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Mustard, Robert, farmer, Sweetliillock
Mortimer, James, farmer, Ogtown
M'Lennan, Wm., farmer, Caysbriggs
M'Bean, Alex., shepherd, Stotfield
Robertson, George, farmer, Green
Ritchie, William, blacksmith, Covesea
Russell, James, farmer, do.
Reid, Wm., farmer, Salterhill
Reid, Wm., jun., Salterhill
Ray, Wm,, farmer, Sunbank
Simpson, Ferguson, farmer, Covesea
Stewart, Wm., farmer, WeSterfoldS
Sinclair, James, farmer, Penrose
Shand, John, blacksmith, Muirton
Simon, Joseph, farmer, Muirton
Shearer, James, farmer, Cocklehill
Sinclair, Alex., farmer, Greens
Stephen, William, carter, Stotfield
Slater, Wm., boat-builder, Stotfield
Shaw, James, joiner, Stotfield
Thorn, Widow James, farmer, Greens
Thompson, James, farmer, Hamlets
Weir, Rev. James, Manse
Watson, John, farmer, Greens of Muirton
Wiseman, James, Oakenhead
Yool, Thomas, farmer, Coulartbank
Young, William, farmer, Greens
Lossiemouth and Branderburgh have now extended until they have met and
become one. We, therefore, speak of them as one, under the name of Lossiemouth.
In extent and population, no town in the North of Scotland has increased so rapidly
as Lossiemouth has done within the last twenty years. In 1831, the population of
Lossiemouth, Branderburgh, and Stotfield was only 748, in 1861 it was 2496. The
success of the herring and white fishing has induced fishermen from other stations
to remove to Lossiemouth, and not a few curers, resident in other parts of the
country, have stations at Lossiemouth, and send boats there to prosecute the herring
fishing. It is the most important herring fishing station on the Morayshire coast, 117
boats having fished at it in 1862, and there would have been more had there been
The new harbour was commenced in 1835, and Was opened for traffic in 1839. Prior
to this period the revenue was only £100, but it immediately rose to £400. From time
to time further extensions of the harbour have been made, and the result has invari-
ably been a corresponding increase of revenue. So rapid has the increase been, that the
dues for the year to Whitsunday, 1862 (including rents of stores erected by the Com-
pany), amounted to nearly £2S00. A new sea-wall has been erected, and an entirely
new basin formed, within the last two years, Which will give a great amount of addi-
tional accommodation both for ships and fishing boats, and Parliament has been ap-
plied to for powers to raise money for establishing regular communication by steam
vessels between Lossiemouth and the ports to the north of it.
The improvement of the harbour, and the facilities of railway communication,
Which Lossiemouth has now enjoyed for ten years, have given a stimulus to the trade
of the place, which has rendered it one of the most important and most thriving sea-
port towns north of Aberdeen. To its other branches of trade, Lossiemouth has added
Ship-building within the last few years— two builders, John Geddie, and William
Geddie having each a vessel on the stocks at the present time.
Most of the town is new, and is regularly laid out. Lossiemouth, which is the older
part, is on the level by the seaside. Branderburgh, for most part recently built,
stretches up the side of a gentle slope, and has broad and regularly laid off streets, the
houses being founded upon the solid rock, in which excellent freestone quarries can any-
where be obtained. The new houses are tastefully constructed, and have a clean airy
appearance. Branderburgh is a favourite place for sea bathers, and several gentlemen,
resident in Elgin, have erected villas, in which they stay with their families during
summer. There is a proposal at present to adopt some parts of the Police Act, and
to introduce water and gas into the houses.
The Harbour— The Harbour Board and officials are given at page twenty-eight, but
we may here repeat the officials resident at Lossiemouth, who are— Alex. Sim, banker,
collector of Dues ; Harbour Master, Captain George Shand ; under Harbour Master,
D. Macqueen.
Owner or Agent.
Captain Shand
C. M'Kenzie
William Macbean..
John Stewart
Ships. Master
Agnes West
Brahan Castle
Clansman Sandison
Elizabeth Stewart ..
Helen and Mary Coul Captain Shand
Inchbroom West Do.
Kate of Birkenhill ... Anderson W. Sellar, Linkwood
Lossie Shaw Captain Shand
Margaret Reid Reid J. Reid
Peggie West Captain Shand

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