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deu Cross, Charing Cross, & Atlas Of-l ODlHAiVl, Hants 4i>-See Basingstoke
fice, y, Piccadilly
NORWICH, T.ie Day, morn at half p 5,
Spread Eai;le, Gracecliurch-st. & Pic-
ca.lilli, tlirough Roiiit'ord, In^ivtestone,
Chelmsford, Waltham, Braintrep,Bock-
ing, Halstead, Sudbury, Long Melford
Bury St. Edinonils, Is worth, Bottesdalf,
Sturton. Scole Inn & I^oug Sttatton.
NORWICH, Expediti6n Coach, afl
5, White Horse, I'elter-lane, calls at
Ciosslve>s,Wood-st, & Bull, Bishops-
Rate-it, thro' Eppiu;;, Halow, Hoc-
kerill, (iueendou Street Cbesterlield,
Thetfurd, Larliaglord, Attleborougli
& Wymoiidli im.
NORWICH, Telegraph, at half past six,
inorn, tiolden Cross, Charing Cross, &
Cross Keys, Wood-st Cdlls at flower
Pot,Bishopsgate-st, thro' Newmarket
& Thetford. '
NOttWICH, Phenomena, morn at half p
6, Bull, Aldgate, & Boar & Castle, Ox-
ford st. thro' Chelmsford, Braiutree,
Sudburv, Buiy &Schole
NORWICH, daily, ev at half p 6, Golden
Cross, Charing Cross, calls at Flower
Pot, Bishopsgate-st thro' Hockerill,
Harlow, Bishops Stortford, Stanstead,
Newmarket, Bury Saint Edmond:
Thetford, Attleboro, Wymondham &
NORWICH. .Times daily, morn 5, Swan
with Two Necks, Lad-lane, Blue Boar
Aldgate, Bull, Bishopsgat»-st. & Sara
cen^s Head, Aldgate, thro' Chelmsford,
Braintree, Halstead, Sndbury, Bury St
Edmonds, Ixworth,Bottesdale &Scole
Inn ; at Norwich a branch Coach meets
the Times, & conveys passengers and
parcels on to North Walshaui&Cromer,
likewise another to Boccles.
5-Morn at 10, alt 1 & 5, Pewter Plat
ter, Gracechurch-st.
morn at 11, aft half past 4, & ev 8, Half
Moon, Gracechurch-st— See Sydenh am
NORWOOD. -Daily, 10, 11, 4, 5, & half
p 7, fi-om No. 11, Gracechurch-st
NOR WOOD.-Daily, half p 10, 4, half p4
& 7, King & Keys, Fleet-st. calls at
No. 4, Gracechurch-st. thro' Camher-
well, Denmark Hill & Champion Hill
NOTTINGHAM, Nottingham 124.. Mail,
daily, ev at quar p 7, Su quarbef 7,Bull
& Mouth, Bull & Mouth-st. thro' Hat
field, W'elwyn, Bedford, High im fer
' rois, Kettering, tlppinghsm," Oakham,
& Melton Mowtirav.
NOT TINGHAM-Daily, at 3 aft. Swan
with Two Necks, Lad-lane, throSt.Al-
bans, Dunstable, Wohurn, Newport
Pagnell, Market Harborough, Leicester
& Loughborough— See SheSield and
NOTTINGHAM.— Express, thro'North-
ampton,MarketHarborough, Leicester,
& Loughborough, daily, 2 aft, same
route, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday,
5 mojning, from the Bull & Mouth,
Bull & Mouth-st. Tuesday, Thursday,
6 Saturday, 5, morn. Angel, St. Mar-
NOTTINGUAiM-PostCoach, daily, half
pasts, morn. White Horse, Fetter-lane.
NOTTING HILL, Middlesex aj-Athalf
p 10, half p 3, and half p 7, Crown, St.
Paul's, calls at Boar&Castle,Oxford-st.
NUNEATON, Warwick 104--See Man-
chester & Birmingham.
NUNEHAM, Oxon 53-See Oxford.
OAKHAM, Rut!and9J-SecLeeds&Mel-
toB Mowbray.
OAKINGHAM, Berks 3I-Rdyal Forres-
ter, daily, morn, at U, Saracen'sHead,
Friday-st. calls at Gloucester Coffee
house & Black Bear, Piccadilly, thro
Bracknell, SunningHill, Blackness, Eg-
ham & Staines. --See Reading.
OCKENDON, Essex 20."Aft quar bef 4
[Su ex] Saracen's Head, Aldgate, thro'
Tifbrd, Romford, Hornchurch, Upmin-
ster, Corbits Tey, to North and South
OLD FORD, Middlesex IJ -Daily, Black
Boy & Camel, Leadenhall st.
