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Bank. Meetings are held in the schoolhouse on the Wednesday before the last Satur-
day of every month for transacting business. The annual general meeting is held on
the first Tuesday of November
President — Major Gordon Duff of Drummuir. Vice-President — Rev. A. Brander,
D.D., minister of Duffus. Actuary — John Nicoll, teacher, Roseisle. Treasurer — Alex.
Munro. Managers — J. Mowbray Beveridge, teacher ; James Ledingham, fishcurer ; Jas,
Anderson, quarrier ; James Gray, mason ; John Raff, fisherman ; James Cameron,
fishcurer ; Eric Gray, farmer ; Finlay Matheson, Duffus ; Robert Simpson, merchant,
Jas. Fraser, Cummingston ; Jas. Gordon, carpenter ; Wm. Innes, farmer, Roseisle.
Total Abstinence Society — President — Wm. Walker, carrier. Secretary — Robert
Simpson, merchant. Treasurer — W. M'Rae.
Religious Tract Society— (Instituted 1861). Patron— Rev. Dr Brander. Chairman
—John Taylor, shipowner. Vice-Chairman— Alex. Johnston, shoemaker. Secretary
and Depositary— J . Mowbray Beveridge.
Herring Fishing— An extensive herring fishing is carried on very successfully at
Hopeman, the number of boats which fished last season having been sixty-six.
The principal curers are— James M'Connachie ; William Henderson; Nisbet & Co.,
Banff; John Taylor ; George Slatter ; and James Cameron.
White Fishing — The white fishing is carried on to a considerable extent, the curers
being — Messrs M'Connachie, Henderson, Taylor, and Slatter. The haddocks are
smoked and sent principaTy to Glasgow and London, and the cod and ling, which are
all stone dried, are also sent to these markets.
Salmon Fishing — The Hopeman salmon fishings are let to Mr Geils, who has a
station at Hopeman, at which four men are generally employed.
Mills — The Macduff Commercial Company have extensive flour and meal mills in
the village, driven by steam-power, a building four storeys in height, and containing
very superior machinery.
Quarries — Adjoining Hopeman are three freestone quarries, the stones from which
are exported to all parts of the country. One, called the Priesthaugh Quarry, is ten-
anted by James Gray ; and other, the Clashach Quarry, by James Anderson ; and a
third, the Masonhaugh Quarry, by William Anderson.
Limeworks— The Inverugie Limeworks, tenanted by Mr Colin M'Kenzie, Elgin,
are about half a-mile south of Hopeman. The lime is considered very good, and the
works are extensive.
Vessel Sailing from Hopeman— The Johns, 100 tons, owner, John Taylor.
Anderson, Alex., baker
Anderson, James, quarrier
Allan, James, harbour-master
Adams, John, baker
Beveridge, J. Mowbray, teacher, G. A. Suh,
Brands, Robert, carter
Corbett, Rev. C. F., Free Church mini-
Cameron, James, fishcurer
Calder, Alex., merchant
Cowie, John, merchant
Cowie, George, carter
Dick, Alex., carter
Dunbar, James, merchant
Duncan, George, cooper
Flood, Wm., blacksmith
Fraser, John, tailor
Forsyth, Francis, postmaster
Fapp, Donald, merchant
Fraser, Peter, thatcher
Findlay, Wm., carter
Findlay, Wm., boatbuilder
Gait, Alex., thatcher
Grant, George, blacksmith
Grant, George, innkeeper
Gray, James, mason
Gray, Mrs., midwife
Grant, Mrs., innkeeper
Gait, John, labourer
Henderson, James, fishcurer
Henderson, John, cooper
Holme, David, shoemaker
Johnston, Alex., shoemaker
Ledingham, James, fishcurer
Leslie, James, shoemaker
Leslie, John, cadger
Masson, Alex., carter
Masson, Robert, mason
Munro, Alex., carpenter
Milne, Wm. , miller and grocer
Murray, James, lime burner
Morris, Wm., carter
M'Kenzie, Kenneth, blacksmith
M'Rae, Wm., pensioner
M'Kenzie, Robert, carter
M'Kenzie, Alex., jun., fisherman
M'Live, James, cooper
Russell, James, carter
Ross, James, cooper and grocer
Simpson, Robert, merchant
Simpson, Mrs., midwife
Smith, Jessie, grocer
Slatter, John, cooper
Slatter, George, fisherman
Slatter, Wm., da
Slatter, Joseph, do.
Slatter, Alex., do.
Smith, James, do.
Sutherland, Daniel, do.
Sutherland, Daniel, do.
Sutherland, James, do.
Sutherland, Janies,do.

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