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Galled Castle Street, — down to the Shore. This
makes the communication in that quarter complete.
In the middle of the great square, fronting the
Town House, stands an excellent Inn and Hotel,
kept by Mr Morren ; and at the top of Castle Street
stands another extensive Inn and Hotel, kept by Mr
Merchant. Between these and the Crown and An-
chor Hotel, at the New Quay, Fish market, kept
by Mr Campbell, the accommodation to the people
of the town, and to travellers or lodgers, is very
abundantly supplied, and in the best style. Farther
down Castle Street, on the east side, is an elegant
Episcopal Chapel, with door and windows of the
Gothic order. Under it are apartments for the Old
Dundee Bank, and an extensive public sale-room.
Opposite, on the west side, is a very neat modern
Theatre, with several shops under it, and apart-
ments for a branch of the Bank of Maberly and Co.
Farther south is a lane running west to the Fish-
market ; and at the head of this lane, looking into
Castle Street, is a new elegant hall for the accom-
modation of the Caledonian Lodge of Free Masons.
At the bottom, this street opens into all the im-
provements of the new harbour and wet docks.
From the great square, and on the south, of the
Trades' Hall, the Seagate, one of the original streets
of the town, runs east to the Wallace burn, with a i
suburb beyond called the Wallace of Craigie and I
Black's Croft. This street was once the place of
abode of the principal families of the county, — the
Guthries, Brigtons, Burnsides, Afflecks, Blackness,
&c. &c. all of whom have entirely removed from the
place. In some parts the street has been widen-

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