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Exported. Dues.
Wheat id per quarter.
Barley 3d per do.
Oats ........... 2d per do.
Flour 2d. per sack.
Stones 3d per ton.
Pit Props Id & ljd. per ton.
Herrings 3d per barrel.
Imported. Dues.
Coals... 9dper ton.
Salt is. do.
Iron , .. Is. 3d da
Do. (bundles & made work) 2s do.
General Goods (local) 3d per B.B.
Do. (for Sutherland). . .... Id. per B.B.
in-heavy goods*
Tons Register.
Small packages under 56 lbs. are reckoned Gne^fourih barrel bulk
2.J cwt. is about a barrel bulk.
Warehouse Dues — ljd. per ten per day.
Managing Owners,
Captain Jack, Elgin.
Wm. Anderson, Burghead.
The number of vessels frequenting the harbour yearly is about 250,. which register
some 18,000 tons. The tonnage dues payable by vessels loading or discharging, are 4d,
per register ton ; by wind-bound vessels, 2d. per ton.
Depth of ivater in Harbour — At neap tides, 10 feet, and at stream tides, 13 to 14 feet.
Steamers — North of Scotland Steam Shipping Company — " Times" on passage from
Granton to Inverness, calls every Saturday' ; and in returning, calls every Tuesday
Forenoon ; " Dundalk" on passage from Granton to Inverness, calls every Wednesday
forenoon; in returning, calls every Friday forenoon.
Little ferry and Burghead Steam Packet Company — The " Heather Bell, " commander,,
Captain Nesbitt, leaves Burghead every Wednesday and Saturday, not before half-
past one o'clock ; leaving Littleferry every Tuesday and Friday morning at seven A.M..
Agent for all the Steamers — P. Christall,
Herring Fishing— Burghead is a herring fishing station of considerable importance.
Last season, the number of boats which fished at it was seventy^six, which was about
fourteen more than ever were stationed at Burghead previously. The Fishery Officer
is Mr James Wares, and the principal curers— Nisbet & Co. ? Banff; John Bisset,
Buckie ; A, Bremner, Buckie ; A. Geils, Burghead ; W. Cameron, Burghead ; Thomas-
Jenkins; Donald Chisliolm ; James Morrison ; JamesM'Hardy ; Thomas Ross; Jas.
Ross ; James Rose ; John Todd ; A. & J. Allan — Harbour dues- for the season, 12s per
boat ; boats calling occasionally, Is for loading or discharging ; wind-bound boats, 6d.
White Fishing — The white fishing is carried on to a considerable extent from the
1st of September to the end of May following. The fish consist chiefly of haddocks,
with a smaller proportion of cod and ling. The haddocks are smoked and sent in
barrels to the Edinburgh, Glasgow, and other Southern markets. The cod and ling
are all sent to London, partly stone dried, and partly in pickle. The principal curers
are James Morrison, James M 'Hardy, Thomas Ross, Wm. Dick, John Todd — Harbour
dues, 20s per boat for the season.
Salmon Fishings — The Burghead and Roseisle salmon fishings, embracing from
three to four miles of sea coast, and owned jointly by C. L. dimming Bruce, and W.
Young of Burghead, are let to Mr Geils, who has a station in Burghead, and sends his
fish to the London mai-ket, chiefly by railway.
Cod Liver Oil Manufactory — Messrs Parker & Co., Leitb, have a Cod Liver Oil-
Manufactory in Burghead. They purchase livers from the fishermen of Burghead,.
and occasionally from Hopeman, and even Lossiemouth, and prepare and send off the
oil in considerable quantities.
Total Abstinence Society — Chairman — Rev. J. M. Erskine, Secretary — Alexander
Royal Naval Coast Volunteers— Burghead furnishes about forty men to the Royal
Naval Coast Volunteers, who attend drill annually on board H. M S. " Edinburgh."
Station Agent — Thos. B. Wright.
Bowie, George, mason
Bottril, Charles, boatman, Coast Guard
Bannerman, David
Currie, John, commissioned boatman,
Coast Guard
Currie, Daniel,, chief officer, Coast Guard
Clark, Alex., boatman
Clayton, William, tailor
Cumming, Alex., carter
Cumming, John, merchant

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