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Established a Quarter of a Century.
Principals, George E. Skerry and George Stewart.
The staff comprises Graduates, Trained Certificated
Teachers, University Bursars, and Prizemen, who,
from their experience and thorough familiarity with
the work, are in the best position to bring the
studies of candidates to a successful issue.
I. — University Department (including Leaving
Certificate) — Day, Evenino;, and Correspondence
Classes for the Preliminary Examinations in Arts,
in Medicine, and in Science. Special Classes in
Latin, French, German, Greek, English, MathematicF,
and Dynamics.
II. — Professional Department — Evening and
Correspondence Classes for the General Knowledge
(Law), Accountants', and Institute of Bankers'
Examinations, &c.
III.— King's Scholarship and Certificate Depart-
ment — Day and Correspondence Classes. Special
Saturday Classes.
IV. — Home CivU Service Department — Day,
"Evening, and Correspondence Classes.
V. — Business Training Department — Day, Evening,
and Correspondence Classes.
The course of leaching is concentrated solely on
study necessary for passing the particular Examina-
tion : all extraneous teaching is carefully avoided :
copious use is made of examination papers set in
previous years : a system of teaching is adopted by
which the student is constantly drilled in the
essential features of the subject or subjects which he
or she is studying.
Prospectus (post free) gives a summary of the
requirements and details of the Preparatory jClasses
for the various Examinations.
Head Office, 13 Bath Street (off Buchanan St.),
Corporation Telephone No. 1118.
46 Canning Street.
Instituted 1834.
Office-bearers 1904-5 — President, Robt. Wilson,
Esq, M.D., 38 Monteith Row; secretary, James
Moore, 90a Great Hamilton Street ; librarian, Miss
Martha Pollock,
The object of the institution is to place within the
reach of the subscribers the fullest information on all
subjects of general interest, and to provide an agree-
able place of resort in the intervals of business.
Head office, 13 Dundas Street.
Object. — The restoration of the land to the people
by the imposition of a single tax on the value of the
land, apart from improvements, thereby relieving in-
dustry of all taxation, and opening up natural oppor-
tunities to labour. John Paul, secretary.
Commissioners for the Prevention and Repression
of Juvenile Delinquency in the City of Glasgow.
Board constituted by the Glasgow Juvenile Delin-
quency Prevention and Repression Act, 1878 :
The Hon. the Lord Provost, the Senior Bailie, the
City Treasurer, Sir James King, Bart., Sir Samuel
Chisholm, Bart., LL.D., Thomas Mason, Sir David
Richmond, Hugh Brown, Sir James Bell, Bart.,
Patrick O'Hare, Robert M. Mitchell, and Joseph C.
Robertson ; clerk, Mark Bannatyne, 145 West
George St.; treasurer, James Nicol, City Chamberlain.
Directors appointed under Glasgow Juvenile De-
linquency Act, 1878. — Chairman, John Gumprecht ;
vice-chairman, James M'Failane; John Carmichael,
Wm. Clark, James Mowat, John Davidson, John
Laing, William Mitchell, LL D., George OgQvie,
Robt. Paterson, Duncan M'Pherson, Dr. Jn. Carswell,
Chas. J. Cleland, H. Carvick Webster, John Robb,
James M'Farlane, John Gumprecht, James Dick,
James Steele, Robert S. Allan, J. Carfrae Alston,
John Garroway, And. Scott Gibson, Alex. Kennedy,
William Bow, William Wilson, D. M. Scott, James
H. Dickson, D. M. Crerar- Gilbert, Alex. Sinclair,
Rev. Wm. Boyd, LLD., Michael Swan, Alex. B.
Kirkpatrick, Chas. S. Bathgate, Michael Honeyman,
Sawers Aitken ; clerk, E. Simpson Macharg, C.A.,
69 Buchanan St.; treasurer, Jas. Drummond, C.A.,
58 Bath Street.
I. Refuge and Reformatory for Girls, Chapelton. —
Convener of committee. Dun. M'Pherson ; sub-conv.,
William Wilson; matron, Miss Hunter; medical
attendant, Dr. John A. Kennedy.
II. Refuge and Industrial School for Boys, Moas-
bank, Hogganfield, and Working Boys Home, Rotten-
row. — Convener of committee, James M'Farlane
sub-convener, James Mowat; governor, Wm. Smith;
medical attendant, Dr. R. W. Bruce.
III. Industrial School for Girls, Maryhill. — Con-
vener of committee, John Gumprecht ; sub-convener,
J. Carfrae Alston ; matron, Mrs. Cameron ; medical
attendant, Dr. Alex. Hay.
IV. Day Industrial Schools. — Convener of com-
mittee, Robt. S. Allan ; sub-committee for Green St.
school, William Clark, convener ; Miss Duncan,
superintendent; sub-committee for Rottenrow School,
George Ogilvie, convener ; Miss Brown, super-
intendent ; sub-committee for Rose St. school, Sawers
Aitken, convener ; Miss Comrie, superintendent ;
sub- committee for William Street School — D. M.
Scott, convener, and Miss Neilson, superintendent.
President, Professor George Sims Woodhead, M. A ,
M.D., F.R.S., Camb.; hon. org. secretary, R,
Markes, 5 Ruskin Chambers, Birmingham ; hon.
corr. secretary Scotland, W. Buchanan, 22 Church
Street, Partick, Glasgow.
The object of the Association is to promote the-
systematic study of the temperance question in all its
aspects. The Association is alike unsectarian and
non-political in its character. Its examinations are-
open to both sexes and to all sections of the temper-
ance world. The certificates give a locus standi
to successful students as speakers, teachers, &c., on
the subjects in which they have qualified.

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