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ed, and a few excellent houses built ; but there is
still great room for improvement. From its lying
along the north side of the wet-dock and building-
yards now in great forwardness, it has every chance
of again recovering its importance, as a great part
of the business of the town connected with the har-
bour must pass through it.
In this street they show a spot where, in the times
of bigotry and ignorance, one Grizzel Jeffery was
burned for witchcraft.* The Sugar-house, which has
long been carried on with various success, is in a
convenient situation in this street : As also all the
yards for the preparation of whale oil, by the diffe-
rent whale fishing companies. In the suburb of
Black's Croft is the Dundee Foundry, ably conduct-
ed, and very well employed.
Proceeding from the great square on the north
side of the Trades' Hall, the Murraygate runs north-
east, — narrow and steep at the entrance, and not
free from danger from the constant number of car-
riages going up and down : It however soon in-
creases into considerable breadth. The houses are
of a moderate height, and, in general, regular and
well built. In this street and the Cowgate adjoin-
ing the greater part of the business of Dundee with
foreign ports is transacted. In it are the New Bank,
.and a branch of the British Linen Company, in a
beautiful house built for the accommodation of the
Bank and Cashier. Here too all the carriers for
the east and north part of the county have their
quarters, or houses of resort, on Tuesdays and Fri-
days, being the market days of the place. This
street communicates with the Seagate, by several
* See Appendix.

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