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Collie, William, carpenter
Campbell, Robert, mason
Chisholm, Donald, innkeeper
Cameron, William, fishcurer
Davidson, Alex., cooper
Davidson, John, mason
Davidson, James, cooper
Davidson, William, carpenter
Dick William, merchant
Easter, James, shoemaker
Erskine, Rev. James M., U.P. Church
Ferguson, Alex., teacher, F.C. School
Fraser, Alex., merchant and postmaster
Fraser, Daniel, coal and manure agent.
Findlay, William, gardener
Gilchrist, Neil, teacher, G. A. School
Grant, Lewis, Grant's Inn
Grant, Alex., carter
Geils, John, tacksman of salmon fishings
Geils, Alex., fishcurer
Honeyman, David, rag collector
Honeyman, George, rag collector
Hendry, James, shipmaster
Hendry, John, late Coast Guard
Home, Wm., police constable
Jeffrey, Charles, shipmaster
Jeffrey, John, cooper
Jeffrey, William, baker
Jeffrey, Mrs., midwife
Jenkins, James, cooper
Jenkins, John, innkeeper
Jenkins, John, mason
Jenkins, Alex., baker
Joal, John, flesher
Johnston, James, church officer
King, George, shoemaker
Leslie, Rev. Alex., The Manse
Laing, William, carter
Mason, Alex., shipowner
Morrison, Charles F., harbour master
Morrison, James, fishcurer
Mitchell, John, boatman, Coast Guard
Murdoch, William, flesher
Milne, William, boatman, Coast Guard
M'Intosh, William, pilot
M'Intosh, James, boatman, Coast Guard
M'Lean, Daniel, painter
M 'Donald, Alex., mason
M 'Hardy, James, fishcurer
M'Leod, Duncan, shipmaster
M'Kenzie, James, grain agent
M'Lennan, John, cooper
Noble, John, carter
Noble, William, sailmaker
Noble, William, carter
Nicol, James, stoker
Nicol, Alex.j mason
Naughton, Alex., late farmer
Ogilvie, James, tailor
Paterson, William, cooper
Paton, David, late Coast Guard
Petrie, James, carpenter
Ross, Thomas, fishcurer
Ross, John, commission agent
Ross, Thomas, cooper
Ross, James, fishcurer
Robb, William, grain agent
Robb, Thomas, carter
Ritchie, Alex., mason
Ritchie, John, merchant
Reid, Edward F., principal Coast Officer
Rhind, Mrs., hairdresser
Robson James, carrier
Ralpb, John, boatman
Robson, Alex., merchant
Simpson, Mrs., innkeeper
Shiach, Alex., innkeeper
Sandison, William, carpenter
Sandison, John, blacksmith
Sandison, James, merchant
Sandison, John, shipmaster
Sutherland, Angus, tailor
Sutherland, Alex., innkeeper
Sutherland, Donald, merchant
Scott, George, cooper
Shaw, Mrs., merchant
Souter, Thomas, shoemaker
Souter, Alex., grain agent
Smith, William, cooper
Smith, Ann, bassmaker
Stewart, J. J., merchant
Taylor, David, cooper
Waters, Rev. David, F.C. Manse
Wares, J. , Fishery Officer
Wood, David, merchant
Wright, Thomas B., station agent
Hopeman is nearly as large as Burghead, as is shown by its population, which in
1861 was 1073. From Burghead, it is about two miles to the east. It is the property
of Thomas Duff Gordon Duff of Hopeman, and has a neat harbour, which accommo-
dates a large fishing, and also the shipping of the port, which is not, however, exten-
sive. The rapid increase of the population and trade of the town is mainly attributable
to the success of the herring fishing, the average catch at Hopeman having for years
past been the highest on this part of the coast.
Free Church — Rev. C. F. Corbett.
Schools — General Assembly School — Teacher — J. Mowbray Beveridge, who has a sti-
pendiary salary from the General Assembly's Education Committee, and from the
Proprietor, also the Government grant, the fees, and a free house and garden. He is
assisted by a pupil teacher, William Inch, and Mrs Beveridge conducts the industrial
department. Free Church School — Teacher (Vacant)— supported by a salary from
the F. C. Education Committee, and the fees. Female School — Teacher — Miss Dey.
Harbour Master — James Allan.
Post Office — Francis Forsyth, postmaster. John Eadie, postman, passes Hopeman
to Burghead at 8 "SO A.M., and in returning to Elgin at 1'55 p.m.
Savings' Bank— Established in 1839, as a branch of the National Security Savings'

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