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South Avenne, Copland Road, Govan.
The Home was instituted in tlie year 1901 with
the object of bringing within the reach of the rural
population of Scotland the Holt-Oekley system of
nursing, which has proved veiy successful in England.
The objects of the home as mow developed are the
following; — (1) To provide nursing in their own
homes in maternity and other cases for the working
classes and the poor of Govan and surrounding
district, without distinction of creed. (2) To train
women in district nur-sing to fit them for work as
village nu'ses in rural districts, (3) To train women
as rural certificated midwives for the Highlands, or
other country districts, where these may be required.
During 1903 the cases and visits were as follows: —
Maternity cases attended, 304; general cases nursed,
187; visits paid by the nurses, 12,788. The
Elder Cottage Hospital, which owes its origin to Mi's.
John Elder's generosity, is worked in connection with
the Training Home, Small fees are charged for the
nurses' services to the working classes of Govan and
district (the necessitous being nursed free of charge),
and fees are also pa'd by District Associations for
the training of nurses ; but the Home requires an
income of at least =£250 per annum from voluntary
subscriptions. Contributions will be thankfully
received and acknowledged by the hon. secreta'y,
from whom copies of the Annual Report and any
other information may be obtained.
Executive Committee— The Duchess of Montrose,
president; Lady Stirling Maxwell, Lady Ure Prim-
rose, Mrs. John Elde.-, LL.D., Prof. M'Kendrick
M.D., LL D , F.R.S., Dr. George T. Beatson, C.B '
The Rev. R. Howie, D.D., The Rev. R. S. Kirkpatrick^
B.D., The Very Rev. Canon M'Brearty, The Provost
of Govan (ex-officio), Ex- Provost Kirkwood.
House Committee (in Govan)— Mrs. John Marr,
Mrs. Kirkwood, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. John Stephen,
Mrs. Hunter, Miss Kirkpatrick, Mrs. R. H. B.
Thomson, Provost Marr (ex-officio), Es-Provost
Kirkwood, Dr Barras.
Hon, Consulting Obstetric Physicians— Professor
Murdoch Cameron, M.D., Dr. W. L. Reid, Dr. E, H.
Lawrence Oliphant
Lady Superintendent of Elder Cottage Hospital
and the Training Home — Miss Mackirrto.sh.
Matron of the Training Home— Miss Scrimgeour.
Auditor— R. A. Murray, C.A., Glasgow.
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — Archibald Craig,
LL.B , 149 West George Street, Glasgow.
Kirklee Road, Kelvinside.
University Avenue, Hillhead.
Lectures and demonstrations are given, in the
usual winter and summer sessions, on various subjects
of the medical curriculum, and on sp?cial subjt'Cts.
Lecturers. — Anatomy, H. Wright Thomson, M.D.;
Physics, R. F. Muirhead, M.A., B.Sc, B.A. (Camb.);
Chemistry, Frederick Robertson, F.C S. ; Surgery'
G. H. EdingtoD, MD., F.F.P.S.G. ; Practice of
Medicine, John M. Cowan, M.D , F.F.P.S.G.;
Midwifery, G. Balfour Marshall, M.D., F.F.P.S.G.;
Pathology, Hugh M'Laren, M.B.; Eye, A. Freeland
Fergus, M.D., F.F.P.S.G.
Secretary, J. N. Morton, M.A., writer, at Alex.
M'Lennan's,.92^ St. Vmcent Street.
Chairman, Hugh Beckett, Esq. ; Directors, Robt.
Brodie, Robert Gourlay, LL.D,, P. C. Hart, Thos.
Jackson, Robert Orr,_ William Brodie, Robei-t
Brown, David Johnston,' J. M. Taylor, LL.D., Alex.
Rose, and James Lilburc ; secretary and treas., James
Boyd, 190 St. Vincent St.
Rector, W. Cecil Laming, B.A (Cantab.), M.A.
Classics— The Rector-, G. Richardson, M.A. (Oxon.),
and H. C. Jones, B.A. (Oxon).
Advanced Mathematics, R. N. Haygarth, BI.A.,
B.Sc. (Cantab.).
Advanced English, A. J. Ashton, M.A. (Lond.).
Chemistry and Physics, R. N. Haygarth, M.A.
French and German, G. Bauer (Universities of
Berlin and Paris), A. J. Ashton, M.A., and J. F.
English Subject?, with Elementary Mathematics,
Science, and Latin, C. M. Trewby, M.A. (Oxon.), J.
H. Loudon, M.A.(Edin.), and H C. Jones, B.A. (Oxon.)
Writing, J. F. Ramsay.
Drawing, E. Brady, certificated advanced art master
(South Kensington).
Gymnastics, Sergeant Kelly (late Chief Gymnastic
Instructor at Maryhill Barracks).
Third and Second Class, J. F. Ramsay.
First Class, Miss Hoyle and assistant.
Writing, Drawing, and Gymnastics by Masters of
Upper School.
Miss Hoyle, Miss L. Miller, and Miss E. Miller.
Singing, J. H. Hinton.
Pianoforte, J. H, Hinton and Miss Boyd,
Dancing, F. Webster.
Shorthand, J. H. Loudon.
Violin, Mr. Camillo Ritter.
Violoncello, B. Hofmayr.
Janitor, David Niven.
91 Buccleuch Street, Garnethill.
Managers, the School Board of Glasgow.
Rector — James Milligan, M.A., LLD.
The Session begins on 1st September. The
Vacation begins on 1st July and ends 31st August.
Elmbank Street,
Founded in the 12th Century.
Patrons — The Hon. Lord Provost, Magistrates,
and Town Council. Managers, the School Board of
Glasgow. Committee of management, High Schools
and Secondary Education Committee of School
The session begins in September. The vacation
begins on June 30lb, and ends on the 31st.

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