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Ships. Masters. Owner or Agent. Tonnage. Built.
Sailor : limes W. Sellar, Linkwood 48 I860
Bir George Brown Boss C. M'Kenzie, Elgin ... 134 1855
Star of the East Thomson J. Beid 118 1857
Margaret West West Captain Shand 96 1862
Trade of the Harbour in year to Whitsunday, 1862 — In the year ending Whitsunday,
1862, the number of vessels that entered the harbour was 335, which registered
23,679 tons. The number of boats engaged in the herring fishing, season 1862, was 117,
the white fishing boats numbering eighteen.
Exports and Imports — The following are the exports and imports of a few of the
principal articles for the year to Whitsunday, 1862 -.—Exports — 2272 barrel bulk of
general goods by steamer ; 10,591 barrels herrings ; 538 quarters wheat ; 5955 quar-
ters barley ; 301 quarters oats ; 314 sacks flour ; 1100 bolls meal ; 906 tons potatoes.
Imports— 3895 barrel bulk general goods by steamer ; 326,000 slates ; 593 tons
salt ; 20,826 tons coals ; 5587 quarters wheat ; 569 quarters barley ; 1491 tons artificial
manures ; 309 tons bones ; 1281 tons iron ; 3369 loads foreign timber ; 68 head Shet-
land cattle ; 449 lambs.
Tonnage Dues, 4cZ per ton; Pilotage, 3d per ton — Herring fishing boats pay per season
12s each ; white fishing boats 20s.
Shore Dues on Principal Articles of Export and Import — Home timber 2\ per cent,
value on quay ; foreign do. , 2s per load ; coal, lOd per ton ; wheat, 4d per quarter ;
barley, 3d per quarter ; oats, 2d per quarter ; meal, ljd per boll ; potatoes, Is 4d per
ton ; salt, Is per ton ; herrings, 3d per barrel ; manures, Is 6d per ton ; bones, Is per
ton ; malleable iron, 2s per ton ; pig iron, Is per ton ; slates, 2s per 1000 ; cattle, 8d a-
head ; sheep, 2d a-head. These are subject to certain deductions.
Herring Fishing — The number of boats has of late been increasing largely every
year, in consequence of the successful fishing at the port, of the good harbour accommo-
dation, and of the facility for getting convenient sites for curing stations, for erecting
the necessary buildings at a cheap rate, and for, the storage and shipping of herrings.
In 1862, the herring fishing was prosecuted by 117 boats. The curers are — Alexander
Wiseman ; James M'Connachie ; Alexander Milne ; Bepresentatives of the late James
Metheun, Leith ; Mrs K. Bremner, Keith ; John Napier ; Thomas Napier ; James
Bitchie ; Alex. Thorn, Buckie ; John Dickson. The herrings are shipped chiefly to
Stettin, Harburg, Dantzic, &c.
White Fishing — The white fishing is usually prosecuted by from fifteen to twenty
boats. There aie three curing establishments— Jas. M'Connachie's, Alex. Wiseman's,
and Bremner & Henderson's. The Fishermen get £2 per man of bounty, and 45s.
per boat of earnest money, and have 10s per cwt. for the haddocks taken, and 7?d
each for cod fish of seventeen inches and upwards. When cod are abundant, they
are pickled and sent by steamer to London during Lent. Bart of them, however, are
dried for home consumption. The haddocks are smoked and sent to Edinburgh and
Glasgow markets by railway. Every boat's crew get the fifth day to themselves to
catch fish for the supply of the home market.
Salmon Fishings — His Grace the Duke of Bichmond leases the salmon fishings
from Lady Dunbar Brander, and has a station at Lossiemouth, where four men are
employed, who take the salmon with bag-nets, and send those not sold at the station
to London in ice.
Lossiemouth Life-Boat (supported by voluntary contributions) — A handsome boat
and transporting carriage have been placed here by the Boyal National Life-Boat
Institution. The crew consists of a Coxswain and about twenty men. The boat is
taken afloat regularly every quarter for exercise, the crew receiving a gratuity of 3s.
each in calm, and 5s. in rough weather. The Coxswain is paid a salary of £8 a-year.
Central Committees—George Gatherer, Chairman ; Bev. James Weir ; Capt. Shand ;
James Sidey, M. D. ; Bobert Manson. Honorary Secretary — Alex. Sim. Coxswain —
Alex. Beid.
Insurance A gencies^-F 'or Scottish Equitable and Scottish Union Assurance Com-
panies — Alex. Sim, banker. Eor the Liverpool and London Assurance Company —
ilex. Shand, agent.
Steamers — Two steamers, the Dundalk and Britannia, call on Wednesdays and
Saturdays on their voyages north from Edinburgh to Inverness, and on Tuesdays and
Fridays going south. Agent — Bobert Manson.
Swedish and Norwegian Consul — Alex, Sim, banker.
Agent for Lloyds — Bobert Brander, general merchant.
Royal Bank — Alex. Sim, agent ; A. J. Smith, accountant.
Medical Practitioner — Dr Work.
H.M. Customs— Frincipal Coast Officer, Deputy Beceiver of Wreck, and Shipping
blaster — Robert Simmie. Assistant — Bobert Dean, extra tide waiter.
Coast Guard— Chief Officer— James Crowden. Chief Boatman— James Thomson-

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