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M 'Donald, Donald, feuar, Green Street
M'Connachie, James, mason, Breich St.
M 'Donald, John, manager, Glengrant
M'Kay, Mrs., dressmaker, Green Street
M'Rae, Colin, salmon fisher, Old Street
Newlands, Alex., flesher, Old Street
Ogilvie, Robert, blacksmith, Breich St.
Pirie, Eliza, baker, Green Street
Phinn, John, gamekeeper, Back Street
Proctor, J., traveller, Glengrant, New St.
Rannie, William, merchant, Old Street
Roy, George, carter, do.
Roy, James, shoemaker, do.
Riach, James, Elgin carrier do.
Riach, Peter, carpenter, do.
Robb, Robert, carpenter, do,
Riach, Alex., carter, New Street
Riach, Joseph, shoemaker, do.
Riach, John, mason, do.
Riach, Alex., mason, do.
Robbie, Win., painter, do.
Riach, Alex., jun., mason do.
Riach, John, carter, do.
Robb, James, carpenter, do.
Robb, John, carpenter, do.
Riach, Charles, drummer, Green Street
Riach, Alex., pointsman, Green Street
Riach, James, feuar, Green Street
Robertson, A., station agent, Green St.
Sutor, Mrs., Grant Arms Hotel
Simpson, Alex., mason, Old Street
Sharp, Alex., mason, do.
Simpson, James, mason, do.
Simpson, Wm., feuar, do.
Stewart, Peter, coal merchant, do.
Sellar, John, merchant, do.
Sharp, William, merchant, do.
Shaw, Peter, carpenter, do.
Smith, JohnM., merchant, Old Street
Sutherland, James, flesher, Old Street
Scott, John, mason, Back Street
Shearer, James, mason, do.
Smith, Alex., blacksmith, do.
Scott, Alex., carter, do.
Simpson, John, mason, do.
Stewart, John, shoemaker, do.
Smith, John, carpenter, do.
Sutor, Joseph, clerk, do.
Sharp, James, merchant, New Street
Simpson, Archibald, mason, New St.
Simpson, Wm., feuar, New Street
Shiach, Wm., shoemaker, New Street
Simpson, James, merchant, New St.
Simpson, George, mason, New Street
Simpson, Peter, baker, New Street
Simpson, Mrs., midwife, New Street
Somers, Mrs., do., Burnside Street
Sharp, Jessie, dressmaker, Old Street
Sharp, Adam, merchant, Green Street
Stewart, Jas., corn merchant, Green St.
Smith, Alex., blacksmith, Green St.
Scott, John, mason, Green Street
Smith, John, merchant, Green Street
Shiach, Wm., feuar, Burnside Street
Stewart, P. , Popine, Old Street
Simpson, James, watchmaker, Breich St.
Tyre, Charles, feuar, New Street
Tyre, Wm., carpenter, New Street
Thomson, Alex., weaver, Breich Street
Thomson, Dr., Old Street
Wright, A. D., Rothes Academy, Aca-
demy Terrace
Watson, Wm., rag collector, New St.
Wright, James, shoemaker, Green St.
Watson, Wm., inspector of poor, &c.,
Green Street
Watson, Ann, dressmaker, Green Street
Wright, Mrs., do. do.
Younie, James, merchant, Old Street
This parish consists of the two old parishes of Essil and Dipple, united in 1743,
and is seven miles long, by two miles broad.
Population— Population in 1861 (without Garmouth and Kingston, which, quod
cvmha, are in the parish of IJrquhart), 329 males, 360 females ; total, 689.
Sole Heritor— -His Grace the Duke of Richmond.
Patrons—The Right Hon. the Earl of Moray, and Sir A. P. G. Cumming of
Altyre, Bart.
Minister— The Rev. John Cushny, presented by Sir Wm. G. G. Cumming, and
ordained m 1848. Stipend— 59 quarters barley ; 34 bolls oatmeal, and £53 6s. 8d., with
Manse, Offices, and Glebe of 35 imperial acres.
Parochial School— Teacher— James Dawson. Salary, £45, with fees and free House
and Garden. Industrial department conducted by Miss Thomson.
Session Clerk and Registrar — James Dawson.
Parochial Board— For Heritor— Thomas Balmer, commissioner for the Duke of
Richmond. For Kirk-Session— Rev. John Cushny ; Alex. Annand, Newton ; Andrew
Thomson Corskie ; John Brown, Westertown. For Ratepayers— James Geddes,
Orbhston ; Alex. Hay, Trochelhill ; and John Hunter, Dipple. Inspector and Col-
lector — James Dawson. Assessment, £231 15s. 4£d- ; rate, 5d. per pound on proprietor
and tenant. Poor on roll, 26.
Post Office— Fochabers. Letters are delivered by post-runners to Garmouth and
Railivay Station— Fochabers, about three miles from the Church. An omnibus
runs between Fochabers and Fochabers Station three times a-day, which accommo-
dates a great part of the parish.

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