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Dicfc, Thomas, jun. spirit merchant, Nethergate, #,
Dick, John, tin-plate worker, Wellgate, w.
Dick, Thomas, merchant, Wellgate, w.
Dick, William and James, ferriers, Tindal's wyoi!.
Dick, Da id, shipmaster, Fish street.
Dick, James, jun. tailor, 75, High street.
Dick, Hugh, tin-plate worker, 96, Murrayg2te.
Dick, Misses, A. and B. clear starchers, Church Latter
Dickie, Charles, wire-worker, Chapelshade.
Dickson, Mrs merchant, Overgate. n.
Dickson, Robert, excise officer, Cowgate.
Doig, William, manufacturer, Hawk-hilL
Doig, David, meal-seller, Overgate, n.
Dojg, Thomas, manufacturer, Wellgate, e.
Doig, James, clothier, 65, High Street, n.
Don, James, shoe- maker, Bucklemaker wynd.
Donaldson, Thomas, bookseller, 12, High Street.
Donaldson, Rev. George, Chapelshade.
Donaldson, Dand and Son, coach and harness makers,
Barrack Street.
Donnet, D. tailor and clothes cleaner, Barrack Street.
Douglas, William, cabinet-maker, Overgate, n.
Dow, John, smith, West Port.
Dow, John, Superintendent, Craig.
Dron, Peter, shoe-maker, 28, High Street.
Drummond, Thomas, librarian to Dundee Public Libra? y,
46, High Street.
Duff, R.obert, wine-merchant, South Tay Street.
Duff, Charles, music-seller, Nethergate.
Duff, Mrs, meal-seller, Nethergate, n.
Duff, John, cabinet-maker, Nethergate, n.
Duff, John, jun. merchant, Bellfield.
Duffers, William, ship-master, Wellgate.
Duncan, William, reed-maker, Hiliton.
Duncan, David, brewer, Overgate, s.
Duncan, James, candle-maker, Overgate, n.
Duncan, David, baker, Wellgate, e.
Duncan, Alexander, merchant, Cowgate.
Duncan, George, draper, 68, High Strejefc

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