OLD HALI^ GREEN--See Cambridge
OiJ,ERTON-See Carlisle.
OLNEY, Bucks o6-See Wellingborough
ONGAR, Essex il-See Fyfield.
Tuesday&Friday morn W, ThreeNuns,
ORP/NG TON, Kent 15-Pilot, aft at half
po winter, 4 sum. Georgeinn, Borough,
calls at King's Arms, Borough, thro'
Elfhain, Si. Mary Cray Sc Chisselhurst,
ORPINGTON— tu, Th & Fri. 3, Ship,
Charing Cross, thro' St. Mary Cray,
Chisselhurst &Eltham
ORSETT, Essex 24--See Horndon and
OSPRINGE, Kent46— Mom at quarbef
8, & ev quar bef7, Ship,CharingCross,
through Canterbury.--See Dover, Deal,
llamsgate, Margate, Canterbury, Fa-
versham & Pans.
OSWESTRY, Salop 179-See Holyhead
& Shrewsbury.
OUNDLE, Northampton 76--Oundle
Coach, Tu,Th & Sa, morn at 0, George
& Blue Boar, Holhorn, Three Cnp3,Al-
dersgate-st, & Peacock, l.ilington,thro'
Bariiet, Hatfield, Wellwyn. Stevenage,
Baldocl>,Biggleswaile, Girtford, Temps
ford, St. Neots, St.Staughton, Kimbol
ton, &Thrapstouc-.
OUNDLE-LightCoach, Regulator, thro'
Thrapston, Kimholton, St. Neots, Big-
gleswade & Baldook, daily, quar befS,
morn. Three Cups, Aldersg.ite-st, and
George & Blue boar, Holborn.
OVERTON, Hants 53— See Weymouth
and Exeter
OXFORD, Oxoq58— Mail, daily, ev at7,
Su quar bef7. Bull & Mouth, Alders-
gate-st, & Light Post Coach, daily, aft
half past 2, from same Inn, thro Ham-
Maidenhead, Henley, &c.
OXFORD--Daily, morn at quar bef6,9
& l,Bolt-in-Ton,Fleet-st. callsat Hat
chett's & Gloucester Co (fee House,Pic-
cadilly, & Browu'sWarehouse, Oxford-
St. thro'Maidenhead, Benson &HenIev
OXFOSD-Daily, half-past 8, Bell &
Crown, Holborn, calls at White
Horse Cellar, Piccadilly, & Green Man
and Still, OxTord-st, through Slongh
Maidenhead, Henley, Benson, Wycomb,
Stokenchurch, Tetsworth, Blenheim &
OXFORD--Star, morn at 9, George and
Blue Boar, Holborn, calls at Glouces
ter Warehouse, & Moore's & Griffin's
Green Man & Still, and Browu'sWare-
house, 218, Oxford-st. thro Uxbrid^e,
Gerrard's (;ross, Beaconsfield, Wy-
comb, Stokenchurch, Postcombe,Tets-
worth & Wheatley.
OXFORD, Defiance.morn at 7, BelleSau
St. calls at Gloucester Coflfee & Spread
Eagle & White Bear, Piccadilly, thro'
Maidenhead, Henley, Benson, Dorches-
ter, Abingdon & Nuneham.
OXFORD-'-Daily, morn at 9 (Su exJOld
BelI,Holborn, callsat NewWhiteHorse
Cellar.Piccadilly, thro' Slough, Henley,
Bensou, & Dorchester ; at Oxford pas-
sengers are booked to Cheltenham and
OXFORD— -Light Coach, daily, morn
at 9, White Horse Fetter-lane & Angel,
St.Cleinent's, Strand, thro'Hounslow,
Slough, Maidenhead, Henley & Net-
tiebed .
OXFORD-MornbalfpS, quar before 6
half p 6, half p 7, and 3 & 7 aft, Bull
& Mouth, Aldersgate -St. thro Uxbridge
& High Wycombe.
OXFORD-Daily, at 3, George and Blue
Boar, Holborn, thro Maidenhead, Hen
ley on Thames, Millingford and Dor
OXFORD-Defiance, daily, mornhahfp
7, Black Lion, Water-lirte, Fleet-street,
calls at White Bear & GloucesterCoffee
house, Piccadilly, thro' Nettlebed and
OCKLEY Surrv 30--See Arundel and HeuU-y on Thames.— See Holyhead,
viJivuui , Kiunj wv ■- r:inn,-,.«tei- Wnri-psier. Cheltenham.
Gloncrster, Worcester, Cheltenham,
Biimittghcvm., Woodstock &,Hereford.
