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boro',Derizes,Melkslmm, Bath. Wells
Brigewater, Taiintoii.Wellington, Exe-
ter & Tolness
PLYMOUTH, Exeter&Salisbuiy-Krlipse
daily, morn at half p 7, Gol<leii Cross,
Charinff Cross, & Cross Kess, Wood-st
thro' Blandford, Doichesler, Bridport,
Axminstev &Hoiiitoii ; from ;;a)isbury,
passengers & parcels are forw.irded to
Yeovil,TnuntoD,Barnstaple & Shaftes
PLYMOUTH & Exeter-Daily, 5 even,
Spiead Eagle, Gracechurch-st&Spiead
Eagle, Piccadilly
. PLYMOUTH, Express, daily, at halfp
5, Sul, Gerrard's Hall, Bising lane,
thro' Newbury, Hun-erford, Marlbro'.
Calne, and Chippenham
PLYMOUTH, Post Coach, dailv, morn
8, Bull & Mouth, thro' Aiitlover, Hin-
don, llchester, Exeter & Ashburton
PLYMOUTH, Post Coach, daily morn
at 8, Bull & Mouth, over the new road
thro' Andover —See Exeter, Bath,F<il
mouth, and Salisbury
PLYMOUTH DOCK, Devon 2i8-?ec
Salisbury .Falmouth, Exetcr&Plymouth
â– PONDER'S END, Middlesex 8--Mora
halfp 10, ev 6, Marlboro Herul, and
Flower Pot, Bishopsgate-SeeHertford
and Walthara Abbey
POOLE, Dorset ]13..PooIe& Southamp-
ton Mail, er. half p7, Su. qrbef7Bell&
Crown, Holborn, calls at Gloucester
Coffee-house, Piccadilly; thronghFaru-
ham, Alton, Alresford, Winchester
Southampton, Lymington, Lyndhurst'
Totten , Eling, Ringwood,Christchurch ,
Wareham, ; Wimborn, Stoneycross'
Cowes, Newport and Ryile. '
POOLE.. M. W. and F. aft. at halfp 3,
Bell and Crown, Holborn; thro' Salis-
bury, Ringwood and Wimbourn..See
POPHAM LANE, Hants SL.See South-
POPLAR, Midd. 2i .daily, hourly. Black
Boy and Camel, Leadenhall st,andBIue
Boar and Bull, Aldgate.
P0RT6EA, Hants 67.. See Portsmouth.
PORTSMOUTH, Hampshire 72.. Mail,
ev at halfp 7, Su halfp 6,Angel,StCle-
ment's, Bolt-in-Tun, Fleet-street, and
White Horse, Fetter-laue, calls at
George and Gate, Gracechurch-street,
Spread Eagle, and N ew White Horse
Cellar, Piccadilly, and Spotted Dog,
Strand; thro' Kingston, Thames Uit-
ton, Esher,Cobham, Ripley, Guildford,
Rake, Petersfield, Horndean, Puibrook,
Cosham and Hilsea, to Portsmouth.
PORTSMOUTH.. Auc/{e<, morn at halfp
8, Belle Sauvage,Ludgate-hill, &White
Bear, Piccadilly, calls at Spotted Dog,
Strand, and Gloucester CoH'ee-house,
Piccadilly : through Guildford, Ripley,
Godalming, Moushill, Liphook, Horn
dean and Portsea.
rORTSMOVTH.. ff Wellington, ev. at 7,
Golden Cross, Charing-cross, and Cross
Keys, Wood-st
PORTSMOVTH.. Regulator morn at 8,
same bouses and route as the Mail.
PORTSMOUTH. .//era, morn at8,Spread
Eagle, Gracechurch-st, Golden Cross,
Charing Cross, and Cross Keys, Wood
St; through Wandsworth, Kingston,
Esher, Ripley, Guildford, Godalming,
Liphook, Horndean and Peterslield.
PORTSMOUTH., r/je Nelson, ev. at i
bef. 7, Spread Eagle, Gracechurch st;
thro' Wandsworth, Kingston, Ripley,
and Portsea; from whence Packets pro-
ceed to the Isle of Wight.
PORTSMOUTH. .Coaches daily, 7morn,
halfp7 ev. WhiteHorse, Fetter-lane.
POSTCOMBE, Oxon 40.. See Thame,
Oxford and Woodstock.
POTTERIES, Stalford .See Liverpool.
POTTERS BAR, Midd. 14 daily, alt at
halfpastS, Three Cups, Aldersgate st..
See Kettering and Hitchin.
