates to students attending the School.
5 Maiotenance Scholarships of the annual value of
£20 each, 7 Local Bursaries of the value of £10
each, 2 Haldane Day Class Bursaries of £15 each,
100 Haldane Evening Class Bursaries, 25 Hutcheson
Educational Trust Studentships, 10 City Educa-
tional Endowment Bursaries, 12 School Studentships
for Day Classes, and 30 School Studentships for
Evening Classes, Subscribers' Bursaries, Student-
ships gratited by the Highland Society, Marshall's
Trust, and Buchanan's Trust, &c., tenable only at the
The Haldane Travelling Scholarship, value £50,
open to students of the school.
Prospectuses on application.
Edward R. Catterns, Secretary.
DOMESTIC ECONOMY.— 86 Bath Street.
Instituted 1875.
The school is managed by a Board of Directors
and a Committee of ladies.
Directors — Rev. Donald Macleod, D.D. (chairman),
Sir James Bell, Bart, Su' James King, Bart., H.
Carvick Webster, Archbishop Maguire, P. Rottenburg,
A. C. Scott, T. F. Donald, C.A., R. C. Mackenzie,
C.A., Alexander Murray; G. B. Hoggan, hon. secy.
Public instruction is given in cookery, hundry work,
sewing,dressmaking,millinery,and housewifery. Pupils
are trained as teachers of the above branches, and
qualify for the diplomas of the Board of Educa-
tion and of the National Union for the Technical
Education of Women in Domestic Sciences. The
executive committee receive applications for public
teaching in other towns and villages, also for lessons
in institutions, Board schools, &c. Teachers may
be engaged for school classes at the rate of 5s. 6d.
per lesson, with payment of travelling expenses from
Glasgow. Prospectuses with all particulars on
application. All communications to be addressed to
Miss Paterson, secretary.
Founded 1800.
Governors. — A. Malloch Bayne, president; Chas.
M King, vice-president ; John Thomson, Archibald
K. Chalmers, M.D. , Jas. Ferguson, J. H. Mathieson,
William Gibson, J. B. Kidston, Alexander Wood,
Professor R. Barclay Ness, M.A, M.B., Pro-
fessor C. Douglas, M.D., B.Sc, F.R.S.E., Thomas
Lapraik, M.D., W. G. Dun, M.D., A. Freelacd
Fergus, M.D., F.R.S.E , Jatres Dick, J. P. Maclay,
Archibald Sloan, M.B., CM., Thomas Croas, John
Inglis, LL.D., Robert Stevenson ; J. B. Kidston,
writer, 50 West Regent St., Glasgow, secretary and
Faculty of Medicine. — Dean, Prof. R. S. Thomson,
M.D., D.Sc, F.R.SE.; Secretary and Treasurer,
Professor R. Barclay Ness, M.A., M.B.; Anatomy,
Prof. A. M. Buchanan, M.A., M.D. ; Physics, Prof.
Peter Bennett; Chemistry, Professor J. R. Watson,
M.A. ; Botany, Prof. B. G. Cormack, M.A., B.Sc.
Zoology, Prof. George Bell Todd, M.B. ; Physiology,
Professor Robert Fullarton, M.A, M.B. ; Surgery,
Professor J. H. Nicoll, M.B. ; Practice of Medicine,
Professor R. S. Thom.'on, M.D., D.Sc, F.R.SE.;
Materia Medica, Prof. R. Barclay Ness, M.A., M.B. ;
Midwifery, Prof. John Edgar, M.A., B.Sc, M.B.;
Medical Jurisprudence, Prof. C. Douglas, M.D., B.Sc,
F.RS.E. ; Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery, T.
Spence Meighan, M.D. ; Aural Surgery, James
Galbraith Connal, M.B. ; Diseases of Throat and
Nose, John Macintyre, M.B., F.R.S.E. ; Mental
Diseases, John Carswell, F.F.P.S.G.
Instituted 1852.
President, Alexander M'Cutcheon, writer; vice-
presidents, John Findlay Robertson, writer, James
A. Russell, B.L., writer, and G. B. L. Motherwell,
W.S. ; secretary and treasurer, H Stuart Girvan,
B.L., writer, 186 West George Street, Glasgow;
assist, secy, and treasurer, W. Boyd Berry, M.A.,
LL B. , writer, 24 Blythswood Square, Glasgow.
The objects of this society are, to promote among
its members legal and general knowledge and the
cultivation of fluency and accuracy in expression of
ideas, by the conducting of debates and reading of
essays. The session extends from the third Monday
in October to the last Blonday in March, during
which period the society meets in the Faculty
Buildings every Monday evening, at eight o'clock.
President, Sir James Bell, Bart., ex-Lord Provost;
secretary, W. R. M. Church, C.A. ; office, 104 West
George Street, Glasgow.
The object of this association is to provide its
members at moderate cost with such advice and
supervision as shall insure the proper sanitary condi-
tion of their own dwellings. This object is attained
by the members' houses being annually inspected and
reported on by the experienced engineers of the
Association. Annual subscription for town houses,
21s. Special arrangements made for coast and
country houses.

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