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Smith, James, farmer, Pitcraigie
Stephen, Alex., farmer, Netlier Glen
Sutor, Mrs., farmer, Collie
Simpson, James, carpenter, Inehberry
Simpson, George, farmer, Bogincur
Scott, James, farmer, St. Mary's
Smith, Mrs., Orchard Cottage
Trotter, Andrew, gamekeeper, Downieha
Thomson, Mrs., farmer, Birchfield
Torrie, James, farmer, Oldyards
Younie, James, farmer, Loanside
Anderson, Robert, railway guard, Old
Anderson, Peter, tailor, New Street
Anderson, James, mason, do.
Anderson, Alex., blacksmith, Green St.
Anderson, John, blacksmith, do.
Anderson, James, merchant, Burnside
Anderson, Elizabeth, teacher, Back St.
Annand, Joseph, carpenter, Burnside St.
Burnet, Alex., feuar, Old Street
Black, Miss, Female School, School Ter-
Black, John, cartwright, Old Street
Burgess, Win., shoemaker, New Street
Burgess, James, feuar, do.
Brown, Alex., cabinetmaker, New St.
Brown, James, innkeeper, do
Burgess, Charles, shoemaker, Burnside
Brander, Mrs., midwife, Burnside Street
Brown, Win., house carpenter, Station
Gumming, John, blacksmith, Old Street
Cruickshank, T., feuar, Old Street
Calder, Christian, teacher, Old Street
Cantlie, Francis, tinsmith, Old Street
Cameron, Mrs., merchant, Church Lane
Cameron, James, carpenter, Back Street
Cameron, Murdoch, merchant, New St.
Gumming, James, Inland Revenue, Burn-
side Street
Clark, James, shoemaker, Breich Street
Catto, Wm., manager, Sourden Mill,
New Street
Dean, Wm., F.C. School, New Street
Dean, James, City of Glasgow Bank
Agent, Old Street
Dean, Peter, City of Glasgow Bank, Old
Dumbreck, Peter, mason, Back Street
Duncan, James, millwright, New Street
Duff, James, carpenter, New Street
Dumbreck, D., carpenter, New Street
Davidson, James, distiller, New Street
Dick, Robert, Caledonian Bank Agent,
Green Street
Dustan, George, tailor, Green Street
Douglas, Wm., Kirk officer, Burnside
Farquhar, Peter, feuar, Old Street
Fraser John, feuar, do.
Ferguson, John, gamekeeper, Back St.
Fraser, Findlay, manager. Bulwark Mill,
New Street
Falconer, John, cabinetmaker, New St.
Falconer, Peter, merchant, do.
Fraser, George, mason, Green Street
Eraser, James, carter, do,
Forsyth, John, shoemaker, Burnside St.
Forsyth, James, fiesher, Burnside Street
Fleming, Mrs., School, Terrace
Forbes, Alex. , dyker, Old Street
Gray, Rev. George, The Manse
Grant, John, distiller, Glengrant
Grant, j,Robert, cartwright, Old Street
Gordon, Marjory, dressmaker, do.
Gordon, Alex. , baker, Old Street
Grant, Hay, saw miller, Back Street
George, Wm., forester, do.
Gordon, James, shoemaker, New Street
Grant, Robert, cooper, New Street
Gilchrist, John, cabinetmaker, New St.
Grant, Peter, mason, New Street
Graham, Mrs., innkeeper, New Street
Grant, John, blacksmith, Green Street
Grant, James, feuar, do.
Grigor, James, miller, do.
Green, John, meal dealer, Burnside St.
Gillis, Peter, mason, do.
Grant, Wm., carter, Breich Street
Grant, James, dancing master, do.
Grant, Mrs. , Station Villa
Hendry, James, saddler, Old Street
Hendry, James, postmaster, do.
Innes, James, druggist, Old Street
Innes, James, tailor, Green Street
Jenkins, Robert, carpenter, New Street
Kellas, John, tailor, Old Street
Kellas, Alex., maltman, Breich Street
Lawson, Alex., tailor and clothier, Old
Laing, John, carter, do.
Lawson, Wm., tailor, do.
Leslie, Archibald, stoker, Green Street
Leslie, Wm., carter, do.
Leslie, John, wood merchant, Wool Mill
Milne, Andrew, blacksmith, Old Street
Munro, David, slater, Back Street
Mackie, Lewis, blacksmith, New Street
Mackie, Wm., feuar, Green Street
^Vlackie, George, merchant, Burnside St.
1 Murray, Wm., gasmaker, do.
Morrison, Alex., police constable, Station
Murdoch, James, wood merchant, Old
Mantach, James, baker, Burnside Street
M'Watt, Rev. Alex., F.C. Manse
M 'Kenzie, Roderick, miller, Old Street
M 'Donald, John, clerk, Old Street
M 'Donald, Grigor, saddler, Old Street
M'Intosh, John, letter carrier, Old St.
M'Pherson, Peter, blacksmith, Back St.
M 'Kenzie, John, contractor, Back St.
M 'Kenzie, John, sheriff officer, New St.
M'Dougall, Archibald, Inland Revenue,
New Street
M'Kinnon, Alex., mason, New Street
M'Kerron, Peter, feuar, Green Street

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