PRESCUT,Laucashire iy7..SeeLiverpooI
PRESTElGN, through Oxford, Worces-
ter&Leomins*er,Tues.Thurs.nnd Sun.
quarter p 2 aft. Bull and Mouth, Bull
and Mouth-street.
, - ,,.-.on ( rine Wheel, Boro; through Streath.im
PRESTON, LancMshire 217.. See Man- Croydon, Merstham and Gatlou v'nvk'
Chester and Kendal. r.^.,,.r^., „, ruiK.
PRITTLEWELL, Essex 41 .daily at i
bef 3, Blue Boar, Aldgate ; thro' Rom-
ford, Brentwood, Billericay, Raleigh &
Adam's Elm.. See Southend.
PUCKERIDGE, Herts 26.. See Boston
Stamford, Lynn and Cambridge.
PULBORO, Sussex 48.. See Arundel and
PURimOOK, Hants 66.. See Portsmouth
PUKFLEET, Essex .See Horndon am
PUSEY, Berks 64 .See Marlborough
PUTNEY, Surrv 4.. daily, morn athalf
past 10 and half past II, aft half p 2 and
quarter past 3 ev. quarter p 7 and half Spotted Dog, Strand, Crown, & Goos
p 8, Kdinboro Castle, Strand.
PUTNEY .12 morn, 7 ev. Sun i p 10
Crown, and Goose and Gridiron, St
Paul's Church yard. .See Richmond
PYCOMBE.. See Brighton.
QUENDON, Essex 36 See Cambridge
HaverilljSad'ron Waldenand Norwich
QUORNE..See Manchester.
RADLET, Herts 14 .See St. Albans.
RAG LAND, Monmouth 139 .See Glou
RAINHAM..Kent 34.. See Dover, Sit-
tingbourne and Faversham.
RAINHAM, Essex 12.. See Horndon and
'â– Fakenham.
RAKE, Sussex 49 ..See Portsmouth.
RAMSBURY, Wilts 68.. See Marlboro.
RAMSGATE, Kent 72 .Telegraph, morn
at i bef 7, Saracen's Head, Snowhill.
calls at Gloucester Coffee-house, Pic
cadilly. Green Man and Still, Oxford
st, and Black Bear, and Old White
Horse Cellar, Piccadilly; thro' Roches
ter, Chatham,Sittingbourne,Faversham
Sandwich, Canterbury, Deal, Dover &
morn quarter before 8, and evcuing
halfp 7, Spread Eagle, Gracechnrch-st,
thro' Dart 'ord, Gravesend, Stroud, Ro-
chester, Chatham, Ospriuge, Gre n-st
Sittingbourn and Canterbury.
RAMSGATE..mornat7, ev 5. Moore's,
Green Man and Still, Oxford-st
RAMSGATE.. jJ/ercrarji, morn at half p 7,
bourne, Faversham, Canterbury, Dover,
Deal, Margate, Sandwich and Broad
RAMSGATE. .daily, morn at qr p 6, ev.
halfp 5, White Horse, Fatter-lane, and
Angel, St. Clement's, Strand.
RAMSGATE.. daily, morn at JbefS, Jt
ev. 7, Ship, Charing-cross ;throGraves
end, Chatham an.l Canterbury.
RAMSGATE.. f/nion, daily, morning at
qr past 7, ev. half past 6, Blossoms
Inn, Lawrence-lane.
RAMSGATE. .daily, morn ht ^ b 8, Whiti
Bear, Piccadilly.. See Dover, Cantrer-
bury and Margate.
RAYLEIGH, Essex .See Southend.
READING, Berks 38 .Shades, daily, at
J, Bo.'t in-Tun, Fleet-st, calls at Old
White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly ; thro'
Slough, Maidenhead and Sallhill.
READING .atquarterpS, daily, (Sues)
Black Lion. M'ater-lane, calls at New
White Horse Cellar, ami White Bear,
Piccadilly ; thro'Staines,Egham, Black
ness, Suiming Hill, VVindsor Park,
Hatchet -lane, Winkfield, Warfield, Ben-
field, Bracknell and Oakingham
READING .Daily, at l,Su 8 morn.Black
Lion, Water -lane, calls at New W'jite
Horse Cellar, and Spread Eagle; Pic-
cadilly, and Spotted Dog, Strand ;thro'
Twyford, Harehatch and Maidenhead..
See Newbury, Frome, Plymouth, Bris-
tol, Bath and Highworth.
READING, (Thumbwoods) Mon Wed
Fri. halfp 3alt, Gerard's Hall, B.ising
lane, and White Horse Cellar, Pic-
READING, daily, morn 11, (Su ex) Sa-
racen's Head, Fridav-st.
