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Annand, Alex., farmer, NeAvton
Anderson, Janies, farmer, Lyne
Allan, Robert, farmer, Hills
Brown, Geo., farmer, Westertown
Bruce, James, farmer, Burnside
Bremner, Wm., feuar, Dunkirk
Cushny, Rev. John, The Manse
Clark, James, station agent, Fochabers
Dawson, James, Parochial Schoolmaster
Duncan, Alex., shipmaster, Ward
Geddes, James, farmer, Orbliston
Grigor, John, shoemaker, Mosstodlach
Grant, Chas., merchant, Orbliston
Grant, Mrs., Dellachapple
Hunter, John, farmer, Dipple
Hay, Alex., farmer, Trochelhill
Hay, Wm., farmer, Hills
James, Andrew, farmer, Whinnyhaugh
Logie, James, farmer, Redhall
Leslie, George, farmer, Ashfield
Milne, George, contractor, Eastertown
Milne, Wm. , tailor, Mosstodlach
Milne, George, porkcurer, do.
Mill, George, farmer, Hills
Mitchell, Wm., paling maker, crofts
Morrison, James, blacksmith, Blackdam
Mitchell, Wm., farmer, Essil
Mackenzie, Robert, tailor, Burniestripe
M'Rae, D., farmer, Hills of Garmouth
M'Gregor, Alex., carpenter, Blinkbonny
Ross, A. P., Spey Cottage
Reid, Mrs., farmer, Stynie
Shand, Wm., joiner, Mosstodlach
Simpson, John, farmer, Cowfords
Stevenson, Robt., blacksmith, Dipple
Smith, John, farmer, Smithfield
Simpson, Alex., tailor, Blinkbonny
Taylor, Wm., sen., farmer, Bauds
Thomson, Andrew, farmer, Corskie
Winchester, John, farmer, Corsehill
These two towns are separated only by a few hundred yards, and both are gene-
rally included under the name of Garmouth. They are situated at the mouth of the
Spey, and have a large trade in shipbuilding ; but, since harbours have been so much
improved along the coast, and railways formed, and more especially since a diversion
took place in the outlet of the river, in 1860, the shipping and general trade of the
place have considerably decreased.
Established Church— The Rev. Mr Cushny, Speymouth, conducts Divine service in
the Society's Schoolhouse every alternate Sabbath evening.
Free Church Minister— -The Rev. John Allan. Ordained, 1843.
Schools— School supported by Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Know-
ledge— Teacher, A. B. Storar, who has a salary from the above society, the Govern-
ment Grant, and free House and Garden. Free Church School— Supported by allowance
from Free Church Education Committee, the Government Grant, and fees. Female
Schools— Teachers, Miss Leslie and Miss Mitchell.
Committee of Management for Feuars of Garmouth— Chairman— Oapt. Fyfe. Mem-
bers of Committee— John Mitchell, Robert Anderson, John Geddie, John Winchester,
Alex. Shand, all of Garmouth ; and Wm. Geddie, Kingston.
Bank— Caledonian— H. R. Thomson & Son, agents.
Savings Bank— Established in 1837 as a branch of the Elgin National Security
Savings' Bank— Presided— Rev. Mr Cushny and Rev. Mr Allan, alternately. Trustees—
Jas. Geddes, Orbliston ; Geo. Brown, Westerton ; A. P. Ross, Spey Cottage ; Robert
Anderson, Garmouth ; Capt. Fyfe, Garmouth ; John Mitchell, Garmouth ; Andrew
Brander, Finfan ; Cosmo Reid, Gladhill ; Dr Geddie, Kingston ; John Duncan, sen.,
Kingston ; Jas. Geddie, jun., Garmouth ; and James Hitchcock, Garmouth. Interim
Treasurer and Actuary — W. H. Thomson, Caledonian Bank.
Gas Company— Established, 1857. Chairman— Captain Fyfe. Directors— Robert
Anderson, shipowner ; James Spence, merchant ; Alex. Hay, shipbuilder ; John
Mitchell, shipowner ; Jas. Murdoch, feuar ; Jas. Geddie, sen., wood merchant ; James
Geddie, jun., shipbuilder, all of Garmouth ; Dr Geddie ; John Duncan, sen., ship-
builder; Jas. Geddie, shipbuilder, all of Kingston. Secretary— W. H. Thomson,
Caledonian Bank, Price of Gas— 15s. per 1000 feet.
Garmouth and Kingston Mechanics' library— Established, 1825. President— Hugh
Gordon. Vice-President— W '. H. Thomson, banker. Directors— Alex. Hay, ship-
builder ; W. M'Kenzie, blacksmith, Kingston; Alex. Leslie; Wm. Geddie, ship-
builder. Treasurer and Secretary— Alex. Symon, merchant. Librarian— Alexander
Robertson. .
Insurance Agents— Alliance Insurance Office, and Scottish Provincial Insurance
Office— Agent, W. H. Thomson. North British Insurance Co.— Agent, Jas. Leslie,
Principal Coast Officer— James Cruickshank. Pilots— Alex. Russell and Alex.
Coast Guard— Detachment from Lossiemouth and Buckie Stations — Michael
Collins, commissioned boatman ; J. Harcourt, boatman.

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