OXFORD -Eclipse, thro' Uxbridge and
Wycomb, daily, 4 aft. George and Blue
Boar, Holborn.
OXFORD-Defiance, thro' Henley, daily
morning 8, Golden Cross, Chariui;-
Cross, Ic Atlas OlBce, 8 Piccadilly, &
Cross Keys, Wood-st.
OXFORD-Thro' High Wycombe, daily,
half p 1, Golden Cross, Charing Cross,
iSc Atlas Office, 8, Piccadilly.
OXFORD-Daily, quarbef 8 &y, morn,
Old Hell, & Bull, Holborn.
OXFORD--Tinies, thro' Uxbridge&Wy-
coinbe, daily, 1, Belle Sauva^e, Lud-
OXFORD -Thro' Henley, daily, half p5,
morn. Spread Eagle, Gracechurch-st.
PADDINGTON-Daily, every haU bout
from the Bank.
PALM»;R'8 GRKEN, Middlesex 7-Aft,
at half p 4, Four Swans, Bishopsgate
St. thro' Southgate &Winchraore Hill.
PANGBOUllN, Berks 45-SeeHighwoith.
PARIS, (Fiance) Paris Royal Wail, Tu &
Fr at 12, Angel, St. Clement's, White
Horse, Fetter-lane, callsat CrossKeys,
Wood-st. & New White Horse Cellar,
Piccadilly, thro' Dartfutd, Gravesend,
Rochester, Chatham, Ospriiige, Favei-
sham, Canterbury & Dover.
PARIS- Daily, mo.n, half past 7 & ev 7,
Spread Eagle, Webb's Hotel, Piccadilly.
PARIS-Light Coach, daily, 7 morn. half I
p ti even, Swan with Two Necks, Lad-
lane, by way of Dover.
PARIS-Daily", morn at 8, & ev half p7.
Spread Eagle, Gracechurch-st.— See
Calais & Dover.
PARlS-Diligences, daily, morn 7, ev 6,
Golden Cioss, Charing Cross, & Cross
Keys, Wood-st.
PARIS, DOVER, and DEAL-.- Union
Coaches daily, half past 7, 8, H, morn
& <) even. Old Bell&BuU Inns, Holborn.
PARKGATE, Kent--See Folkestone
PARSON'S GREEN, Middlesex-Hour-
ly, Crown, and Goose & Gridiron, St.
Paul's Church-yard
P.ATCHAM, Sussex 51-See Brighton
PECKHAM, Surry 4-Hourly, George &
Gate, & N o. II, Gracechurch-st
PECKHAM-Morn at 11, aft half p 2& eT
7,Ship, Charing Cross ^thro' Walworth,
and Camberwell
PECKHAM-Hourly, from 9 mom to 9
night. Half Moon, Gracechurch-st
PECKHAM-10, 12, 1 & 4, Pewter Plftt-
ter, Gracechurch-st
P£CKHAM--Daily, 12. aft 3 & 8, King's
& Keys, Fleet-st, through Walworth
& Camberwell.— See Sydenham
PECKHAM [East]--SeB Maidstone and
Brenchley ,
PECivHAM IIYE-Hourly, fiora9 morn
till 9 night. Half Moon, No. 11, Grace-
church-st, and George & Gate
PEMBROKE, Pemb250-SeeCarinaTthen
PENGIi COMMON, Keftt S-See West
PENRITH, Cumberland 283- -See Man-
chester, York -& Carlisle
PKNRYN, Cornwall 266--See Exeter,
and Falmouth
PENZANCE, Cornwall 280-See Exeter
PKRSHORE, Worcester 102-SeeWor-
PETERBORO, Northampton 8l-Post
Coach, daily, ev 6, King's Atms,Snow-
hill, thro' Buckden, & Biggleswade-
See Stamford, Hull & Boston
PETERSFIELD, Hants 54-See Ports-
PETERSHAM, Surrey lO.-Aft 5, Sun
morn II, Crown & Goose & Gndroo,
St. Paul's Church yard.
PETWORTH, Sussex 49-See Aranael,
(,'hicbester and Little Hampton
PIN CHBECK-See Boston .
PI NN ER, Mid. 14- Aft half past 3, Ball,
Holborn, calls at Green Man and Still,
Oxford-streel, thro' Sudbnry Green, &
Harrow , „, ,
PLAISTOW, Essex 4i-Paily, Black
Boy & Camel, Leadeuhall-st
PLUCKLEY, Kent al-See Folkestone
PLYMOUTH, [& Exeter] Devon 216 -
Mail, even half p 7, Swan with Two
Necks, Lad-lane, calls at Spotted Dog,
Strand, thro' Heading, Ncwbary,Marl.

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