REDBURN, Herts 25.. See Woobnrn,
Wellington, Hull, Northampton, Bir-
niingham and Manchester.
REIGATE, or RYGATE, Surry 21..
fyoodhatch, daily, aft 4, (Su ex) Cross
Keys, Gracechurch st, eall» at Oathe-
REIGATE or RYEGATE.. daily, aft at
i p 4, George and Gate,(iracecliurch-st
same route. .See Brighton. '
RETFORD, Nottingham 144. .See York
add Leeds.
RHYLANDFAIR, Flint See Shrews-
bury and Holyhead.
RICHMOND. Surry 9..rime», morn at
10, and aft at half p 4, Cross Keys
Gracechurch-st; throngh Clapham'
Wanilsworfh, Putney, Barnes, Mortlake
and East Sheen.
RICHMOND, daily, every 2 hours from
8 morn. Old and New White Horse
Cellars, and Black Bear, Piccadilly,
and Gridiron, St. Paul's church-yard
RICHMOND, York 234.. See York
RlCKMANSWORTH.Herts 18..aftat 3,
Bull, Holborn, calls at Griffin's and
Moore's, Green Man and Still, Boar and
Castle, & Brown's Warehouse, 2480x-
ford-st ; thro' Edgewtire, Stanmorc,.
Bushey and Watford... See Amersham
and Chesham.
RIDDLESDOWN, Sussex... .See East
RINGWOOD, Hants 97.. .See Salisbury
and Poole.
RIPLEY, Snrry 24. .See Godalming, Cob-
ham, Chichester aad Portsmouth.
RIPON, York21i..See Leeds, Harrow-
gate and Edinburgh.
RIVERHEAD, Kent 22.. See Seven Oaks
and Timhridge Wells.
ROBERTS BRIDGE, Sussex 50.. .See
ROCHESTER, Kent 29..Morn at i bef
8,&aft qr bef 4, .Ship, Charing-cross;.
thro' Dartford, Gravesend and Cha
tbam..See Faversham, Canterbury, Do-
ver, Deal, Ramsgate, Margate, Sitting-
bourne, Brompton and Gravesend.
ROCHESTER, Chatham and Brompton,,
6 times a day, Blossomslnn, Lawrence-la
ROCHFORD, Essex 40.. See Southend.
RODBOROUGH, Gloucester 101 ...See
ROEHAMPTON, Surry 10.. At noon, and
7 ev. Su morn half p 10, Crown and
Goose and Gridiron,St Paul'schnrch-yd
ROLVEN DON, Kent 56... See Maidstone
ROMFORD, Essex 12.. morn at 10, alt at
4 and 5, Sun quarter before 8, e v. Sa-
racen's Head, Aldgate, thro' Ilford.
ROMFORD. .daily, morn at5& 7, and
ev. 6, morn qurtr bef 8 Sun. Blue Boar,
Aldgate; thro' Ilford. .see Ipswich,
Ockendon, Blackmore, Billericay, Nor^
wich, Yarmouth, Colchester, Chelms-
ford and Harwich.
ROMNEY, (Nrw), Kent 71. .see Dover «c
ROMSEY, lUnts73. . Self De/enre, daily,
morning at 7, (Su ex) Bell Sauvage,
Lud^ate-hill ; through Alton, Alresford,
and Winchester.
ROSS, Hereford 120.. see Carmarthen and
ROTHERHAM, Sheffield, Huddersfield
and Halifax, daily, quarter bef 7 morn,
George and B'ue Boar, Holborn.
ROTHERHITHE..10, 12 morn and 4af-
ternoon. Silver Cross, Charing-cross.
ROYSTON, Herts 37..see Lynn, Cam-
bridge, Wisbeach, Fakenham, Boston,
Stamford and Bnntingford.
RUGELEY, Stafford 126..See Liverpool
and Manchester.
RUSHAM..See Kettering.
RUSHYFORD, Durham 250.. See York.
RYDE, Isle of Wight. .see Portsmouth
and Poole.
RYE, Sussex 6Z..Ro;ial'Xelogrnph, every
morn at 7, Bolt-in-Tun, Fleet-street,
calls at George, Queen's Head, and No.
88 Boro ; thro"runbridge,Lamberhurst,
Hawkhurstand Nnrthiam.
RYE..M. W. and F. at 7, George Inn.
Boro; through Staplehurst, Morden,
Linton & Cranbrook. .Packets to Bo-
logne, Tu. and Friday.
SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex 42. .Morn
at qr bef 10, Saracen's Head, Aldgate;.
thro' Eppint:, Harlow, Sawbridgew orth,
Stortford, Stanstead, Quendon and
Newport. "^

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