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(Extracted from the MS. before mentioned.)
1509 — February 24. — A provincial council was held in
Dundee, in which the Clergy declared to all the faithful,
that the Scots nation, seeing the Kingdom betrayed, en-
slaved, and left without a leader, had assumed Robert
Bruce for their Sovereign, and that the Clergy had willing-
ly done homage to him in that character.
1470 — Hector Boece, born at Dundee — wrote the His-
tory of Scotland.
1545 — D'Esse, the French Commander takes Dundee
but not Broughty Castle.
1545 — Cardinal Beaton and the Regent went to visit se-
veral places under pretence of conciliating the animosities,
and quelling the seditions of the people. In Perth they con-
demned four men to death for eating flesh on a prohibited
day; and one of their wives, for refusing to invoke the as-
sistance of the Virgin Mary while in labour, was drowned
in a pool of water. They then came to Dundee, where
they punished most severely all who read the New Testa-
ment, and burnt every copy they could find ; and even the
ignorant and prejudiced priests, willing to assist them in
the work, maintained that the New Testament was lately
written by Martin Luther, and that the Old was the only-
scripture that ought to be read.
1549 — De Therme, D'Esse's successor, takes Broughty.
1559 — The Queen orders the Provost of Dundee to ap-
prehend Paul Methven.
Same year, Atran and Chatelherault join the Protestant?,
and seize Broughty.
1554 — Mary, Queen of Scots paid a visit to Dundee.
1571 — Seaton of Parbroath, recovers Broughty from
the Rebels.
1580 — An assembly at Dundee, condemned Episcopacy
as contrary to the word of God ; and found Bishops, as
commonly understood, not to be agreeable to Scripture.
1689 — July 16. — General Graham of Claver house, Lore!
Dundee, killed in the battle of Killycrankie,-
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