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rawford, William, shoemaker, Overgate, ss
richton, John, Surgeon, Overgate.
[Crichton, David, vintner, Bottlework.
>ichton, James, flesher, West-port.
Crichton, William, Hawk-bill-knowe.
(Ciichton, William, Westfield.
Crichton, John, brewer, King Street.
Crichton, David, teacher, Nethergate, s.
Crichton, Peter, baker, Nethergate, s.
Crichton, Peter, mason, Weligate, e.
Crichton, Patrick, agent for Dundee and Perth Shipping
Company, Shore.
Crichton, Archibald, ship and insurance broker, Cowgate.
Crichton, James, dyer, 94, Muf raygate.
Crichton, Alexander, dyer, Meadow Entry.
Crichton, William, wine-merchant, High Street.
Crockatt, James, grocer, Overgate, n.
Croom, John, wholesale-merchant, 62, High Street.
Cumming, David, grocer, Hillton.
Currance, David, tin plate worker, Overgate, s.
Dahms, George, stoneware-merchant, 55, Murraygate.
Dall, Thomas, watch-maker, 1)3, Murraygate.
David, Thomas, mason, Hillton.
Davidson, Rev. Dr. SmaiKs wynd.
Davidson, William, agent for Dundee and Perth Unioi*
Shipping Co. Shore.
Davidson, Peter, cooper, Seagate, n.
Davidson, James, cooper, Seagate, s.
Davidson, Thomas, writer, Union Mount.
Davidson, John, ironmonger and clothier, 77, Murraygate.
Davidson, Thomas, and Son, earthen ware, crystal, and
rag merchants, Seagate.
Dempster, Andrew, pottery and brick manufacturer,
Denoon, Alexander, tailor, Overgate, n.
Deuchars, William, shipmaster, Seagate, n.
Deuchars, George, shipmaster, Fish maiket.
Dewar, Robert, grocer, Murraygate.
Dick, William, burgeon, Church wynd,

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