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Bailie Hubert Davidson 's Monument,
The Monument of Robert Davidson a most vigilant Baillie,
^ho, while he valiantly and magnanimously fought, at the
Siege of the Town, being deadly wounded by the Enemy,
gave up his Life, for the Country and the City he died, i.
September 1651. This Monument serves also, for his most
loving Wife Grissel Man, who died in the Year 1664. Her
Age 62.
Here Baillie Davidson rests in his Grave,
The Glory of the Town, valiant and brave,
For which, undaunted he gave up the Ghost,
And sweetly died, when the Town was lost.
Sire, Honour of the Town ; his gallant Son
In Glory shines, where Phcebus Steeds do run.
He, to his Parents, gave this Monument,
Sineerest Love that it might represent.
Another, on the same.
For's Country, Codrus dy'd, and none can say,
But he was very happy, in his Day,
So shall this Baillie have most sweet Renown,
Who died, in the Taking of the Town.
Bailie William Rait's Monument.
Passenger, let this Stone raise in you the Memory of
William Rait, a Man of great Piety and Goodness, shining
among the prime Citizens with us, as hiving been honoured
several Years wi:h the Office of a Baillie, no less dear to
his Neighbours than to his own, now escaped out of the
Prison of his Body, in 1670, aged 57.
Lo, Truth, Zeal, Goodness, Candour, Constancy,
Beneath this Stone, all here entombed lye.
Noe Wonder, here within this Tomb you see,
Lyes William Rait, once Praetor in Dundee.
Whose Rest from worldly Cares does pleasant prove,
While his immortal Soul triumphs above.
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