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Duncan, Peter, sugar refiner, Burnhead.
Eagleton, John, flesher, Overgate,.
Easson, Robert, manufacturer, Scnuringburn.
Easson, John, vintner, Thorter-row.
Edward, Alexander and Son, tobacconists, 80, Murraygate.
iElder, James, baker, Scouringburn.
Elder, John, ship-master, Fish Street.
Fairweather, George, tailor, top of Seagate.
Fairweather, James, juu. Cowgate.
Fairweather, William, grocer, and manufacturer of cotton
yarn, Cowgate, n.
Farquharson, William, flax-dresser, Seagate, n.
Farquarson, Andrew, cabinet-maker, Overgate.
Farquarson, David, hatter, 85, Murraygate.
Farquharson, David, agent, auctioneer, bulker, and timbe?
measurer, Castle Street.
Feathers, James, tailor, 51, High Street.
Fender, David, vintner, Overgate, s.
Fender, George, shipmaster, Fish Street.
Fenton, James, tailor, Hilkon, e.
Fenton, George, dyer, Cullodeu^
Featon, Mis, dress-maker Barrack Street.
Fenton, John, dyer, 126, Murraygate.
Fenwick, James, hair-dresser, Overgate, n.
Fenwick, Peter, carver and gilder, Nethergate, s.
Ferguson, David, and Son, manufacturers, Dens.
Ferguson, Mrs, merchant, Overgate, n.
Ferguson, David, vintm-r, Fish Street.
Ferguson, Joseph, salt merchant, 49, Murraygate.
Ferrier, John, tailor, Crichton Street.
Fettes, William, shoe-maker, Bucklemaker wynd.
Fiulay, Peter, vintner, Perth road, n.
Finlay, William, meal-seller, English Chapel, n.
Fisher, Thomas, Chapelshade.
Flemming, William, manufacturer, Park wynd.
Forbes, James, fiesher, West Port.
Forbes, William, grocer, Wellgate, e.
Forman, James, sailors' officer, Sailors' Hall.
Foreman^ Robert, shipmaster, 37, Murraygate,

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