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Seaport of Lossiemouth, 629
,, of Branderburgh, 453
Village of Stotfield, m
Rural, 2:^8
In the Harbour, 41
Total, 1457
Population in 1851, 807
Increase in ten years,
Patron — Sir A. P. Gordon Cumming, Bart, of Altyre and Gordonstown.
Minister — Rev. James Weir, A.M. Ordained 9th April, 1846. Stipend, fifteen chal-
ders, half barley and half oatmeal, and £8 6s 8d for communion elements, with
Manse and Offices, and a Glebe of six acres. In Lossiemouth there is a Chapel of
Ease, in which Mr Weir preaches every Sabbath afternoon.
Free Church (in Lossiemouth) — Rev. Charles Tulloch. Ordained 1858.
United Presbyterian Church (in Lossiemouth) — The Rev. William M'Donald.
Ordained 1847.
Baptist Congregation (Lossiemouth) — Commenced in 1862 — Leader, Mr M'Kimmie.
Parochial School — Retired teacher, Peter Durno, inducted 1799. Present teacher,
Rev. Robert M'Kerron, A.M. Salary, £60, with Dick Bequest allowance, fees, free
House, and allowance for Garden.
Lossiemouth Schools — General Assembly School— Teacher — James Grant, A.M., who
has a Government Certificate, with Free House and Garden, and three pupil teachers.
Female Industrial Schools, in connection therewith — Teacher — Mrs. Grant, who has a
Government Certificate, with two Pupil Teachers. Free Church School — Teacher —
David Gemmell. who holds a Government certificate.
Parochial Board — For the Heritors — Robert Walker, Altyre, factor for Sir A. P. G.
Cumming, Bart, of Altyre ; George Gatherer, writer, Elgin, for himself and as factor
for Lady Dunbar Brander of Pitgaveny, and mandatory for John Brander, Tahiti ;
George Allan, joiner, Lossiemouth ; Robert Brander, general merchant ; Alexander
Cooper, writer, Elgin ; Wm, Cowie, Branderburgh ; George Cruickshank, Plewland ;
Wm. Elliot, Branderburgh ; James Grant, merchant, Lossiemouth ; James Mortimer,
farmer, Ogston; James M'Connachie, fishcurer, Branderburgh; Peter M'Donald,
Fife Arms, Elgin; James M'Kenzie, contractor, Branderburgh; William Priest,
Lochside ; John Reid, shipowner, Branderburgh ; Robert Sellar, Woodpark, Rothie-
may ; Alex. Shand, jun, shipowner, Lossiemouth House ; Captain Shand, harbour-
master ; Alex. Sim, Royal Bank ; Wm. Shiach, Cots of Blackhills ; George Sinclair,
flesher, Wick ; John Stephen, Friar's House, Elgin ; Alex. Thorn, fishcurer, Buckie ;
Wm. Thorn, R.N., Lossiemouth ; James Young, sen., Brewery, Elgin. For the Kirk-
Session — The Rev. James Weir, Drainie ; Wm. Ray, Sunbank ; Dr Gilzean, Covesea ;
Wm. Adam, Kinnedar ; Alex. Falconer, Ardivot ; James Russell, Covesea. Fleeted
Members— Wm. Stewart, Westerfolds ; George Robertson, Greens ; and Thomas
Yool, Coulartbank. Standing Committee — Rev. James Weir, George Gatherer, Wm.
Ray, and Thomas Yool. Chairman — Rev. James Weir. Inspector and Collector —
Alex. Wiseman, ^merchant, Lossiemouth. Rate of Assessment — Owners, 4|d per
pound ; occupiers, lOd per pound ; horses paying on full rental, warehouses on two-
thirds, and land on one-third. Total Assessment for Poor, about £380. Number of
Poor on Roll, 41.
Registrar — Alex. Wiseman, merchant, Lossiemouth.
Session Clerk — Rev. Robert M'Kerron, Parochial SchooL
Post Town — Lossiemouth, Elgin.
Adam, Wm., farmer, Kinneddar
Anderson, Adam, gamekeeper, Gordons-
Cattell, William, farmer, Smithfield
Cattell, James, farmer, Newlands
Cameron, Miss Mary, farmer, Balormie
Collie, Charles, mason, Stotfield
Cruickshank, George, farmer, Plewland
Dunbar, Alex., mason, Covesea
Duncan, Wm., farmer, Lochside
Edward, William, shoemaker, Stotfield
Edward, James, do., do.
Edward, George, shoemaker, Stotfield
Elder, Alexander, mason, do.
Falconer, William, farmer, Snverhiils
Falconer, Alex., farmer, Ardivot
Falconer, Wm., crofter, Stotfield
Forsyth, John, gardener, Gordonstown
Gilzean, Dr James, farmer, Covesea
Gatherer, George, farmer, Muirton
Gilzean, Jonathan, merchant, Stotfield
Harper, Joseph, farmer, Covesea
Hendry, Wm., farmer, Drainie
Hutcheon, A., farmer, do.

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