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Rub&t Strait runs Monument.
Robert Straitoun Apothecary caused this Monument to
be erected and cut, for himself and his dearest Wives, Jonet
Duncan and Isobel Robertson, who died respective. The
first in 1652, aged 39. The last in 1657, aged 44.
On right Duncan lies, in Youth my Spouse,
And the first Pillar of my rising House.
Left Hand, lies Robson, a most faithful Wife :
Which was the best, it may procure a Strife.
First brought to me of Wealth sufficient Store,
Which the other guided well, augmented more.
First blessed me with many Children fair,
The second nurst them with maternal Care.
Virtue and Goodness in them equal shone,
And both lie buried underneath this Stone.
Roger Melvilfs Monument.
Here lies Roger Melvill, Citizen of Dundee, a Well-
wisher to the Church and Commonwealth, who died in
2593. Of his Age 59.
Ye poor and needy, sickly, doubtful, see,
Your Counsel, Aid and Comfort who will be,
With Reason, Judgment, Wealth and Eloquence,
To stand up ready in your just Defence.
Changing his Lot, to Learning had he been
Inclin'd, the World very soon had seen
Him far beyond his Brethren and their Race,
Or yet his own fair Children on the Place
To all Men all things thou; to th' sick and poor,
Comfort and Help; to Discords, Peace most sure.
Mr Thomas Maulc's Monument.
To her most lamented Mate, for the Space of 26. Years
in Marriage Mr Thomas Maule notably happy and very well
deserving from the highest as well as the lowest, in this
Town and the whole Vicinage, Also a very excellent Man,
skilful in the Latine, Greek and French Languages, con.
siderably versed in Astronomy and a notable Practiser of
Piety toward God, and Righteousness toward his Neigh-
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