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In December 1745, Sir James Kinloch and one Ferrler
had the command of Dundee, where there were 300 or 400
rebels and a few Highlanders.
In May 1746, some of the rebels, with a design to make
their escape, got on board James Wemyss's sloop, at
Broughty Ferry, as he was riding off the Lights of Tay,
and having put to sea, landed at Bergen in Norway ; but
orders having been given by the King of Denmark to in-
spect all British vessels that should come into his ports, and
to confine all that had not proper certificates or passports,
the rebels were, on 13th May, committed prisoners to the
Castle of Bergen : among whom were David Graham of
Duntrune (called Lord Dundee), Lord Ogilvie, Fletcher of
Balinshoe, Hunter of Burnside, David Fotheringham (the
rebel Governor of Dundee), David Graham (merchant in
Dundee), and his son Alexander ; Henry Patullo, — - —
Sandilands of Bourdeaux, Thomas Blair (merchant in Dun-
dee), and Alexander Blair (writer in Edinburgh.)
In the General Assembly, May 1760, Mr Gersham
Carmichael read a long petition from the Ministers and
Kirk Session against the Provost and Magistrates of Dun-
dee for interfering in all their matters, — screening delin-
quents, uplifting the money at the kirk-doors, the penalties
for fornication and other crimes, refusing the communion
elements, refusing access to some of the churches, demand-
ing the session registers, &c. !
1761 — June 10. — George Dempster was admitted a free
Hammerman in Dundee, — blacksmith, goldsmith and
jeweller, clocksmith and watch-maker, gunsmith, sword-
slipper, cutler, ferrier, ladies' lorirner, founder, plumber,
pewtherer, coppersmith and white-iron-smith.
1763 — May 30. — The General Assembly translates Alex.
Ferrier from Oxnan to Dundee.
1776— -April 4. — Mr Ballantyne, burgher minister in
Dundee, and Mr Thomson, at Rathillet, both gave in de-
missions to the Associate Presbytery of Dundee.
There was a cloister of Nuns of the order of St. Magdalene
near Dundee, and the ground where it stood is still known
fcy the name of Magdalene-yard.

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